Five years ago today, I published my very first post here on Annie’s Eats.  Except it wasn’t here exactly, but hosted on a different blogging platform with a boring ol’ template, no character, and no real goal in mind.  To this day, I’m still not entirely sure what it was that prompted me to start a food blog.  People ask me this question all the time and I wish I had some fabulous, fun, witty answer.  The truth is, I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen and I read a lot of food blogs.  That’s pretty much it.  I suppose if anything, I thought it would be a good way for me to catalog the new recipes that I tried.  I never in a million years expected that anyone would actually read this thing.

And now here I sit five years later, and I can say that this blog has been truly life-changing for me in so, so many ways.  Naturally, it resulted in a huge improvement in both my cooking and baking skills.  I used to be afraid to stray even the slightest bit from a recipe, but as they say, practice makes perfect.  I’m nowhere near perfect, but every single kitchen experience teaches me something – success or failure – and now I am capable of developing recipes myself.  Through the natural progression of our journey in food, our family has shifted focus towards eating a more healthy, less processed and more eco-conscious diet and we continue to move in that direction.  Five years ago I was still using frosting from a can, eating boxed cereal for breakfast every day and using an embarrassing number of pre-made salad kits.  How things have changed.

The blog also helped me discover another love, photography.  If you had told me five years ago that I’d be playing with fancy cameras, shooting on manual and switching out lenses like I knew what I was doing, I would have laughed until I cried.  Who knew that I would enjoy the photography aspect of this project almost as much as the food itself?  The joy I get from achieving that perfect shot is a rush.  I’ve attended photography workshops, for crying out loud!  (Actually, I’m leaving one today.  And it was amazing – much more on that later.)  And I became tech savvy in other ways as well.  Well, maybe I didn’t but I found people who are tech savvy to help me out.  The best decision I ever made for the blog was to hire the most talented art director I know.  Ryan made the site look snazzy, but more than that (along with our brilliant helper Joe) gave the site the functionality you all craved.  He continues to dream up ways to help the site meet its full potential, and in the process, he also become one of my best friends.  His wife is one of the kindest people I know, and his daughters are cute on a whole other level.  All kinds of warm fuzzies going on right now.

Most importantly, this blog has allowed me to make other people excited about being in the kitchen and preparing wonderful food, and that is truly amazing.  People – lots of people – are reading the silly things I write, and trying out the recipes!  You guys get excited about things like cooking with dried beans and making your own yogurt right along with me.  Other cool perks include a few shout outs in pretty cool publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, which was especially meaningful to me because it was my mom’s favorite magazine.  I’ve published one cupcake calendar and have another set for release later this fall.

As if the joy of inspiring others weren’t enough, I’ve been able to really connect with so many wonderful readers.  We’ve connected through more than just cooking, of course.  You’ve been with me through some very sad times and some joyous moments as well.  I do wish the last five years had not been so tumultuous on a personal level, but I guess I’ll just hope for a less eventful five to come.  Super sweet commenters leave kind words daily, expressing their appreciation and telling me that I have helped them find joy in the kitchen.  Guys, you just don’t even know how wonderful I think that is.  For example, this is a recent message I received: “I couldn’t think what sparked [my interest in cooking and baking] for the life of me, until I remembered that one standard, run of the mill day, I found your blog through stumble upon and I haven’t stopped baking since. I found your blog about 3 years ago and have been an avid reader ever since. Thank you for inspiring me to try so many new things and for providing such great, reliable recipes for me to impress everyone with!”  No, no, thank you.

There aren’t words to express what all of these messages mean to me.  I’m humbled by your kind words, and I feel truly honored that you take the time to visit, try recipes, and spend time “with” me in the kitchen.  All I can really say is thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have no idea what the next five years will hold but I’m looking forward to seeing how the blog continues to grow and I hope you will be here to follow along with this journey.

And, though it’s only a small gesture, I have some giveaways this week as a thank you to my awesome readers.  Check back each day this week for a link to the day’s giveaway.  Today I’m giving away two $30 gift cards to Sur La Table – one of my favorite options for awesome kitchen equipment (though I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever spent less than $30…)  Head on over to the giveaway page to enter!

Mad props to our wonderful friend Bobbi of Bobbi + Mike for the lovely photos.  You know I love you :)

  • Kadee Spangler

    This post was so heart-warming. Yours has been one of my very favorite blogs for years now, and you’ve definitely been an influence in my cooking/baking life! Congratulations on the landmark, Annie! Thank you for everything. :)

  • Jennifer

    Dear Annie…
    I’m a Canadian living in Rwanda and check your blog multiple times a week hoping you’ve posted something new :-) I need to cook everything from scratch here so your blog is a lifesaver for me. Inspires me many times. Thank you!! Thank you for sharing not only your food ideas and recipes but your life as well. May you enjoy many more years of blogging… know this gal, along with so many more, will be enjoying reading every post you put up! Jennifer

  • April Hall

    Congrats to an AMAZING 5 years! I’ve been following for about 1 1/2-2, and hands down, you are my favorite food blogger. You make the recipes seem do-able, even if it is a complicated step-by-step-process. Your food palate is fantastic, and I like how you’ve come to turn around on some things you weren’t so fond of in the past. You show how food is great, both for your family at home or for special occasions, and it’s so inspiring that I usually get right into the kitchen and am pumped to try something new. And a super big bonus for me, you love photographing your food! :D I love photography soo much, and I don’t think I would be recording all my food creations if it wasn’t for your clean documenting style. So thank YOU for everything you do, and keep up the amazing work Cheer to food! :D

  • RikiTikiTembo

    Oh Congrats Annie – so so much! Your post was so heartwarming and that pic of you and Andrew made my eyes well up. I am one of those people you have inspired. As a stay at home Mum with 4 chilren my love of cooking really felt a bit stale mate and kind of took a back seat over the past few years of having babies – and then one day I stumbled across your blog. I saw where you started and what you had become and your accomplishments inspired me to new heights. Since discovering your site Ive baked bread – Ive made ice cream many many times over and conquered my fear of pastry. Ive WOWd people with my cupcakes and desserts and learned so so much. Its like you gave me the leg up I needed – I found a new enthusiasm for cooking and I LOVE it:) You truly are my friend in the kitchen and I appreciate your blog and your effort more than you know. xxx

  • Angelayen8

    congratulations on 5 years Annie! I’ve been following your blog for the past few months and have loved all the recipes I have tried. You have definitely inspired me in the kitchen… especially in cupcakes and pizza :) Thank you for your tireless efforts in posting detailed instructions, beautiful photos, and wonderful recipes!

