Since having kids, our household goes through berries at a startling pace in the summertime.  Mostly we eat them raw, since they are a low maintenance and healthy snack option.  Sometimes we put them into breakfast treats or bake them into awesome desserts.  It’s not often that they make it onto the dinner table, though it does happen occasionally.

This salad reminded me not only that berries can be part of a wonderful dinner, they are also amazing when roasted.  Just a brief stint in the oven brings out a different side to the sweet flavor, a deeper, more complex side.  Laid on a bed of fresh baby spinach with bits of soft, creamy brie and toasted nuts, this salad was similar to and somehow still very different from another favorite salad of ours.  I suppose this is the summer version.  This would be good with a variety of salad dressings but I think the best pairing is a raspberry or a balsamic vinaigrette.