Does that not sound amazing?  The moment I first laid eyes on this recipe, I knew we would be fast friends.  I made it.  We ate it.  And oh, did we love it.  For a die-hard chocolate lover such as myself, this is a perfect dessert option.  It’s part chocolate cake, part molten chocolate cake, part fudge brownie, and let’s not forget about the ganache on top.  And dear readers, I must apologize because I’ve known about this cake for longer than I care to admit and I haven’t shared it with you yet.  Go make it, enjoy, and we’ll call it even.

Aside from the chocolatey fabulousness, other good things to note about this cake are that it doesn’t require a ton of dishes and it can be made with what I consider fridge and pantry staples.  Since it is made in a bundt pan, it’s also less fussy than most layer cakes might be.  Just mix up the batter, bake the cake, top with ganache and you’ve got dessert.  It’s great in a pinch in case the other dessert you had been planning on was a huge fail – I know from experience.  But I have to say, no one was disappointed to have this as their back up dessert.  Not one little bit.