What’s your favorite kind of frosting?  I’m not talking about cake-frosting combo, but just the frosting itself.  For me, this is it.  This is it, people.  Chocolate sour cream frosting is a recipe that you need in your repertoire.  This is my go-to chocolate frosting.  It’s rich, silky smooth, super chocolatey, and tastes just as good on a cupcake as it does straight from the bowl.  I may or may not have eaten it with reckless abandon on multiple occasions.  Give it a try yourself and I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

I whipped up these cupcakes last week to mark my baby girl’s first birthday (!)  We had her party over the weekend (can’t wait to share it with you!) but I certainly couldn’t let her actual birthday pass without lots of birthday kisses, hugs, and a little bit of cake.  This was her first time tasting any sort of cake or frosting.  Being the chocolate lover that I am, it seemed only fitting to use chocolate frosting for her cupcake initiation.

I think she liked it okay.