When planning our trip to Vermont, there were only a few must-do items on my list.  First and foremost, visit my friend Shanon.  She’s in New Hampshire this year for her fellowship and I miss her something fierce.  Second, visit King Arthur Flour.  I’ve long been a fan of King Arthur’s recipes and products, and have been dying to visit their headquarters in person.  As luck would have it, Shanon lives pretty darn close to King Arthur so we were able to check both items off the list in a single day.  Plus, who else would I rather visit this fabulous store with than one of my best baking buddies?  We really wanted to take one of the many classes offered at the King Arthur baking center, but unfortunately the classes we were interested in did not fit into our schedules.  Oh well.  We had a great time anyway and Shanon showed me around this bakers’ mecca.

This store was kind of like a paradise for me.  I was so excited and hyped up.  There was SO much to look at, I was honestly a bit overwhelmed.  I spent the majority of the time in the store looking like this:

They really had just about everything I could want for baking, and lots of things I couldn’t have imagined.  All sorts of flours, sugars, flavorings, mix-ins, bakeware, utensils, etc. etc.  I was on major overload and could hardly think straight.  I threw completely random items into my cart the entire time.  It was chaotic.  Of the two or three things I actually intended to buy there, I bought zero.  I was just too excited and overstimulated.  (I have since ordered them online.)  I wish I could go back and chill the heck out.

I saw all kinds of Ateco pastry tips, my favorite thing.

We eventually did leave the store after I had bought what seemed like way too much stuff.  Then Shanon showed us around Hanover, NH where she works.  We visited another food-related shop called Main Street Kitchens that was truly fantastic.  It reminded me a lot of Peppercorn in Boulder, CO, which is a very, very good thing.  I could have browsed and stayed in there all day long.  I ended up buying a few fun cookie cutters, a cookbook about cakes with alcohol, and some positively adorable children’s aprons for both Andrew and Caroline (when she gets bigger, of course).  As you may or may not know, I have a thing for fun aprons and this store had the best selection I have ever seen for both kids and adults.  I was especially happy that they had a good number for boys because in all my previous searching, I have only found a few that didn’t have cupcakes on them or weren’t pink.  Where’s gender equality in the kitchen, people?!

Later that evening we went to dinner at The Canoe Club in Hanover and I had what was one of my favorite meals of the trip.  I ordered the fried four cheese ravioli served with a braised chicken sauce and fresh greens.  It was superb.  Shanon had a squash risotto and Ben had a really good burger.

Wait, did you think I forgot about you all?  No way!  I spent a fair amount of my time in King Arthur trying to piece together a not completely disjointed giveaway for my readers.  Here’s what you can win:

A pound of Bensdorp Dutch-process cocoa, a pound of cappuccino chips, a container of Vietnamese cinnamon, a package of small brioche molds, and a fun fall-patterened kitchen towel.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell me what destination is on your foodie list of must-sees.  Whether it be a city, state, country, or a specific restaurant or store, what place are you dying to visit?

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will close on Saturday, November 12 at 10:00 am EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  One winner will be selected at random and announced next week.  Good luck!

Full Disclosure:  This giveaway is sponsored by yours truly because I like you guys.

  • Truc


  • I was just recently at the King Arthur Flour too. My sister lives in New Hampshire. It’s so pretty over there! Coming from the UK where there’s not a lot of baking items the store was really overwhelming for me too! I also picked up cappuccino chips and Vietnamese cinnamon (don’t enter me in the giveaway since I already got the chance to shop at the store).

  • Candice

    Eataly & Chelsea Market in NYC!

  • Kristin

    My foodie must-see is definitely New York City!! I have been wanting to visit NYC since I was a teenager – there are many reasons I would love to visit the city, but the true motivation is really just the FOOD! Great giveaway, Annie!

  • bridget

    While I’m learning endless amounts in my baking and pastry program, my ultimate dream is to go to France and visit every kitchen I can to learn all the secrets!

  • My destination would have to be Peru. I went earlier this year, and did not get my fill of ceviche and pisco sours when I was there. I want to go back and eat more! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  • Tina D.

    I am dying to visit the Bay area for good eats! My brother and SIL live there and I always get to hear about the delicious food they eat!

  • Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Not only would King Arthur Flour be the place I’d visit, I’d love to work there too! It’s an amazing company. Thanks for a chance at the fun give-away:@)

  • Tami

    I live an hour+ from king Arthur and go there a few times a year and I freak out every time too. I now bring a list to be sure I get what I want. It’s very overhelming but certainly with a stop!

  • Jennifer N

    For me I think it would be France or Japan! I would love to be able to try new foods! :D

  • When I was younger, I wanted to go to the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. Silly, I know. But now that I’m older, I realized that I absolutely have to live life as much as I can. So when I can afford it, I’d love to go on an extended vacation in Italy.

  • mary

    My favorite destination is King Arthur! My best friend lives in Burlington VT & every time I drive there (I am in Maine) I stop at KAF! Can’t wait until the renovation/expansion is complete!

  • Sara D.

    My must see foodie destination is San Francisco/Napa Valley area. I just have to convince the hubby!

  • malka

    Would love to make it to 3rd and Fairfax in LA someday…

  • Hannah

    even the thought of cappuccino chips makes me smile…I’d love to go to pike place market in seattle!

  • malka

    Would love to make it to 3rd & Fairfax in LA someday…

  • Ellen

    I have tons of places on my foodie list, however, the two places vying for number 1 currently are : Pittsburgh, PA for the Primanti Brother’s sandwich and Chicago for some deep dish pizza!!

    I traveled to Vermont last year and it was great! Beautiful weather, great people, and the King Arthur Flour store was amazing!

  • Jackie Messina

    I would love to go to NYC to Mario Batali’s Eataly. I also think it would be neat to see the Taste of Home cooking kitchens in WI. I also use King Arthur Flour ingredients – if I was to go to VT, I definately would visit them too!

  • Long time reader, first time commenter so, ummm, HI! Anyway, I would also love to visit King Arthur Flour. I live in MA so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get there, right? Sounds like your vacation was great!

  • Amy Chan

    I would love to visit France for the food and sight seeing

  • June

    I could do a whole New England tour — Cabot cheese, Ben and Jerry’s, King Arthur and Stonewall Kitchens– but I’d probably be broke at the end!

  • Would love to visit Thailand. Have heard from more than one person that this is a food lover’s paradise!

  • That store looks amazing! I would spend all day there. One of my foodie destinations is Chicago. I want to eat at Frontera Grill, Table 52, and Alinea. And the Wilton tent sale takes place near Chicago, so that is very convenient. :)

  • I’d really love to visit San Francisco. I hear it’s a fantastic foodie city, as well as absolutely gorgeous. Too bad it’s 3,000 miles away from Boston!

  • Ooh, now this is a great giveaway! I just got back from San Francisco, but I think I might go back there! There was too much to eat for just a weekend! And I’d love to cook/bake with ingredients from the Ferry Building farmers market.

    I also love the France and Chicago suggestions above! How about a world tour? ;)

  • nicole gentilini

    My must see destination is New Orleans!! We love all things Southern and Cajun and Creole, as far as food goes. It would be such a fun, tasty trip!! Looks like you had an amazing time on your recent New England trip!

  • sara

    I would love to go to Maine for some fresh lobster!

  • Janae

    I’m hoping to take a 2-week trip around Italy in about a year and a half for all of the delicious food and culture!

  • Michelle Y

    I really would love to visit the King Arthur Flour store. And try to fit in a class or two as well!

  • Martha

    I think a visit to the King Arthur store would certainly be on the list. Just looking around the website makes me drool!

  • Lydia

    I have always wanted to experience the food in NYC. Not a very exotic location, but I think it would be interesting! And although I live in Maine, I have never visited all the New England cooking destinations, so that is a must in the future!

  • I am soo looking forward to our (tentatively planned) trip to italy. nom nom.

  • Kate

    I would love to get out to the West Coast: Napa, Portland, etc.

  • Irene L.

    I want to go to Italy and just eat! No sight seeing necessary! What would top the cake is if I could do it with my mom! This post was very cute! I loved the “Home Alone” face you made in King Arthur! lol

  • I really want to take my hubs to NY for a foodie weekend!

  • I would love to visit all the cool stores that Ina Garten gets to shop at in The Hamptons!

