Ummm yeah.  I’m sorry?  I guess.  Well, not really.  It is with very mixed feelings that I bring you this raspberry mocha frappuccino.  The addict in me is both thrilled to be able to make this at home and a bit apprehensive of the sheer number of blending sessions sure to ensue.

Ever since finding homemade versions of nearly all my favorite Starbucks drinks, I have cut down my trips to said coffee shop drastically.  I could probably count on one hand (okay, maybe two) the number of times I’ve been this year.  My most recent trip was out of desperation, a trip on a Monday after a spectacularly awful week.  This was my insurance that this week, yes this week, was going to be better than the last.  (It totally worked – it’s some kind of magic, I think.)  The week was a vast improvement and at the end of it on Saturday was this.  A homemade version giving me the power to remedy all future bad days from the comfort of my own home.