You know what food I’m jazzed about these days?  Quinoa.  You know what food I’ve never, ever been jazzed about?  Watermelon.  I’m surely in the minority as someone who generally finds watermelon to be eh at best and eats approximately one slice per year.  So why then, you might wonder, is this dish appearing here now?  Well, let me explain.  Last month when I traveled to Charleston, SC for a fun-filled trip/inspiring photography workshop, we were served a dish just like this for lunch.  Except I didn’t realize it had watermelon in it.  All I could tell was that it was a quinoa salad with feta and what most of us presumed to be tomato mixed in.  It wasn’t until I took a bite that I realized exactly what I was eating.  And then it took me a couple more bites before I realized, hey, this is pretty darn good.

I know watermelon and feta is a commonly served combination, but since I only like watermelon in small doses, a salad consisting of primarily those two ingredients is a no-go for me.  However, when they are mixed into quinoa with a light, tangy vinaigrette, that’s something I can get on board with.  This makes for a nice light lunch, and since my man and my little man both love watermelon, I’m sure we’ll be enjoying this again throughout the summer.