The late fall/early winter time heading into the holidays can be so incredibly hectic.  Many days during this time of year I find myself coming home craving comfort food in a major way, but being so exhausted with work, life stressors, etc. that I barely have the energy to cook much of anything.  However, even on those nights I’m pretty adamant about making a meal at home.  This is one of those recipes that is great to have in your repertoire because it is the comfort food I crave but comes together quickly with ingredients I can usually round up in our fridge/pantry.  (Seriously, how many half boxes of lasagna noodles do you have?  Inexplicably, I always have at least three.)

Though the original version doesn’t include any veggies, you certainly can if you like.  I’ve made it with mushrooms and spinach, and Tara made a lovely version with eggplant.  Our kids go crazy for this dinner!  Make use of what you have in this tasty one-dish meal, and be sure to spend the 20-some minutes while it cooks decompressing with your beverage of choice.