  • Mandy W.

    Congratulations on 5 years! You have a super blog! I’ve only been following for a couple of months after I found you on another food blog. I have learned so much and been inspired to try new things and to do so much more on my own. It’s such a shame we live in such a processed world. Keep up the good work and love the photos with your babies! They are so cute!

  • Krissy@daintychef

    Congrats Annie, you are one of my blog idols, I aspire to be like you and so many others!

  • Carole

    Congratulations on your 5 year blogiversary! I enjoy reading your posts very much. Although my blog is about knitting, not cooking, I have had much the same experience as you, from improving my photography to making real friends.

  • limejuicesweettreats

    Congratulations, Annie. I’m so glad that you were the first blog I found in my renewed baking journey 16 months ago. Some of the cupcake recipes are in my favorites. The photographs are lovely, especially the last one of you and your kiddos. Looking forward to seeing where the next five years takes you. Congratulations again.

  • Emma Warrington

    Congratulations! A friend told me about your blog exactly 2 years ago, and I think I can safely say that was the day I fell in love with cooking. I owe you so many hours of happy cooking and baking! Thanks Annie :) all the way from Malta xx

  • congrats! you are so inspiring!!! you have really helped me in the kitchen. i think i make something from here at least once a week. and when ever i am looking for a new recipe i always check here first. thank you for writing and sharing!

  • Nupur

    Happy Blog Birthday and wishing you many many more!

  • What can I say? Congratulations!! I absolutely adore your blog, but most of all I adore your recipes. I know that when I make one of your recipes it will work out well…each and every time! I’m always looking forward to your posts and being able to try out new things. You have helped me conquer many many fears and not only in the kitchen! Thank you for all the wonderful goodness you put out there in the world and becoming a part of my life!

  • Big congrats, my dear! Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we were little nooblets on the Nest? Love the pics, love the blog, and love that beau-ti-ful family (btw, could BBQ’s butt get any more chunk?). Happy Birthday, Annie’s Eats!

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Congrats on 5 years! I’ve been reading your blog for three and have been a loyal follower since I discovered you. I really find your “start up” story interesting! I like that you just did it, and didn’t have a reason. Keep up the good work!

  • Shugarysweets

    Awwww such a heartwarming post and beautiful pictures!

  • Jessica L.

    congratulations! I’ve been reading along for years now, and I absolutely love your recipes. thanks for everything you do, and here’s to another 5 years!

  • Fla Girl

    I love your bl0g and am grateful for your wonderful recipes. You have a beautiful family. Keep up the good work helping us become better cooks! Congratulations on five years.
    Grandma of 5 from Tallahassee

  • Ashley

    Congrats! You are truly an amazing person and I really have enjoyed your recipes more than you will ever know. We are a military family and we are currently stationed in Belgium. People always gush about how amazing it is to be in Europe but it’s been very hard to be away from family and be in a country that is tumultuous to say the least. Baking has been my way of staying busy and helping me through hard times. So thank you so much for being a source of light in dark place in my life.

  • Elizabeth from Indy

    Wow, Annie! What an accomplishment! I also love that I can count on your blog for great recipes and cooking tips. I just made your egg rolls for the first time yesterday, at the suggestion of my sister. My sisters, mom, and I talk about your blog frequently (“Did you see this recipe on Annie’s Eats? I really want to try it!”). Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put into it!

  • Congrats Annie!

  • Rachel

    Happy 5 years! Your food blog is one of my favorites and you seem like a truly wonderful person!

  • Michelle Clausen

    congrats on 5 years! that’s amazing, and thanks for sharing how much the blogging means to you—it has done similar for me, and it’s hard to explain to others how much it means when it started as a fluke….i love coming to your site as your posts and pics are always like a warm hug from a friend :)

  • Kristin

    Congratulations, and many happy returns! I’ve said it before, but you are the first blog I read every morning. I’ve been cooking and baking for many years, but have found plenty of new & wonderful recipes on your blog…recipes that have become family favorites. Thank you for being here & doing such a fabulous job.

  • Your blog was the first food blog I started following. The homemade yogurt has been a life changer!

  • mpetermann1

    Congrats on 5 years, that is amazing! I discovered food blogs just a few months ago (I’m a crafter & tend to read only craft blogs) & yours was the first I subscribed too. The photos alone made me want to try all your recipes! As someone who is struggling with the decision to move up from a Point & Shoot camera (I know NOTHING about lenses, aperture & shutter speed) I have a bit of photo envy. I love gazing at your pix, even if that particular recipe is something I wouldn’t try, lol (I’m a bit of a picky eater). Your pictures make EVERYTHING look yummy! Here’s to another 5 years!!!

  • You’re pretty. :) Congrats friend!

    PS. let’s have a laughing contest… my money is on Andrew. ;)

  • Gwyn

    Congrats on 5 years, and wish you many more!!! I love your recipes and I have made several of them. Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations, Annie ! You have inspired me to start taking pictures of my recipes and creating a digital recipe book . I love your blog !

  • Pam K

    Congrats on five years Annie! I came across your blog about a year ago and I’ve come back to visit nearly every day (I feel like such a stalker sometimes, lol). You are my kitchen inspiration and go-to for many of my favorite recipes. Due to your wonderful instructions, I’ve become a homemade girl. I never make frosting from a can either and now make my own vanilla extract. Who’d a thought that in my family? Certainly not me nor my husband and grown children. Thanks again Annie, keep up the fantastic work! I’ll forever be a fan!!

  • Congratulations Annie ! Your beautiful photography has inspired me to take pictures of my recipe creations . I have decided to make a digital recipe book!

  • Congratulations! 5 years is incredible! And I just love your recipes!

  • Your blog was the first I started following that inspired me to start my own :) Congratulations on 5 years and here’s to many more!! xoxo

  • Congrats on five years! I just started a food blog (thanks in part to your inspiration!), and I can only hope that I’m still doing it in five years! :)

  • Ashley C

    Congrats Annie! Your blog is my favorite cooking blog, everything is so easy and delicious, I made your smores cupcakes just last night!