  • Jessie

    Mine would definitely be Tuscany. Though a much closer and more obtainable option is New England :)

  • Katherine Cimino

    Japan or Thailand!

  • Becky W

    Isn’t New England the greatest place. They have so many unique shops and the view you have getting to them is even greater. We used to vacation there during the summer with our children and we hated leaving every year.

  • Paige

    I’ve been to San Francisco for plenty of day trips, but I want to stay there for at least a week so I can hit up alllll the majorly delicious restaurants there.

  • Mary

    The next foodie place we want to go is Frontera Grill in Chicago. Just waiting until the kids are a little older.

    We hit the King Arthur store on our family vacation a few years ago. It was amazing!

  • I have always said that it is my culinary dream to spend a month in Italy getting fat. I LOVE Italian food, and I can think of no better vacation than spending it wandering the historic streets of Italy eating pasta and gelato. :)

  • Lisa

    I’d love to visit Paris and perhaps while there pop over to David Leiberman’s for brunch. :)

  • Karianne

    I would LOVE to make it out to Aspen to the Annual Food & Wine Festival! It looks amazing.

  • Ashley

    NYC, I’ve been before but kept to typical touristy places and ate at the cheapest places I could find. I’d love to go back.

  • Francesca

    I would love to visit Seattle and taste all the wonderful food there. I remember watching “Giada’s Weekend Getaways”…and the food was amazing. I also wouldn’t mind going back to Sicily for a lovely margherita pizza and some other amazing food!

  • Mary

    King Arthur Flour is definitely on my Foodie Bucket List. Now that I have family living in Vermont I *really* have no excuse not to go!

  • Jessica in Indy

    Less of a city destination and more of a “I’m obsessed with celebrity chefs” destination…but I would love to go to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill or Cleveland to go to Michael Symon’s Lola.

    I love them both so much!

  • Sherlie Magaret

    So many to chose from! I think any market place like the Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle, Chelsea Market in NYC, or the type of markets in France and England that have so many different smaller specialty shops under one roof. I think you get a huge taste of any area’s culture.

  • Amy

    My favorite foodie location is Chicago! You could go out to eat there every night of your life and still not try everything.

  • Beth

    Boy, I hadn’t really thought about this. I love to stop at small family friendly restaurants with good home cooking. I think I’m going to have to put King Arthur on my list as New Hampshire is one of my favorite places. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Beth

    Well duh, not New Hampshire, Vermont. Even an easier ride!

  • Kirsten Hasdal

    Italy! Someday…

  • Audrey F.

    There are a many restaurants in Chicago on my list to visit!

  • Kris

    just like you, King Author Flour. my parents have a place in Chester, so one of these times that I’m up there, I’m grabbing my mom and taking a road trip!

  • I am in love with the KAF store! My sister lives 10 minutes away from it, so when I visit her, we go there often. :) I would really love to visit Italy! I may go there on my honeymoon next year…would be amaaazing!

  • Selene Wadhawan

    After reading your post, I’m intrigued by King Arthur Flour HQ…but I would have to say Ben & Jerry’s HQ…been a dream of mine for a long time :)

  • Christina

    Charleston, SC!

  • Emily

    I would love to go just about anywhere! But I think the top of my list is Greece (you know, once the political chaos settles!)

  • Lara

    Before I die, I HAVE to go to Thailand so that I can eat all of their delicious curries and perfect noodle dishes!

  • Carina

    I’m thinking I would have looked like that myself going through the King Arthur store! Thanks for the great blog!

  • Elizabeth from Indy

    I visited Italy over 10 years ago, and my mouth still waters at the thought of the pizza and gelato I had there. I can’t wait to return someday.

  • I would be perfectly happy eating anything authentic in Italy. Oh, Italy…..more specifically, a dish of homemade pasta with Bolognese sauce, accompanied by an Italian grandmother’s homemade minestrone. Yeah….bliss.

  • I would love to visit Ithica New York so I could visit the Moosewood Restaurant. I cook out of their cookbooks all the time, it would be fantastic to visit them in person! Although I would probably die if I went to King Arthur. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live nearby because I’d be broke!

