For as long as I can remember, my favorite dishes on the Thanksgiving table were of two varieties: potatoes and bread.  Yes, carbs all the way.  Well rounded?  Not at all.  But, it was what I liked best.  I could have passed on everything else and filled my plate with only those two things.  Potatoes of almost any variety were welcome – mashed, cheesy, au gratin…all so very good.  Even though I have grown to appreciate much more of the Thanksgiving spread, potatoes and rolls are still my favorite part of the meal.

I was first introduced to twice-baked potatoes through Ben’s family when we started dating.  His mom made them quite often, especially once she knew how much I loved them.  However, I could totally pass on the potato skin.  I know lots of people enjoy eating the potato skin but I really do not.  So to me, the idea of making just the filling of twice-baked potatoes with no skins to get in the way is genius.  I wish I had thought of it myself, and sooner!  We absolutely love this slightly different spin on an old favorite.  It’s totally worthy of a spot your Thanksgiving table!