It’s always at this point in summer when I am seriously yearning for fall.  We’ve had the first few cooler days and suddenly my thoughts are all things spiced, pumpkin, cozy and comforting.  Thankfully though, the thing that gives me patience with summer and maybe even want it to stick around is the end of summer bounty that is about to burst forth from gardens everywhere, including my own.  The bright colors and fresh flavors are kind of irresistible, and my mind is overflowing with ways to make use of it all.

This pizza is one of my favorite options.  I’ve been trying to share it for a while, in fact, but it hasn’t lasted long enough to take a picture.  You can understand, though.  Garlic-infused oil, fresh veggies and of course, a generous amount of cheese.  Yeah, I think I’ll keep summer around a little bit longer.