This is one of those recipes.  The ones where I see the name and photo, gasp loudly (startling my whole family), and proclaim, “I have to make this!”  I mean, look at it.  Can you blame me?  So many good things going for it.  Chocolate + peanut butter.  Simple dessert.  Visually appealing.  Oh, and it tastes like a giant peanut butter cup.

The original version of this was supposed to have a layer of crumbled peanut brittle mixed in but I opted to leave that out so as not to distract from the rich, smooth texture of the chocolate peanut butter filling.  As good as the peanut brittle was (we made it anyway), it was the right call.  This dessert is so satisfying that really, a small wedge of it is all you need.  That, plus a cold glass of milk.