Is everyone getting pumped up for the Fourth?  In truth we don’t really have any big plans, though I am looking forward to a day off with the kids in the middle of the week.  Over the weekend I was brainstorming some fun food ideas for the holiday, but every dessert I came up with was just too involved.  I didn’t feel like spending hours making a fancy cake or cookies.  I have a permanent craving for cheesecake but with the heat we’ve been having I wanted something a bit lighter.  Since I had just finished a fresh batch of greek yogurt, I figured I could probably use it to create something that tasted a whole lot like cheesecake with less effort and less calories.

Turns out my inkling of an idea was right on.  I prepped very simple strawberry and blueberry toppings in advance.  Then I mixed up a simple graham cracker crust and layered it in the bottom of the glasses.  (You could bake the crust if you wish, but I didn’t think it was necessary.  I was going for easy here.)  For the cheesecake filling, I blended cream cheese with greek yogurt, powdered sugar, and vanilla.  Still not health food to be sure, but definitely healthier than traditional cheesecake.  I had a bit of graham cracker dough in the freezer (more on that very soon) so I baked up a few stars for a festive garnish.  I was so pleased with how these turned out.  They have the rich, creamy cheesecake flavor I love minus the guilt that comes afterward.  As a bonus, they can be completely made and assembled in advance and pulled out of the fridge for party time.  Now if impromptu plans do arise, I’ve got dessert totally covered.