We love most holidays in our home, but Halloween is one of our very favorites.  The colors, the costumes, the spooky goons and goblins…we are all about it.  Of course, the candy doesn’t hurt either.  The good people of Eat Wisconsin Cheese recently offered me the opportunity to team up with them and provide some Halloween entertaining ideas, and I jumped at the chance.  Since Halloween is typically a candy-centric holiday, it’s a good idea to have a few more savory, nutritious recipes to balance out the junk.  But just because they are good for you doesn’t mean they have to be boring or unappetizing.

Two great strategies for keeping kids excited about eating something other than candy at Halloween is to make it fun and let them be involved with the process.  When making this witches’ brew cheesy spinach soup for example, put on some eerie music (maybe even witches’ hats?!) and make up pretend spells while you stir the pot.  While we were eating it, Andrew kept saying that we felt “ghosty” with each bite.  Ha!  I opted to mix in Gruyere cheese because it pairs so nicely with the spinach, but feel free to blend in your favorite variety.  This was a definite kid- and parent-approved dish in our home, and we’ll likely be enjoying this on Halloween night before we head out to trick or treat.

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Eat Wisconsin Cheese for ingredients and my time developing content for their site, including this recipe.