My weeks have a rhythm that goes something like this: Monday – Start out the week tired, but fairly optimistic…be productive, and plan to repeat.  Tuesday – Usually just a blur.  Wednesday – Tomorrow is Friday, right?  Thursday – Last ditch effort.  Friday – omgitsheretimetosleepandeatandsleepandeat.  My weekly food patterns generally mirror this.  Mondays are usually on the light and healthy side and by Friday I’ve decompensated to mac and cheese or some other carb-laden delight.

So here is a lovely Monday meal for you all.  We first enjoyed this meal for dinner at our friends’ house and it’s been waiting in the back of my mind, just waiting for fall when squash is plentiful and other veggies are less so.  The flavor combination is definitely not one I would have thought of on my own, but it is wonderful nonetheless.  Though this particular version is rounded out with roasted chicken breast, a satisfying vegetarian/vegan version could be easily accomplished by tossing in a few more veggies to be roasted with the squash.  I think red onion and portabella mushrooms would pair nicely.