If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that citrus items haven’t always been high up on the list of foods I enjoy, and citrus curds are darn near the bottom.  However, this key lime curd may have just converted me.  I originally made it for use in a cupcake (more about that tomorrow).  I ended up making far more than I actually needed for the cupcakes and was completely surprised when I found myself returning to the bowl to take just one more little taste…well, a lot of times.

If you already knew you liked citrus curds, then it’s not news to you that you can do so much with them – fill tartlets, top scones or muffins, stir into yogurt, fill layer cakes, or layer into trifles.  I’m sure there are plenty more uses that I haven’t even thought of.  I’ve made citrus curds quite a few times before and this is the best recipe I’ve tried, both in flavor and in ease of preparation.  So, whip up a batch today and tomorrow I’ll share a wonderful cupcake recipe to help use it up!