Since gaining a reputation for being “the cupcake lady” (or whatever you want to call me), I rarely make cupcakes without a purpose.  Usually they are for someone’s birthday, graduation, or even the occasional wedding, but it’s not often I find myself baking cupcakes just because.  However, these vanilla latte cupcakes had been on my list for a long time without anyone requesting them and when I saw a multi-hued container of chocolate-covered espresso beans at The Fresh Market recently, I figured that was reason enough.

Despite my former dislike of coffee-flavored things, both desserts and the drink in general, I have made a complete 180 in that regard during my past five years of blogging.  Now coffee-flavored desserts are at the top of my list and I drink one cup of coffee daily.  (With the heat wave we’ve been having, that’s pretty much always iced coffee, please and thank you.)  And so it is with full confidence that I can say any coffee lover in your life will love these cupcakes.  The cake is moist and full of rich espresso flavor.  And the frosting – oooooohhhh my, the frosting.  It’s Swiss meringue buttercream so you know it’s bound to be good, but then you go and make it way more awesome by blending in espresso powder.  I may have eaten some with a spoon.  And I may not want to share these with anyone.  Thank goodness I still have a few left in the fridge.