Back in the spring, I traveled to Charleston for a food photography workshop.  It was an amazing trip on many levels, not the least of which was the food.  For our going away dinner on the final evening, we had a pizza night.  But not just any pizza night, of course.  All of the topping combinations were unique and fantastic.  I loved all of the flavors I tried but this is the one that has stuck in my mind.  I knew I needed to recreate this at home.

It took me a few tries to get the technique right, but this was worth the wait.  I normally roast grape or cherry tomatoes and add them to things like it’s my job.  While those are a perfectly acceptable substitute here, I love the look of the roasted sliced tomatoes.  I know this isn’t peak tomato season for most people but I just brought in the last few stragglers from my garden and hopefully some in warmer locales are still enjoying theirs.  The lovely thing about roasting is that it brings out the best in even a mediocre tomato.  This is my first time putting kale on a pizza, and I have to say I love it.  Since kale is typically one of the tougher greens, it stands up well to the high heat of the oven and still has just a bit of chew in the finished product.  Just in case there is anyone out there who thinks they don’t like kale, have them try this.  I’m thinking they’ll be converted.  Really…mix just about anything with bread, cheese and spice-infused oil and it’s a winner.  How could they resist?