  • Mary

    Can you consider cupcake recipes life changing? I am now starting the birthday cupcake tradition at work! This never would have happened if I hadn’t started reading your blog. Thank you for the inspiration you have given to me to become more adventurous in the kitchen.

  • Congratulations, and many happy returns Annie! Your family is beautiful, your pics are gorgeous and you definitely have been an inspiration to me as well.

  • lisa

    Oh I love your apron! I have wanted to get that one for awhile! Love your blog, great job!

  • Happy anniversary, Annie! Thanks so much for continuing to share such wonderful recipes, tips, photos, and stories from your life.

  • Steffie

    Your blog was the first blog i found as well. I was on bed rest from a car accident 2 yrs ago and sidelined from the kitchen.although was back in the kitchen shortly after I continue follow you daily and after two years I finally got the courage to start my own..people thought I was strange when I read your post on thanksgiving and cried…my heart hurt for you like I had known you all my life… are such an inspiration to me both in and out of the kitchen!

  • Sarah N

    Congratulations! Your blog has definitely been one of my favorites since I first discovered food blogs. I’ve made so many yummy things! =)

  • Ellen

    Congrats on five years! :)

  • You really have made our days taste better, Annie. Thanks for all you do- happy blogiversary!

  • Moirain

    I don’t even cook!! and still I read almost everything you post and fantasize how will I make this and that . For me too, yours was the first food blog ever read and followed. You’re adorable, and I don’t know how you’re doing all this, and with such a marvelous smile and grace :))
    so happy-happy 5 years, more beautiful years to follow!

  • Katie

    Congratulations and thanks for all of the great recipes, new ideas, and beautiful food photos. I wish you many happy years to come.

  • Kim S

    Congratulations! You are an incredible person and I love your blog. Your blog is the first place I look for inspiration and recipes. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as all of us love following you!

  • Mommy2jands

    Happy five year anniversary! I found you about 1.5 years ago and I come back to you every morning even though I know you just post MWF! I have loved all your posts! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Congratulations and wishing you many more years ahead :)

  • Laura Hurst

    Congrats on 5 years Annie! I’ve loved following it and making many recipes. In fact, I just made the pizza bites this weekend – delicious and addicting!

  • Twilley2b

    Thank You! for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. You are my go to baking blog and I have spread the love on many occasions now.

  • Congrats Annie! It’s awesome to hear how this blog has changed you and I’m sure way more readers than you can imagine! Here’s to the next five years!!!

  • Deb S.

    Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary! Love your blog and your recipes. I came across your blog a couple years ago, and have been a fan ever since! You got major talent, and keep up the GREAT job you are doing! :)

  • Susan A

    Happy 5th Anniversary!! I remember the first post I read. It was about carrot cake. You’re an inspiration as a food blogger, cook, mother and working professional. Thank you for sharing your world.

  • Congratulations, Annie! Your site has long been one of my favorites, and continues to get more beautiful and delicious with each passing year. Happy blogiversary, and look forward to many great new recipes to come! :)

  • Kylie

    Congrats and thank you for being such a great working mom role model!

  • Angela

    Thank you for starting this blog! It was the first food blog I started following and you have given me confidence to try lots of different things in the kitchen.

  • Congrats! I’m mad crazy about your blog. And you inspire me to cook real food. Love the photos.

  • Thank you for the daily inspiration! I look forward to many more years of reading along. Xoxo!

  • Cheers to 5 crazy years, my dear friend! It’s been quite a ride watching you develop Annie’s Eats – thanks for all of the fab recipes and inspiration in the kitchen. :)

  • Erin

    Your blog has made me a better cook! I’ve become more confident to do things the homemade way, and every SINGLE recipe I have tried(and there are tons) has turned out great. Thanks for all you do!

  • Theresa S.

    Love the last photo of you and the kids-so sweet! :)

  • Shelley

    Congrats and thank you, Annie! You’ve inspired me to ditch the boxed cakes and frosting, try baking my own bread, pizza, granola, AMAZING desserts and yummy everyday dinners. I’m always excited to read what’s next! And thank you for sharing your personal stories too. You are inspiring in and out if the kitchen. Best wishes for future goodness all around!

  • Virginia

    Thank you for such an amazing, inspirational, delicious blog. Every recipe I’ve tried has been a huge success. My kitchen would not be the same without the gifts from yours. Congratulations on five wonderful years!

  • Emilie

    Congrats Annie! I read so many blogs everyday but yours was one of the first I ever came across and I continue to be impressed with what you post.

  • Julie

    Your food is fabulous! Congratulations on your success!

  • Helena

    I found your blog about a year ago and it has since become one of my very favourites. I love the joy that shines through your posts…and of course your varied and trustworthy recipes and your beautiful, unfussy photography.

  • Maike

    Congratulations! To the next five year!
    Your blog was the first blog I ever started following on a regular basis. I just love your recipes so much, I don’t even mind converting the units to metric every time. (I live in Germany, and I do have US measuring cups, but in order to buy the right amounts I always have to convert. I’m trying to get my boyfriend to program an app…)
    My baking obession is growing every day and I blame you for a huge part of that. Thank you! I’ve introduced my family and friends to some really great American baking, especially cupcakes. So far they always were a big hit! I can’t wait for the next occasion to come along so I can try out another recipe.
    I even started using pinterest in order to pin the recipes you posted that I just HAD to try out. Turns out, so far I’ve been pinning every single recipe… But oh well.
    I wish I had more time to try everything out. I admire how you manage to do so many delicious and creative things in the kitchen with a job, two kids and a husband. I hope that if I keep practicing it’ll become easier and faster to try out new recipes for me, too, and not be a huge project everytime.
    Alles Gute weiterhin (all the best for the future)!

  • Vanessa F.

    Congratulations, Annie! I, too, stumbled upon your blog through a friend a couple years ago, and you can certainly count me among your avid readers. We seem to share a philosophy about cooking and food — moving away from prepared and packaged and toward fresh, pure ingredients — and I continually turn to your blog for ideas and inspiration. Thank you :)

  • Kirsten Hasdal

    I first found your blog through Pinterest when I clicked through to find the Baked Oatmeal recipe. Now I check your blog daily- the first one I have ever followed- and when I am looking for something new and delicious to make, I search here first. Thank you and I wish you another 5 years of fun, success, and amazing eats!

