Here’s another Tuesday Tweak for you – an oldie but goodie recipe from way back in the early days of Annie’s Eats.  Even though it has been so long since I first posted these, I have made them countless times.  And believe it or not, this is the cupcake I usually request if someone offers to make cupcakes pour moi.  The classic combination of perfectly tender chocolate cake, fluffy marshmallow filling and of course the signature swirl on top totally makes me feel like a kid again.  I need that these days.

This recipe desperately needed new photos and even more than that, the recipe needed some major tweaking.  Though I positively loved the cake portion before, the filling tasted too much like a plain buttercream and the texture was heavy and dense.  I scrapped the old version and started from scratch with some homemade marshmallow creme (though store bought works just as well).  I played around with the proportions until I was happy with both the flavor and texture, and I finally found the sweet spot I was looking for.  I also swapped out the chocolate glaze for one with a gorgeous smooth finish since the former was a bit lumpy.  I’m totally smitten with the revamped version of this recipe.  They are a guaranteed hit with both the young and the young at heart.