  • Shannon

    can’t wait for my 20th wedding anniversary….my husband and i are planning a hop across the pond to visit england and ireland. yum-o

  • Karen H.

    I believe my foodie destination would be Italy! That would be a dream come true.

  • Bridget

    Italy!! I want to soak up the history, culture, sun, and sauce–with my bread and my pasta :)

  • Maine for lobster
    Oregon and Washington for Dungeness crab

    However they are served is perfect!

  • Hmmm… so many come to mind: Portland, OR for food cart heaven, NYC for a little bit of everything, and France so I can eat a crepe (and everything else) in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Kathy Groff

    Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC…some place down south.

  • mary s.

    thailand!! although i’d love to go back to paris as an adult, the first time there i basically ate crepes the whole 4 days (not that i’m complaining…)

  • Beth

    I’d love to visit Seattle or Maine – simply because I love seafood, and it’d be wonderful to enjoy the fresh stuff, since I’m more than a little land-locked in the Midwest! (And King Arthur looks like it’d be a great place to see as well… although I’d probably spend way too much time and money in the store!) :)

  • I would love to go to King Arthur Flour too!

  • I’d really enjoy NYC and all their baking shops.

  • emily macgregor

    I am dying to visit the ben and jerry’s! i LOVE ice cream!

  • New Orleans has been on my list for so long, I have to go there some day to smell, taste, and feel the city.

    Thank you very much!

  • Doreen

    France…..but DC Cupcakes for starters

  • Elizabeth H.

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to visit Barcelona and have paella.

  • Amanda

    Definitely Napa Valley!

  • Kalyn

    Honestly, I’d love to just visit a Trader Joe’s. I’ve never been there. The closest one to where I’m from is in Kansas City, MO.

  • Denise B

    You’re so lucky! I would love to go to King Arthur Flour. Our next visit will probably be to Blue Bell Creameries though.

  • well, shoot! I think King Arthur Flour would be my destination—that place looks wonderful. My husband and I recently started using that flour and their recipes and everything we’ve made has been fantastic!

  • Mandy A.

    Savannah, GA!

  • Annah Lee

    I just recently was in VT, too and was pleasantly surprised by the tasty eats! On the top of my foodie food list is switzerland. Reading David Lebovitz’s posts about his trip there had me salivating!

  • Melissa K.

    I would really like to visit Five & Ten (the restaurant run by Top Chef contestant Hugh Acheson). Though it’s right down the street, going there to eat would be two weeks-worth of groceries, so it might be a while until I get to try it.

  • Bree

    I would love to visit New Orleans. I haven’t been there since I was a teenager, when I was much less appreciative or adventurous when it comes to food.

  • Thanks for sharing what looks like a fantastic trip. Definitely I would travel to France! It would be a dream to experience not just the food but cooking classes. Can you imagine!

  • Heather G.

    Hmmm… I think Shanghai tops my foodie list.

  • Lauren H.

    I’m dying to visit NYC. I have never been and while it might seem simple to some I really just want to try some NYC pizza!

  • I want to take my husband to Italy. I have been, but he has not. I could get gelato every meal.

  • Any or all of the above, but I think the SOUTHWEST would expose me to things I know very little about and I’d like that.

    Wonderful pics and post.

  • elizabeth

    Arizona, Italy, Greece

  • i want to go to italy and eat my weight in pasta. :)

    great giveaway! thanks so much. :)

  • Mine is so simple and so close to home that I just need to DO IT!

    I’ve lived in Indianapolis for over two years and have still never been to Shapiro’s deli. Silly, silly me.

  • Kristen Hacker

    I would love to eat my way through San Fran, Seattle and Italy someday.

  • Traci F

    King Arthur and Ben & Jerry’s

  • Brenna J

    FRANCE! Bread, wine, chocolate, cheese…. drool!!

  • Kel

    So much fun! When we were in VT we went there too. The place was under construction, so our visit was short. I am going to answer your question by saying we would like to return to King Arthur Flour once the construction is over.

  • that look on your face looking at the tips is priceless!!

    I’d pick Vermont, too. Though big cities like NYC and Chicago have amazing restaurants, I’d like to see the places where products are made, like Cabot and King Arthur (and Ben and Jerry’s!)

