We love Mexican food.  We love Greek food.  Why have I never thought to combine the two?  Probably because I incorrectly assumed that they could not be successfully blended.  Well, I stand corrected.  Since a quesadilla is essentially a sandwich, it is just as highly adaptable as a sandwich can be.  You can fill them with pretty much whatever you like.  We generally stick to the usual suspects – chicken, veggies, Mexican spices, and of course cheese.  But when I saw this idea for a quesadilla containing the Greek flavors I love so much…well, I don’t think I’ve ever saved a recipe so fast in my life.  We enjoyed this as a meatless entree, but you could add chopped chicken or shrimp if you require something more.  I made tzatziki sauce for dipping and then we repurposed it the following night with the fabulous chicken gyros.  So, that was two home run dinners in a row.  I highly recommend the pairing :)  The version below contains estimate quantities since you can use as much or as little of an ingredient as you prefer.  It’s pretty hard to go wrong here!