In the midst of all the holiday treat goodness bombarding the interwebs these days, it is important to remember that we still require sustenance.  One cannot survive solely on cookies and fudge, no matter how much I may wish that was the case.  Thankfully I have quite a few new main dish recipes to share with you all.  This one moved right to the front of the list because it is that spectacular.  I’m clearly of the mind that you can never have too many good enchilada recipes in your repertoire, and this is a very welcome addition to ours.

The combination of the veggies in the filling includes cabbage, spinach and carrots which may sound a little odd, but I’m telling you, it just works here.  The assembled enchiladas are topped with a luscious roasted poblano cream sauce that I could eat with a spoon.  (By the way, left over tortilla makes an excellent spoon.)  With a filling this good and a sauce this, spending a little extra effort to make homemade tortillas is completely worth your while.  I have been making mine with half white, half whole wheat flour for the last few months and we prefer them that way as compared to the all-white version.

Oh, and for all those who wondered, this was the wonderful meal that my girlfriends and I cooked together during our recent get together.  This recipe has the stamp of approval from four other bloggers whose palates I trust implicitly.  What more can you ask for?