  • MollyC

    Even though I buy their sandwiches all the time, I’ve always wanted to do the cheese tour at Murray’s Cheese. One of these days, it’s going to happen!

  • Sara B.

    Italy is on my ultimate food list but realistically I’ve always wanted to go to Philly to get a Cheese Steak :)

  • rm

    I think there are 2 areas on my list right now pairing food and wine. I would love to spend time in the french countryside visiting wineries and villages and also Napa Valley.

    KAF sounds like paradise for a baker :).

  • Dawn L.

    I would love, love, love to visit Paris. Their focus on pastries and sweets (even though I know they have LOTS of other good things to focus on) really appeals to me.

  • Ashley C

    Next time I go to New England, I need to check this place out. Great giveaway…next on the foodie list is New Orleans for some delicious beignets!

  • Tiffany

    Definitely Greece! I love all the Mediterranean spices they use!

  • Hmmm…maybe northern Italy. My sister went a few years ago and said the food was amazing.

  • Kirsten

    I would love to go to New England and eat my weight in seafood and clam chowder.

  • It’s probably cliche, but France. The bread! The cheese! Would I even need anything else?

  • Jessie R.

    I would love to go to the King Arthur flour store! :)

  • Terri A.

    A few years ago, some fellow foodie friends and I got on cheap flight from DC to Manchester, NH and rented a car, just to visit KAF. We stayed there most of the day, filled suitcases full of products and flew back that same day. A very fun adventure and I LOVED the KA store!

    As for my dream foodie place, right now, Paris is at the top of my list. May be a while before I can get there, but one can dream.

  • jenna

    I want to visit some Euopean countries, especially France to try the cheese!

  • Corey Hanlon

    I have to go visit Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. I have to do it!

  • Mattie Pontecorvo

    My foodie restaurant dream is Hen of the Wood in Vermont. I live in VT and have been saving my pennies to some day soon make it there! By the way, I love going to KAF-I’m very lucky, my mom lives 5 minutes from the store and every time I go to visit her I stop by. It is like mecca for me too!

  • Jade

    I want to do a bakery tour of New York City. It seems like there are so many sweet places there!

  • To NYC to visit a dear friend, eat our way through Mario’s Eataly among other amazing bakeries!

  • Brooke

    Besides King Arthur being my (somewhat) local favorite place to go.. it would be Thailand! I LOVE Thai food!

  • LauraW


  • Chelsea Market, NYC! Never been to NY…hopefully someday!

    I could totally use those brioche molds–I’ve been searching for a large multi-pack like that!

  • Amber

    I would love to go away for the weekend for cooking or baking classes. It wouldn’t really matter where, but I think it would be a nice way to get away from the kids and duties at home and have time to myself to learn something more about what I really enjoy

  • Maggie

    I’ve been desperate for years to get out to the San Francisco/Napa/Sonoma area, and I just need to find someone to travel with me.

  • Ellen

    Morocco! i’m dying to go

  • Tiffany

    Chicago! I’ve been there many, many times before, but I haven’t really been able to enjoy it and experience everything like I’d like to.

  • OHHH, so many places I’d love to go! For starters, though, since I’m fairly close (6-ish hours), I’d go to Savannah and visit Paula Deen’s restaurant. After that, a culinary tour of Italy! Yum!

    I love King Arthur flour, but have never visited their shop. I lived in NH, and went to Vermont (the Quechee area) and visited the Cabot Cheese Store–THAT was good, too!

  • megan

    I Want to visit a permaculture veggie farm

  • Paula

    I would love to visit Portland Oregon and go to Voodoo Doughnut.

  • Kim Q

    Rome- we’ve been there once before and good gravy but the food there was fabulous! Gelato, oh my.

  • Maile

    New York city!!!

  • Megan L

    Your trip looked amazing! I would have to say that I would love to go to Paris again. I only visited for three days while I was studying abroad in Spain. It just wasn’t enough time to begin to eat at all the amazing places that Paris has to offer.

  • We moved from the coast of Alabama to Colorado about 6 months ago – I am DYING to get back to the Gulf Coast and have some seafood! I would drive for 3 days for some decent shrimp right now. That’s how bad I want it.