  • Carla Mathis

    Congratulations on 5 years Annie! I’ve followed your blogs for years and have made so many of your recipes. Your recipes are amazing and you’ve inspired me to do more in my kitchen, including cooking with my oldest son. :) He loves it! Many, many more years to you!

  • Angela

    Congratulations on five years. Your blog is one of my favorites. I love your recipes.

  • Sugarrushbaking

    Congrats on five years! Love your blog and delish recipes and stories. Hope you have many more years of happy blogging.

  • Kate Comeau

    Happy 5 years!! So happy to have found your blog – I’ve tried so many recipes, but I love those homemade bagels! :)

  • Mary Glenn

    Congratulations and thank you! I’ve read your blog daily and have tried many of your recipes. Always amazed by how you find time to balance your family, your job and this blog. You are very talented. Look forward to many more years of cooking/baking with you. Again many thanks!

  • Beautiful :) I actually teared up reading this, thank you so much for your lovely blog, and you’re more than welcome for the love we fans give you!

  • Congrats on reaching 5 years! What an accomplishment.

  • Stacy

    I have been following your blog for the last year. I always look forward to trying your delicious recipes. Kudos to you for a wonderful first 5 years! Wishing you many more, so I can keep eating :)

  • Brenna J

    Congrats on 5 years, Annie!! I have been following this blog for almost 3 years and you have helped me learn so much about cooking and baking!! I never imagined I would be making beautiful frosted sugar cookies or cooking with dried beans instead of canned (gasp!!) or making pizza dough from scratch!! Thanks for all of the inspiration, ideas, and how-to’s you share!! I appreciate it so much!

  • Cara

    Annie, thank you SO much for this site and all of the hard work you put into it! I always thought I hated cooking. Turns out, I’m not too bad at it if I have a decent recipe to follow. (Well, except for the hamburger buns that I attempted for the second time last night and still didn’t get right. But it was the tastiest epic fail ever and made for some delicious breakfast rolls.) Never in a million years did I think I would try anything as complicated as making my own stuffed ravioli!!! Now I never buy pizza dough or ice cream from a store — I haven’t worked up to the yogurt yet, but it’s on my list! You are a huge inspiration! If you can do all of this while holding down a demanding job and raising two healthy and happy kiddos, there is no reason why I can’t, too!

  • Love this post, Annie. Congrats on 5 years, and he’s to 5 more (at least)! :)

  • Congratulations Annie! What a sweet letter of appreciation. I find your blog so inspiring and really appreciate the “realness” of it. You are who you are and that’s what makes this blog great. Your hard work, determination and ever happy attitude is a great example to all of us. All the best in the next five years. May your wildest dreams come true!

  • Congrats on 5 wonderful years Annie! I’ve been reading your blog every day for at least 3 years. Your blog is my favourite part of my daily routine. I love how reading your blog makes me feel like I’m visiting a good friend. I’ve learned so much from your recipes, tips & tricks etc. And you’ve greatly inspired me. I’ve loved cooking & baking for most of my 30 years. But you’ve inspired me to be more daring & adventurous in the kitchen. And, like you, I’ve been turning more and more toward making everything homemade. Your fantastic recipes have become a standard in our home. Thank you Annie. Cheers to 5 more years! :) xoxo

  • Congratulations on 5 years! What a wonderful milestone! Your blog is so bright and cheery and your food always looks fantastic, which also means your photography skills are fantastic as well. Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes, party planning tips, and countless ideas. Keep up the great work!

  • We love you! Thanks for brightening our days with pictures that make us hungry, recipes that make us brave, and stories that make us friends.

  • Chelsea

    When I found your blog last Spring, I was hooked. I read every past post, and shared the site with everyone I knew would appreciate it. Who couldn’t appreciate the dedication of this blog, though? From your Spinach Artichoke Dip to your Royal Icing and Sugar Cookies, my sister and I are hooked. I love using a recipe and saying it’s from “Annie’s Eats.” It gives me a great excuse to go on and on about my now favorite food blog. So thanks, Annie!

  • 5 years is amazing! Congrats! And the pictures are stunning–you are so lovely!

  • Peaches & Cream

    Congrats on 5 years Annie! You’ve inspired and touched the lives of many with your thoughtful and entertaining posts. I still don’t know how you do it-balancing work, family and blog. You’ve been a friend (more like a bestie!) in everyone’s kitchens, including mine, for years. Thank you again for everything that you do and for inspiring others to try out new things. Enjoy the 5 year celebration with some yummy margaritas! <3

  • Jennifer

    Such CUUUUTE photos of you (and your littles)! Thanks for your inspiration…my family’s food journey has been awesome over the last year and a half…

  • Kat

    Happy Blog Birthday!! I’ll bet your baking a cake to celebrate ;)

    Thanks for sharing your home and family with us and not making us feel creepy about it lol. Thanks for inspiring so many of us to make better food for our loved ones without making us feel like failures for not being as awesome as you. And thank you for being my secret weapon to make my mother-in-law jealous of my mad kitchen skills…

  • DianeKay

    I found you about a year ago and eagerly await your new additions. I have used many of your recipes and without exception, they were wonderful. I’ve tried things I would not have even known to do and I am a Grandmother who cooked and baked when my kids were little.
    Keep up the good work – kids are adorable!

  • Cooperkelly4

    I absolutely adore your blog!!! Happy 5 year anniversary!

  • Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog has become a fix part of my daily internet life. Thanks a lot for that and of course for all of your inspiration!

    Hugs from Germany!

  • Heidi

    Congratulations Annie! I LOVE your blog. You have inspired me so much. When I am looking for something to make, Annie’s Eats is the first place I look. Thank you so much for the time you devote to sharing your delicious recipes with the rest of us. I truly appreciate you!! I can’t wait to see what the coming years will bring. Congratulations again! You are AWESOME!!!!

  • All of these photos are absolutely beautiful! I know it has been a roller coaster of a five years for you, but thank you for continuing with this fantastic website and posting all of these recipes. Your website is always the first one I go to when I’m menu planning for a party. Also, I definitely found your website through Stumble Upon, too! It was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cake post and that was on my to-bake for a full three years before I finally made it for a friend!

  • Congrats Annie! I love your blog – it was one of the first I found and I’ve been following ever since. Thanks for such great recipes : ) You are such an inspiration!

