So many Fourth of July themed dishes are of the dessert variety, and as much as I love desserts it seems only fair to share a savory option as well.  This red, white and bleu mac and cheese is such a cute idea that I couldn’t resist trying it even though bleu cheese is one of the few varieties that I just don’t enjoy.  Even though I was a bit unsure, I knew Ben (a bleu cheese lover) would be all for this.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really did enjoy this.

The bleu cheese flavor was noticeable, but blended nicely with the flavors of the other cheeses and the slight bite it provided was a nice counter to the sweetness of the roasted tomatoes.  I can see this fitting right in with the typically cookout fare.  And of course, if you’re really opposed to bleu cheese, you could always just up the other cheeses, served it in a blue dish and call it good.  If you aren’t feeling the tomatoes, you could use bacon as the “red”.  Definitely an adaptable concept.  Have a happy and safe Fourth, everyone!