  • Jordan B

    Italy to try all the amazing food!!

  • I really want to visit New Orleans :)

  • Talena

    My foodie place to visit is definitely Paris…:)

  • Andrea

    That would be Vermont. As a former New Englander I am ashamed to say I have never been there even though I use cabot cheese and king arthur’s flour every day.

  • Aimee

    Italy. I love the pasta, the seafood, the wine, the desert…everything. I did not have a bad meal either time that I went.

  • Piper

    I would go exactly where you did…King Arthur Flour Co. I love VT and have been many times, just not to the store….lovely give-away.

  • HI Annie! My husband and I love philly cheese steaks! We have tried them at many, many restaurants but we still havent tasted the “best” one yet. After watching an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that was all about Philly cheese steaks we knew we had to go to Philadelphia, PA asap. Soooooo this weekend we are taking a 5 hour drive to Philly just to have their famous sandwich and come back home!

  • Either Alinea in Chicago or a Wilton outlet store. I mean, come on, is there anything better than an outlet store??

  • Kelly C

    I am a cheese lover so I would love to visit anywhere in France. *dreams*

  • Ashley R.

    I’d love to go to Spain; they eat late, eat great and in good company. What’s not to love!

  • Susan

    It is hard to say where I would like to visit, I think New England would rank high because I love that area.

  • Cara

    I would love to go to New York City. I haven’t been there since since high school and am looking forward to going back sometime.

  • Jessica Dunn

    I live between Philadelphia and New York City, so I have a list of restaurants from both that I am dieing to try. On the top are Le Bernadine, Butter, Craft Steak, Morimoto, Moshulu, and 10 Arts. Someday I will try them… I promise myself this.

  • Suzanne

    Well, I have just added King Arthur to my list! I plan to travel to Italy in 2012 and look forward to the food, wine, and sightseeing. My favorite place closer to home is the Zingerman’s family of businesses in Ann Arbor, MI – Deli, Roadhouse, Creamery, Coffee Company, and best of all, Bakehouse with classes, supplies, and delicious baked goods.

  • Demitria

    I have been dying to visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory! Sad thing is, I live within an hour and a half from it and have never been. =( As soon as my son is old enough to enjoy it we are definitely going!!!

  • I want to go to wine country! I want to feel fancy for a few days, and also the relaxed bliss that comes from wine tasting!

  • mj.

    Portland! (Mostly because I’m a coffee-lover, and I hear there’s no better place in the US). Outside the states? Somewhere exotic. Maybe Zanzibar. (:

  • Lacey M

    New Orleans – I don’t live that far away, but I haven’t been since before Hurricane Katrina. Best food anywhere!

  • Kristen

    I have always wanted to see Thailand and eat real Thai food! My husband goes a few times a year and he raves about the food.

  • Faith

    I really want to go to San Fransisco. Between reports of incredible Asian restaurants, and being one of the first places that gourmet food trucks exploded onto the scene, I think it’s a match made in heaven for me :)

  • Hilary

    I would like to eat my way through the Mediterranean!! Hummus, Tzatziki, and Olives, oh my!

  • Amanda

    I want to try real Chicago pizza!

  • stacy

    I would have to follow my heritage and say Italy!

  • Erin V

    Looks like an amazing place! I would really like to take a day trip to Cleveland (it’s close to our house) and try some of the places I’ve seen featured on TV.

  • natasha g.

    It would have to be France. They have it all from the best savory to sweet dishes and the best bread ever. It would be my dream to attend a cooking class by one their master bakers. I Love, Love, Love French Breads..

  • Suzanne

    Paris! I was fortunate enough to live in Paris for 2 years. The food and restaurants are amazing.

  • I would love to visit the bay area or new york. both on my bucket list of must visit.

  • I went to school in Hanover–LOVE Canoe Club! It’s where all the students take their parents :) Honestly, I would love to go back to the Simon Pearce restaurant in Vermont, which was one of my favorite restaurants ever but is kind of hard to get to from here…I’m sure there’s some sort of food supply store that I’m forgetting, though!

  • Chris

    I would really like to just eat my way around Italy. If you have ever read the BOOK “Under the Tuscan Sun” – basically I would like to experience Italy in that way! She cooks and eats her way through everywhere she goes.