  • Wendi

    WOW!! You just continue to amaze me. You are truly inspiring. I have loved to cook for years and just recently have decided to start a food blog just for the same reason you did. To help organize my favorite recipes. I am so addicted to food blogs!! I have to say…yours was the first one I found and now the first one I go to each day to see what incredible dish you have created. Thank you!!! Congratulations for 5 years! The photographs of you and your family are so beautiful. Keep dancing in the kitchen! ;)

  • I was first introduced to you as an example to see what a blog could do; I was inspired. My appreciation for what you do came later when I decided to switch from preparing *some* meals that are prepared from scratch to *most* meals being prepared from scratch. My appreciation grew when I tried my hand at food blogging then again when I began working full-time.

    Thanks for the inspiration in life and in the kitchen!

  • Karen

    Congratulations, Annie! I would love to bake you cupcakes for the exciting occasion, which is saying a LOT. Before happening upon your blog a couple of years ago, I only used boxed mixes because I just didn’t know how to do anything else. You’ve made every baking challenge genuinely possible for us to conquer and now I am always eager to burst into the kitchen.. with an Annie’s Eats recipe in my hand. :o) Thank you for enabling us to provide lovely food memories with our families. :o) Hugs, blessings, and a dollop of sparkles to you!

  • Coby

    Congratulations on 5 years! As another commenter said, your blog was the first food blog I started following! Truly, I know that if I make a recipe from your blog, it’s going to be good! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Resi

    Yay! Congratulations Annie! I loooove your blog and have been coming back for a long time; it has been years! I have enjoyed so many of your recipes and learned a lot along the way. Even though I have been into baking and cooking for a very long time, it’s always good to become inspired by yet something new! Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us! Best wishes from Germany, Resi

  • Congrats on 5 years Annie. Your blog is the most user-friendly of all that I read. When I have an idea of something I want to make, it is so easy to just type the word in your search box and see the recipes you have. I made some of your waffles last monday. I froze them individually and we at them throughout the week. I had the last 2 this morning, so will be making more soon! I look forward to logging into my google reader every night to see what you’ve been making. :)

  • Norma

    Congrats on 5 years! I wish all the BEST for the coming years! Yours is the very first blog I ever read (2 years ago). Congrats again

  • Shawn

    Congratulations! I love your blog and have been inspired by you both in the kitchen and as a person. Best wishes for continued success! Xoxo

  • jabmorris

    I think your blog is wonderful. You are the first place I look when I am looking for a recipe. Thank you.

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    Congrats! I love the blog and hope to continue reading for many more years :)

  • Heidi

    Happy anniversary!!

  • Annie dear, the impact you have on others through this blog is truly amazing. It’s not only through inspiring people to take on new challenges in the kitchen, but also through the rest of your life that we witness through your posts. As for me, you’re an example of a woman I’d like to become–a dedicated and hard working doctor and food enthusiast, who never sacrifices being a loving wife and mother. My point is that you’re inspiring people on all levels! And I want to thank you for everything, congratulate you on how far you’ve come, and encourage you to make it another five years! Your readers will behind you all the way. :)

  • Lydia

    Congratulations on 5 years!! I want to say thank you for being so inspiring. You’re blog was the first blog I ever stumbled upon 2-3 years ago and it is still my all-time favorite! Your blog is my number one go-to blog for for any type of recipe! Thank you so much for helping grow in the kitchen. My whole family has thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Chelsea Francis

    Congrats on five years! I’ve loved reading along and trying lots of your recipes :)

  • Happy Bloggaversary!

  • amanda

    Congratulations; what a wonderful milestone. And I love your blog. I visit it almost every single day; either to see if it was updated or look back through old recipes for something to try. Everyone in my family (from my husband to our two month old baby) knows what Annie’s Eats is. You are an inspiration and I haven’t tried a recipe yet on the blog that we haven’t loved. Thank you for being you!

  • Kristen

    What a sweet post! I stumbled upon your blog several years ago – probably about three – and have managed to get my mom and a ton of friends hooked as well! In fact, I was just telling my coworker to check it out this morning. Every recipe I’ve ever tried has been amazing, and I don’t think I can say that about any other food blog or cook book. Thanks for creating such an amazing place on the web, Annie, and congratulations on your blogiversary!

  • Gail

    The first thing I made from Annie’s Eats was the Tequila Lime Chicken- it was delicious, healthy and easy and since then I’ve been sold on your blog. I tell people that my husband and I would be starving were it not for you! Thanks for giving us a seat at your kitchen counter for the past 5 years!

  • Carol in OC

    Hi Annie- Congratulations on your Blog-a-Versary! You inspire me every day. Thanks for sharing your creative juices and your kitchen with us! Can’t wait to see what the next five years hold in store!

  • Tara

    Congrats on 5 years Annie! Thank you for such a beautiful, inspiring blog that I love checking regularly :). Can’t wait to see what the next 5 years will bring! Ps. Those pictures are gorgeous and your kids are so adorable :)

  • Julia A.

    Wow, look how amazing your blog looks now! Your food blog is one of my most favorite; always has been! You’re so incredibly talented & I really appreciate your willingness to share your passions with all of us. I LOVE the picture of you w/ both of your kids at the end. Andrew’s smile is so adorable! :)

  • RhoAnna Endicott

    Hey- Congratulations! Sometimes “the goal” is to do the thing that works for you- thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

  • Congrats on 5 years!! Thank you for all of your hard work and wonderful ideas! You were one of the reasons I decided to start my own blog… as a way to keep record of my culinary and artistic attempts, successes, and screw ups! This morning I made homemade cake batter fondant! We shall see how well I can decorate with it later! Thanks again!

  • Angela

    Congratulations on five years! I never read food blogs until I stumbled upon yours. It has definitely taken my cooking/baking up a notch. I have spread the word of your blog to many and will continue to do so as I always look forward to your posts. Keep up the great work! BTW….Cute pics. Your kids are adorable. That last picture puts a smile on my face as I think of my own little 4 1/2 year old son and 1 year old daughter.

  • Heather W.

    I for one and super happy you started this site! I stumbled across it three years ago looking for cupcake ideas for my son’s 1st birthday party. I made your vanilla bean cupcakes and have been an avid reader since. You have inspired me to try so many things I never imagined I’d be able to cook. (My husband is pretty happy I found your site too!) Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading you for another 5 years.

