So here’s the deal with these mac and cheese bites.  When I first made them, I did not have very high hopes.  Though a cute idea in theory, I imagined they weren’t much more than that, and thought they might leave something to be desired as far as taste goes.  I made them for Caroline’s birthday party because mac and cheese was an ideal dish for rounding out the menu, and the individual servings are perfect for a party spread.  You know exactly where this is going – these were the hit of the party.  They disappeared in no time and guests raved about them.  They were gone so quickly that I couldn’t even take a picture.  So, I made them again just for you guys.  That’s how much I like you….and maybe we just wanted to have them again.  The cracker crumb crust helps keep them intact, and the mac and cheese itself is great – rich, cheesy, creamy.  These would fit right in at just about any event or get-together.  I foresee them being repeated numerous times throughout the summer for parties, get-togethers, Tuesdays, and the like.