Veggie lasagna seems an easy enough proposition.  Make your favorite lasagna, leave out the meat and throw in some veggies, right?  Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple.  While you certainly can do that, many vegetables hold lots of extra water and tossing them into a lasagna without first addressing that can make for a soggy mess.  Nobody wants that.  Thankfully the good people at Cook’s Illustrated worked their magic to create a veggie lasagna that makes use of the late summer harvest without compromising the taste or texture.

We enjoyed this last summer and I’ve been somewhat patiently waiting all year for these veggies to be back in season so I could make it again.  It is every bit as good as I remember.  It’s rich, filling and importantly, the veggies shine.  As you can see, my kitchen helper had a great time making his first lasagna.  With each layer he asked, “Okay Mom, what comes next?”  So cute!  I love cooking with my buddy.