It’s always wonderful when a recipe takes me by surprise, and boy, did this one take my by surprise.  Sure, tiramisu cupcakes sound pretty good, but there are plenty of other flavors on my list to try that make my tummy rumble.  Most of the time when browsing through the list, I sort of glaze over this one and think, “They’ll be fine.  Maybe later…”  No longer.  These cupcakes are superb.  The cupcake is a nice light, eggy sponge cake reminiscent of lady fingers.   The cakes are soaked with an espresso-Kahlua syrup over and over to infuse them with flavor.  The whole thing is topped off with a whipped mascarpone frosting and a dusting of cocoa powder.  After tasting a few bites of the one sacrificed for photo purposes, I kind of didn’t even want to share.  They catapulted right up my list of favorite cupcakes and definitely sit in the top four or five.  I’m serious.  Just make them.

I suppose if I had to find one bad thing about these cupcakes, it would be the tickle in your throat from the cocoa powder on top.  But even that is okay with me, because every time it happens, it just makes me think of this.  I heart Michael Scott.