  • Janssen Bradshaw

    These are such beautiful photos. You are lovely.

  • Donna D.

    Congratulations on 5 years! Thats awesome, I love your blog and look forward to each new recipe you post!! You truly are an inspiration! Here’s to 5 more years of Annie’s Eats!

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    Congrats Annie! Love the pictures of you and the kids.

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    Congratulations on 5 years. I really enjoy your blog. I too, love to explore in the kitchen and you and your posts are always so inspiring. Your site, photography and blog is just beautiful and I’m so happy I stumbled upon in it!

  • I still remember the day I discovered your food blog (or food blogs in general for that matter). I was looking for a recipe for raspberry crumb bars, and happened to find your recipe via google, complete with pictures of you and your family in the orchards. Having no idea that “regular” people blogged about food (and their lives), I was immediately intrigued. Then when I read that you were also a resident physician, I made my husband come running in the room to see what I had found, and immediately emailed all my med school friends. Your blog has really been a source of encouragement both in terms of cooking and balancing life. I’m so thankful that you do this!

  • Well, Happy Anniversary! Today’s pictures are just lovely. I’ve been with you for a few years now and certainly think yours is one of the top food blogs out there and I’ve perused a lot of them. Always enjoy what you have written, love the accompanying pics, and think the (inventive) recipes are laid out in a simple, organized fashion. Bravo, here’s to you, Annie.

  • Amanda

    You’re an amazing mother, baker, cooker, blogger, etc. But most importantly to me…you’re an amazing FRIEND!! I love you- cheers and congrats on 5 amazing years!!

  • Samantha French

    Five years! That’s awesome! I’ve only known about you for two years, but everything I’ve made from your blog so far has been so delicious!

  • brianne

    What an accomplishment. I discovered your blog a year or two ago…. you’re my go-to for party planning, dinner menu planning, and when I need to whip up something for a friend. I check your blog every M/W/F to see the new posts and am inspired by your beautiful photos. Thank you for continuing your online journey!

  • Congrats Annie!! Your blog is one of my favorites and I always turn here first when I need a fun cupcake recipe :)

  • Annie CONGRATS on your 5 years and I wish you so many more! Thank you for inspiring me to be fearless in the kitchen and to love food so much more!!

  • Jen

    Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary! I only found your blog a short while ago, but I was hooked from day one. Keep up the good work!

  • Wendy G

    I was trying to think of a way to describe how much you have influenced me and my cooking/baking and the best example I can come up with is this: when I make a new recipe that my husband loves he will ask me:

    “did you get this one from your BFF Annie’s Eats?”

    Congrats on 5 years and THANK YOU for making me look awesome in the kitchen :)

  • Danae

    Happy blog-iversary, Annie! Yours was one of the first food blogs I started reading, and it definitely fired up my passion for baking and cooking. Your recipes have never ever let me down and this blog is always the first one I turn to when I need something good. Even my husband knows to search your site when he wants me to bake something sweet – “Annie has a recipe for this, will you try it?” – it’s a no-brainer!

  • Happy Five Years of Blogging! Your blog was the first one I followed. You are such a joy to get to know through your baking and cooking. You are very blessed to be such a talented young woman with a beautiful family. May you have another fulfilling five years of blogging! ♥

  • Stephanie

    Annie, I wanted to drop a quick note to be yet another reader to let you know how much your blog means to me. I found your blog through the Pioneer Woman’s website about three years ago. Though I have other cookbooks and blogs I enjoy, yours is the ONLY one that I read daily and completely trust! I have NEVER made a single thing from here that I did not enjoy. We must have the same palate! Anyways, because I cook almost exclusively from your blog, all of my family and friends have begun to follow you, as well. ;) I never would have thought that I would be making my own breads, buns, and doughs… but because of you, I will never go back! Thanks for everything.

  • Kate

    Congrats on 5 years!! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes! When I’m at work and I break out my dinner leftovers for lunch the next day, my co-workers are always asking me where I get these great recipes from and I tell them about your blog! You’ve inspired me to eat less processed foods as well as try lots of new things in the kitchen. So thank you and I cannot wait for what’s to come! :)

  • Natashka

    I like your apron, I’ve been eyeing that apron at for quite a while, looks good! :)

  • April Nelson

    This is a wonderful post. I have been following your blog for about 6 months, and I have made tons of your recipes. Thank you for taking the time to share what you learn and try.

  • Lindsay C

    Happy 5 year anniversary, Annie! Along with most of your readers, I was never interested in cooking, baking, or really even food until I found your blog. Now, I’m known as the baker among my classmates, co-workers, friends, and family. I have you to thank for giving me inspiration and confidence in the kitchen, all while providing me with the most delicious and detailed recipes! So, thank YOU! I look forward to another 5 years and more! (Also, side note.. I love love your pictures! Such cute kiddos!)

  • Ursula

    Congratulations, from Lima, Peru!!!! I love your blog!!!

  • CC

    Annie, so grateful I found your blog, I had to check you out as you share a name with my youngest daughter, I found your posts to be inspirational, heart warming and delicious! Looking forward to the future with you!

  • Kelsey

    Happy fifth anniversary, Annie! What you have created here is a truly fantastic thing. You deserve all the praise and love you’ll get today. You are amazing!

  • Jackie Harper

    Congratulations on 5 years, Annie! I found your food blog back in 2008 and you have been inspiring me ever since!

  • MargaritaClifton

    I would purchase Le crueset Dinnerware Collection 16 piece set in Cherry

  • MargaritaClifton

    Le Creuset Dinnerware Collection 16 piece set in Cherry

  • Sharon

    congrats on the big milestone and i hope you continue blogging away.. i love your blog and read it daily.

  • rm

    Happy 5th Blog-o-versary!.

    I’ve been following for about 2 years now and love how you think outside the box, like the buttermilk-chive waffles. Should you find that you have a lot of cilantro in the fridge (because you bought a big bunch to make the cilantro-lime-rice), the cilantro is a nice substitute for chives in that recipe :). I made extra waffles to freeze away.

    Thank you for all the effort that you put into this blog. It is very much appreciated.

  • Sadiex19

    Happy 5th anniversary! No really, thank you!

  • rosyblu

    I haven’t been reading for all five years (maybe three or four months)….but I love your blog, keep it up, lady! You are very good at this.

