Sometimes a very simple idea can be so good.  Not just a cheeseburger – a pimento cheeseburger.  Why has this not occurred to me before?  Probably in part because it’s only within the last year that I was introduced to pimento cheese.  Clearly, I’m not a southern girl.  In any case, I’m very glad to have come across the idea.  The pimento cheese is all the condiment you need for this burger.  These were a melty cheesy mess and totally delicious.  (And perfectly accompanied by the soda I treat myself to once every three months or so.  Mmmm.)  Next time I may try these with a tex-mex version of pimento cheese like in the best cheese dip ever.  My, oh my.  This meal is a splurge for sure, but definitely worth the indulgence on occasion.

On a related note, you know what’s another simple yet fabulous idea?  Spontaneous picnics in the yard.  We recently invested in a set of patio furniture.  Andrew was bursting with excitement for its delivery but unfortunately it was still a few days away.  He just couldn’t wait anymore so I told him we could eat dinner that evening as a picnic in our yard.  You would have thought he had won the lottery.  He thought this was so super cool.  Admittedly, it did make an already wonderful dinner even better.  I mean, great food and then family cuddles on a blanket in beautiful weather?  I don’t know how it gets better than that.