Whenever I make ganache and there happens to be a bit left over, it is inevitably heavily sampled by the spoonful…or fingertip-ful…or in small shots via a pastry bag.  It’s an illness, really.  So often ganache is used to add that perfect finishing touch to a dessert but I think we need to celebrate it in its pure form.  Truffles are a great start since they are essentially a ball of ganache dipped in more chocolate.  This tart is the simpler cousin of truffles.  A simple tart dough is made in minutes in the food processor or mixer (or by hand, for those with less equipped kitchens).  After the shell is baked, pour in the ganache, chill until set and voila – you have the answer to that wicked chocolate craving, pick-me-up after a bad day, celebratory treat after a good one, or if you’re me, maybe just a Tuesday.

I’ve made this tart before but it didn’t survive long enough for pictures.  My bad.  Last weekend I made it with my friend Tara as the end to a ridiculously fun girls’ weekend together (more on that later).  Now she’s part of the truffle tart club, and you can be too!  Beginning bakers, do not fear.  If you have never made ganache and think it looks too hard or sounds too fancy for you, I know how you feel.  I was once in your shoes.  But then I made ganache and realized that it’s one of the easiest recipes ever and takes minutes to make.  Remember the ratio and you’re good to go!  Which is probably why I make it so often…and why I have that little ganache illness.  Anyway, cheers to Friday with lots of chocolate!