  • Congrats 5 years is an amazing accomplishment. Your blog is the only one I follow closely. Your recipes have always been wonderful and get great reviews from my family and friends. I am glad that I found your blog. I am looking forward to seeing what amazing recipes you have in store for us in the future.

  • What a beautiful post and beautiful photos of happiness! Your blog is an inspiration to us newer food bloggers too, and I love knowing I can trust every recipe I find on here! Here’s to the next 5 years, eventful or not :)

  • Happy 5th, Annie. I absolutely adore your blog and read it everyday. I love your recipes, especially the desserts. You are an inspiration to me to bake. I love watching your kids grow – especially through your birthday parties. :) I look forward to more amazing recipes from you for many years :)

  • Morgan

    Happy fifth anniversary, Annie! I must say you have tremendously improved my cooking abilities and have inspired me to try so many new things. I stuck to very basic foods a year ago and am now making all different salads, breads, yogurt, ice cream, salsa, etc because of you. So thank you :) You are a class act and I hope the best for you in the years to come.

  • Katrina

    Happy 5 years! Great blog and what wonderful photos!

  • Terri

    Congrats on 5 years! I have been a daily reader/searcher for a few years now. Yours was the first food blog I found and my food blog list has grown and now includes most of your blogging friends you mention in your posts. I have made so many of your recipes and have so many bookmarked to make in the future. I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait to try another great recipe!

  • Happy 5 Years Annie! Your blog was the first that I started reading and is the first one I look at every morning. Every creation you make is incredible! You truly are an inspiration :)

  • Patti A White

    Happy Blogiversary!

  • What a beautiful post Annie! Congrats on 5 years of blogging! I have enjoyed reading your blog for a few years now and love all your beautiful photography and you are an inspiration to eat cleaner and more homemade! Looking forward to many more years “together”!

  • Marian

    Love your blog! Congratulations on 5 years! Enjoy the journey!

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    You look beautiful! Congratulations on 5 years!

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    Happy 5 bloganniversary! Long may you continue :)

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    Congratulations! you have come a long way.. All the best for future :)

  • Catherine R Ellison

    i read A LOT of food blogs and this one is most definitely my favourite!! every single recipe i have made has been awesome and it’s so great having such a reliable and delicious source!! a huge congratulations and thanks from all the way in new zealand!!

  • Wauw.. This is the first time I see your blog, and I’m stunned.. I’ve just read your post about your 5 years and I liked it so much! I’ve started my own foodblog about a month ago, and how you describe all of this.. It just sounds familiar. But, back to this, how you tell, describe, and share your love for food and photography, it’s amazing! I am very happy that I have found you, and I am certainly going to follow you! :)

  • Tesei

    Annie, you’ve come such a long way with your blog, congratulations 100 times on this anniversary!!!!

  • Kathy

    Happy 5th anniversary! I owe it to you and other foodie sites along with Pinterest for turning me into a homemade cook! You see, it was only a couple years ago that much of my diet was made up of Lean Cuisine and similar frozen meals. Many convenience foods were also fed to the hubs and our son! I know…cringe! I’ve done a 180 and started cooking everything from scratch…even learned to make butter! I don’t always make our own butter since it’s more costly than buying it in the store, but it sure is nice to know how! Thank you for so many fantastic recipes and teaching me to cook! I’m learning new things every day! Like dinner is much better at home than most restaurants because the ingredients are healthier and I can control the fat and sodium amounts in addition to other things! Before all these wonderful food blogs like yours, I was too intimidated by cook books with terms and ingredients I didn’t know. Love Martha Stewart, she’s so creative, but watching her prepare something for dinner made me throw in the towel!

  • Nancy

    Congrats on your 5 years! Thanks for the many recipes that have allowed me to WOW my family, impress friends, and become known as the cupcake lady.

    P.S. Bobbi+Mike are awesome.

  • Rachel Willen@FoodFix

    Congrats Annie…on your perseverance and pluck! Five years is a substantial milestone! I too started a blog at a turning point in my life…my first child leaving the nest to go to culinary school…and I’ve found many of the same inspirations from the food, the photos, the fans. Your pics of your babies make me long for mine at that age…but my son is now 6’5″ and a chef at Per Se in NYC and my daughter is a sophomore in high school. Know that you are creating so many cool and comforting memories for your kids in the kitchen…bravo!

  • Sarah

    Congrats Annie! I stumbled upon your blog about 3 years ago, in which I scrolled through all 2 years of your previous recipes in a mere 2 days. The way you describe the recipes and the enthusiasm in your posts make it all seem so easy. I absolutely love reading your blog (as well as all my friends, coworkers, and husband’s coworkers who reap the benefits of testing your/my creations). If I’m in need of a recipe, I immediately know I’ll find something fabulous on your site, and I always give your website to my friends if they’re looking for something. Similar to your experience, you have fueled my love for baking and photography in ways I never thought possible and I am looking forward to the next 5 years of posts to come! I truly hope one day I can juggle my family, career and love for baking and photography as wonderfully as you do!

  • Jenlilley

    You, your family, your food and your photography are all SO beautiful. I have loved following your journey (and cooking your recipes!) congratulations on 5 years!

  • elizabeth

    Love your blog. I wish I were as good a mother as you are! I try to cook healthy, eco-conscious, and fun food for my family, and I generally succeed, but I find it really hard to balance work, life, home and still be as loving and warm as the feeling that spills off every post you write.
    Congrats on 5 years!

  • Ellen Patton

    What a nice post! I love your blog. And the photos are wonderful.

  • Beg1nagn

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!!! That is a wonderful milestone.

    I am always the last to know, so by now everyone else is aware of you since I just found you today!

    I love the sound of your recipes and can’t wait to try so many of them! The crab cakes are what caught my attention today and then I saw the refried beans recipe and do I love RB!! So I maybe trying that one first, we’ll see. The strawberry marg cake looks fantastic too!!

    Your blog is warm and inviting as I imagine you to be as well. God bless and wishing you many more years of nothing but the best!!


  • Beg1nagn

    Sounds like you are ready to have a cookbook published!? Sign me up, I want one – signed please!!

    Seriously, I am would love to have one and I bet you could get a publisher before you finished your first draft! Please think about it, if you haven’t already started!!


