Most pies are pretty wonderful, but for me, pumpkin pie has definitely been an acquired taste.  As a child I remember always thinking it looked great but tasted…weird.  I think it was mostly the texture that threw me off.  Whatever it was, it had me thinking that all pumpkin things were no good.  During my first year of med school when I first caught the baking bug, the weather turned chilly, the leaves started to fall, and out of nowhere, I decided to bake a few pumpkin pies.  That was my reintroduction to pumpkin and as you can see, I haven’t looked back.

Now each fall I celebrate my favorite season by making all the classics, as well as putting a fall-inspired spin on less traditional treats.  I’ve always wanted to make a pumpkin pie macaron but was never quite sure how to execute it.  When I saw this brilliant idea from Steph at Cupcake project for using the baked filling of a pumpkin pie (minus the crust), I knew I had my answer.  The macaron shells include a hint of pecans and pumpkin pie spice, and the filling is classic pumpkin pie.  The combination is everything I was hoping for, and I loved the pairing of the chewy-crisp texture of the macaron paired with the creamy pumpkin pie.  If you have more suggestions for fall or holiday-inspired mac flavors, send them my way.  I’d love to give them a shot!