  • Kelly

    I would love to visit Greece; my fiance has been raving about how great the food is for the duration of our whole relationship.

  • Betsy

    Visiting King Arthur sounds pretty awesome to this baker, but the ultimate would be eating my way through Italy!

  • Haley

    I would also love to visit King Arthur Flour. It looks like it would be such a fun place!

  • Napa…for the food AND wine!

  • Katie

    I have already been there a couple times, but I think my foodie destination would have to be New Orleans. I have a thing for Cajun food, and I would love to learn how to cook it!

  • Michelle

    I’d love to take a tour of America’s Test Kitchen!

  • Jan

    There are so many interesting places to eat in San Francisco that I didn’t get to try on my first visit that I’d love to go back.

  • Lauren

    India would be a dream. LOVE authentic Indian food, in all it’s regions.

  • AshleyP

    I’ve never been to NYC, but I’ve lived around transplants my entire life, so I’ve heard all about the bagels and pizza! And frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity! I really have to make it there one day :)

  • Lindsay O’Connor

    I would love to visit NYC. On the list of my ‘must see’ is Mario Batali’s Eataly.

  • Meghan C.

    I absolutely have to visit Italy! I am a big fan of Italian food and would love to experience the real thing!

  • Emily

    I really really want to go to France. I would just eat my way from one side of the country to the other. I might die of bread overdose, but I would die a happy woman!

  • I would love to go to the KAF headquarters! LOVE their stuff! If I could go anywhere though, I would want to go to Italy. Cliche, right? But the food is so good! :)

  • Ashley

    I would love to visit King Arthur Flour! I’m going to Los Angeles this weekend and if the weather holds out (of course, rain the weekend I go!), I’d like to go to The Original Farmers Market out there!

  • Karline

    I would love to return to Canoe in Atlanta. If you ever have the opportunity to eat at Canoe….DO IT! Make a special trip even. It’s hands down THE BEST food I’ve ever eaten. It sits right on the bank of the Chattahoochee River and everything is fresh! It’s a farm to table concept and Chef Carvel creates AMAZING dishes. GO! NOW!

  • Erin

    I would love to taste my way around italy!

  • Megan C.

    New York City–SO many amazing bakerys and restaurants. Although visiting King Arthur Flour would be pretty amazing too!

  • Joan

    Florence, Italy

  • My husband and I are dying to visit San Francisco and it’s one of a few places on our hitlist before we have kids. I better get planning the trip soon!

    I can’t believe I forgot King Arthur is in Vermont! I was just there last summer. Looks like I need to plan another trip, stat!

  • Cya

    Cuba, Brazil, and India are my DREAM foodie places. I would love to eat and explore my way through each of these countries. The regional variations in food styles and ingredients alone would keep me enthralled for years.

  • Linda Kennedy

    The King Arthur Flour Store in Vermont is one of my favorites. I love that store. Can’t wait for their expansion to be completed. Hope to get there again this spring.

  • Sarah K

    I want to visit Paris and eat and obscene amount of authentic French food. Yum! =)

  • Carol

    Sardenia and capri

  • Angela

    My husband and I would love to go to the mountains of Italy. There is a cooking school there that lets you live with the people and learn how to cook the way they do. Oh what a dream that would be.

  • This may sound silly but I am obsessed with Wegmans (the grocery store). I grew up near an amazing one. Now I live outside of NYC and work in the city everyday and there isn’t a grocery store that comes close. Other than that I would love to one day travel and do a tour of the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives guy visits, or the “best I ever had” suggestion on the Food Network.

    PS. I have that same exact green sweater!

  • Nikki

    I sounds weird, but I really want NYC pizza!

  • Erin in FL

    I want to go back to Paris. Not for the tres magnifique restaurants, but for the chocolate and banana street crepes! I’ve been talking about these crepes since I last had one 10 years ago… Sigh…

  • I would love to go to New Orleans. So many options of deliciousness.

  • Liz

    After recently reading all of Ruth Reichl’s memoirs, I definitely want to go to France.

  • Ann

    Mary Batali’s Eataly!

  • Theresa T

    My number one is definitely Vietnam. They have all things that are good–excellent southeastern Asian cuisine, an amazing french baking culture, and phenomenal coffee!