  • Wow congrats on 5 years! I constantly love your recipes, so I am very glad you decided to blog, whatever the reason.

  • Congrats on your 5 year blogging anniversary! I discovered your blog a few years back when looking for a spaghetti and meatballs recipe, and have been hooked every since. One thing I really appreciate about your blog is how reliable your recipes are. As a food blogger myself, it’s super important to me that I only post recipes that I love and that actually work, and I can tell that you have a similar mindset. My sister and I have tried sooooo many of your recipes, and loved them all!

  • Love this post, Annie :) You already know how much I love you and your blog, but I’ll tell you again anyway. Miss you already!!

  • happy blogiversary! your blog was one of the few food blogs that inspired me to start my own :)

  • Congratulations on 5 years!!

  • grace

    i was gonna enter the giveaway, but the number of entries was already higher than i can count, so i’ll just say congrats on five years of excellent posts!

  • Rebekah

    Congrats on 5 years, Annie! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. I’ve loved following along for the past few years.

  • Congratulations on 5 years! I’ve been reading almost since the beginning. While lots of blogs have come & gone in my reader subscription, yours has always remained. Keep up the great recipes, beautiful photography & lovely writing…you’re truly an inspiration!

  • Carson

    Congrats on five years! :D

  • Erica

    Here’s to another 5 years! Woohoo!

    Has anyone ever told you you look remarkably like Dreama Walker (actress)? If not, Google her!

  • Christiana Magrogan

    Annie congratulations! This blog is my favorite by far. Your writing is down to earth and honest, which I love. Keep on inspiring and writing from the heart as you do and you will always have a steadfast following. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try recipes I would have otherwise deemed “too scary.” You are truly wonderful.

  • Maia

    What an accomplishment – congratulations and thank you for continuing to share and inspire!

  • Macaroniandcheesecake

    Congratulations on 5 years! You are such an inspiration to so many and always have the best posts!

  • sweetsugarbelle

    You are beautiful and so is your family! I’m so glad to live in a time that I can hang out with you! Keep on writing!

  • Diana Abaroa

    Congratulations, thank you so much for sharing your advice and recipes, I love your blog!

  • Taylorbunch

    Congratulations! My husband and I love your recipes! When looking for a new recipe we always check your site out first. My husband is also ready to come work at your hospital so that he can get your birthday cupcakes! :)

  • Susan Martin

    Happy Blogiversary! :) And many, many more!
    I found you well over a year ago, through a co-worker who follows your blog. Last June, I started doing low carb, close to paleo (I can’t seem to give up dairy, lol) and although a lot of your recipes don’t fit low carb, some do and I have adapted some as well. Then again, some recipes just have to be done as is. My hubby would leave me for your oatmeal raisin cookies!!!
    Thanks so much for your posting and inspiration! You have such style, and give me hope to be a decent cook.

  • Joelyn

    Annie, thank you for sharing your journey with us. Ever since I found your blog last year, I have been subscribing to your daily updates and it’s the first thing that I do every morning, check my personal inbox for all your new posts and stories. I was just looking for a vanilla cupcake this morning and found a post where Andrew was just one month old then (“Today is July 18, which means that my son is one month old……) congrats for your 5 years milestone! Totally love the final shot of you with your two lovely bundle of joy.

  • Congratulations on 5 years of blogging success!

  • This post was so inspiring! Your blog was one of the first I started reading. I broke down a few months ago and finally got over my nerves enough to start my own food blog. I get frustrated DAILY about my lack of light in the kitchen which prohibits me from taking a good photograph. (I also have a tendency to make kind of ugly…yet delicious!….food) But reading this, seeing where you started, and seeing where you are now has encouraged me to keep going and not worry about all the details yet, because they will work themselves out. THANK YOU!! I look forward to many more posts :)

  • Hi Annie! I just discovered your blog recently and all your recipes look amazing! Congrats on all your success and I look forward to keeping up with your blog & trying new things!

  • Vicki Bensinger

    Annie you have the warmest smile and your children are darling. Such a cute little family. Congrats on 5 years and I agree blogging is life changing. Thank you for bringing us into your home to share your recipes and a peek into the life of Annie!

    Vicki Bensinger

  • Aubrie

    Congratulations on 5 amazing years! I’ve been a faithful reader for over four years, and have loved every post. I don’t comment often, but I have laughed and cried and baked and cooked right along with you for all these years. Thank you for the wonderful recipes and beautiful photos, but mostly thank you for letting us all into your life. I love baking with my 2-year-old daughter and so I especially love seeing the pictures of you and Andrew cooking together–it’s very inspiring. I just made your Sesame Street cupcakes for her birthday last week and They were a huge hit, I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration! Here’s to 5 even more incredible years of Annie’s Eats (and to you personally)!

  • Rena

    You and your kids are adorable. Congrats and thanks for all the wonderful recipes and photos.

  • Your blog is very inspiring, I have been reading it for only a few months, but love to hear tips from an experienced cook!!

  • cuisinedejan

    Congratulations Annie! You continue to inspire and impress. You tell wonderful stories and I am amazed at all that you do. If I could only have one blog/cookbook – it would be yours. You continue to come up new ideas that seem so obvious and yet so creative. Bravo! And you do it all on top of being a brilliant doctor, wife, mother ….. Please keep contributing to the blogging community – we need you and we love you.

  • Amanda

    Your blog and I share the same birthday! Congrats!!

  • congrats on 5 years!! I look forward to many, many more :)

  • Whitney

    Wow, amazing pictures! So fun to see your kitchen where all the magic happens! I found your blog last year and really enjoy your writing. Your recipes have been a huge hit in my home. Thank you for the inspiring posts.

  • Denise

    A bit too late, but it’s from a good heart;) Congrats with your blog anniversary, you can be proud of this gorgeous and inspirational blog! And I absolutely LOVE the pictures in this post: beautiful!

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    Sorry behind on reading this but want to congratulate you on writing this wonderful article and I am so glad you are still doing this blog. I have found quite a lot of good recipes from your blog!! I really appreciate you take the time to do this in your busy life. Thank you so much and will keep reading your wonderful blog!

  • Swilpon

    Congrats on 5 years! I was wondering where you got that large flour canister? I have been looking for a good one for flour. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • annieseats

    I got it from Crate & Barrel off our wedding registry years ago :)