When I posted my Thanksgiving menu, I asked you wonderful readers to suggest ideas for recipes you wanted to see posted before turkey day.  What I meant was anything at all that you might make for Thanksgiving, certainly not limited to what I had planned for my own menu, but nearly all the suggestions made were things from my menu.  I certainly did not expect this dish to be the most requested, but you all have great taste.

When I was a little girl and I visited my paternal grandparents, my grandma would always make me brown rice.  She was never all that into cooking as I recall, and I don’t remember many things she might have made for me, but I will always remember her brown rice.  I would immediately ask for that, along with a glass of apple juice, when I came to visit.  Even though I don’t think anyone in my family ever made something exactly like this casserole while I was growing up, it definitely had that homemade with love vibe and it reminded me of my sweet grandma.  It’s a very simplistic dish, creamy and comforting.  The only change that I will make next time around will be to double the mushrooms, as I felt there were too few compared to the rice and certainly too few to be titled “mushroom casserole”.  (I have reflected this change below).  We are really looking forward to having this as part of our Thanksgiving table, and many future meals as well.  Enjoy!