Apparently I have a compulsion with lemon loaf cakes.  I see one and then I absolutely must bake one.  Courtney shared this recipe recently and after that, I had a one track mind.  I kept thinking about this cake, kept wanting to make it, until I couldn’t wait any longer, so I did.  Then I discovered two problems.  First, this cake is far too easy to make.  I mean, I could literally go into the kitchen right now and whip one up in a matter of minutes.  Why am I not doing this?

And the second problem?  Its magnetic pull.  So incredibly hard to resist.  The lemon soaking syrup and lemon glaze take the flavor up a notch.  It’s equal parts sweet and sour, and lemony but not in a mouth-puckering way.  I was good most days and waited until after dinner to enjoy my slice for the day.  One Sunday morning I may have enjoyed it as a breakfast treat…maybe.  Here’s to a bit of laid back weekend baking.  Enjoy!