Today I’m very happy to be part of a virtual baby shower honoring one of my sweet blogging friends, Amy of Sing for Your Supper.  Amy is expecting her first baby, a girl, in January and Kelsey of Apple a Day coordinated this virtual shower to honor the occasion.  Amy has a sweet tooth that rivals my own.  Kelsey had the brilliant idea to make this a dessert-themed shower, so all of the contributions are of the sweet persuasion.  (As a side note, my girlfriends threw me a dessert-only shower before Andrew was born and it was awesome.)  I wanted to do something incorporating one of Amy’s pregnancy cravings, but she said she really hasn’t had any.  So, I give you these Twix pudding trifles, inspired by leftover Halloween candy and the mass quantities of Twix I ate while pregnant with Caroline.

These trifles consist of chopped Twix bars layered with homemade caramel and chocolate pudding, and freshly whipped cream.  They may seem like a somewhat involved dessert because of the different components but they actually come together very quickly since you can make the second flavor of pudding while the first is setting up in the fridge.  You could serve these in any vessel you like – plastic cups, wine glasses, etc. – but I opted for these mini mason jars because they were just the right size, and well, because I adore mason jars.  I’m happy to report that these were even better than I had imagined they might be.  Definitely a dream for this Twix lover.  Amy, congratulations on your baby girl and I hope you enjoy your sweet shower!  Be sure to check out the round-up posts on Kelsey’s and Amy‘s blogs to see what everyone else made for this special day.