I am so hyped for holiday baking this year.  Not that that is particularly different from any other year, but still.  I love all sorts of cookies and most candies but for me, fudge is the ultimate holiday treat.  I’m not sure exactly why…maybe because we don’t tend to make fudge at any other time of year, so it seems extra special at the holidays.  All I know is that whenever I receive a holiday goody bag or survey a spread of homemade treats, the first question I ask myself: Is there fudge?

As a result of my strong feelings, I almost always include fudge in my holiday treat bags.  Normally it’s this cappuccino fudge, my ultimate favorite, but I do like to mix things up occasionally.  Last weekend as I browsed through my saved recipes, the sudden idea of this combination stopped me in my tracks.  Nutella.  Cherries.  Hazelnuts.  Sea salt.  In other words, fudge that is totally drool-worthy.  The texture is perfectly rich and smooth and though I normally prefer fudge without mix-ins, how can I argue with cherries and hazelnuts?  I totally can’t.  Now someone come take this stuff away from me!