If you had asked me two or three years ago whether I had ever considered making my own chicken or veggie stock, I surely would have laughed at you.  At the time it just seemed so unnecessary.  Why bother making something I can so easily buy at the store?  Clearly I’ve been undergoing a transition in the recent past and now I’m all about DIYing.  Now if you asked whether I prefer to buy stock, I might laugh.  Making your own stock just makes so much sense.  A great way to use up wilting items in the produce drawer?  Check.  Make a huge amount of stock at once to freeze for later use?  Check.  Healthier because you can control the sodium?  Check.  More eco-friendly because you aren’t wasting disposable cans or cartons?  Check.

Are you on board yet?  Give it a try.  Every time I pull out a container of this stock to use in a recipe, I’m reminded just how simple it is to make and I’m always so pleased with the flavor it adds to my cooking.  I will add that I don’t think this is not necessarily the most economical thing to make if you actually went out and purchased all the ingredients specifically for this recipe.  I prefer to wait until I have most of them hanging around the fridge and then buy the few, if any, I might need.  And because I know the question is inevitable, yes, I’ll be posting about chicken stock soon too :)

*Note – The containers pictured above are from Garnish.