  • Hannah

    Singapore is on the top of my list for the street food.

  • Italy. Some day!

  • Michele

    I really want to visit Denver. I keep hearing all about the restaurants that only use fresh, local ingredients and how healthy everyone is. And that’s been my mission lately. Good, healthy food-using fresh, local ingredients.

  • Anna

    It’s so cliche, but I want to go to ITALY!!

  • Heather S.

    India or Thailand, maybe, these are the first that popped into my head. However, after your reading about your experience, Vermont does seem like a great (and much cheaper) destination! I think I’d end up getting so overstimulated that I would leave the KAF store with nothing. I tend to pick things up, put them back, find something else, put it back and I get so exhausted that I give up completely.. Now I know to prepare for this so I can hopefully chill out and get some great stuff!

  • Lynn

    Hmmm…that’s tough! Probably a coastal town in Italy since I like homemade pasta, fresh fish, and tomatoes.

  • Jenell

    I know this might sound odd…but Holland is where I would love to go…breads,cheeses, etc.

  • Shannon

    I live near the city of Chicago, but never have made it to some of the restaurants I’ve been meaning to try. Girl and the Goat, Frontera Grill, Alinea and others. Someday when i have more money! haha. :)

  • Ever since I studied abroad in Taiwan, I’ve been dying to go back. The food is amazing!!

  • Carol

    I would like to visit the Seattle area, or Portland, Oregon.

  • Allie

    Memphis for some BBQ :)

  • Caelan

    My husband wants to take a summer and drive around the country visiting every major league baseball park. I am fully on board . . . provided we also get cheesesteaks in Philly, hot dogs in Chicago, sourdough in San Francisco, bagels in New York . . . I want to try it all!

  • Anne

    I miss the toasted ravioli in St Louis big time. It just isn’t the same or as good anywhere else!

  • Becky Z

    I would love to go to Austin, TX to try all the food trucks there!!

  • Emilee

    King Arthur Flour looks awesome! I’m dying to go to Provence in France…all the food there looks amazing!!!!! And I want to try it firsthand before I attempt to make any food in that style of cooking! =)

  • Lianne

    There are so many places I want to visit, but I think Italy (all of it) and Paris top the list. :)

  • Heidi C

    Another tough question! I’d say Italy is the top of my list. Stateside, I’d like to go to New Orleans.

  • Megan

    I’m a coffee addict, it’s almost a problem (almost). So I’m gonna have to say the original Starbuck in Seattle.

  • Carla

    Glad you made time to recharge yourself with a little vacation. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I love your blog.

  • My dream would be to go to king Arthur in Vermont, too! I love love love their company and I know their store would be a baker’s paradise!

  • Well, KA Flour has always been on my list and this post makes me want to go even more – but my top choice will always, ALWAYS be Italy. I would LOVE to take a culinary tour of Italy one day – but alas I’ll have to wait until I get more than 3 weeks of vacation as I would anticipate spending too much time there!

  • Linda B

    Italy would definitely be my top pick.

  • Tiffany P

    I definitely strive to go to France one day just for the cheese. I am a cheese addict and have found many favorite varieties at a local specialty grocery store, but know there is so much more out there to taste and love!

  • jen

    well, now i want to go to vermont!!

  • Kab

    This is going to sound cheaty, but Vermont – Ben & Jerry’s, King Arthur, and :ahem: Magic Hat (the best beer ever).

  • Amy C

    Italy is definitely what I think about when thinking of foodie destinations. Although, King Arthur Flour’s store looks like it needs to work its way up on the list. That place looks amazing!

  • Brenda

    I am a newly certified teacher waiting to be hired, but my future plans include eating my way across the U.S. during one of my summers off. I watch too much Travel Channel and Food Network so I’ve seen many delicious stops that I will be including on my journey. I cannot wait to eat the well known foods of the different cities!

  • Toby

    Portland, Oregon! I’ve always wanted to go, and I’ve heard great things about the food.

  • I would love to visit San Francisco one day! I always hear of great eats from the west coast

  • kRiStYm

    I love all cooking/baking stores and I dream of visiting Italy!

  • Regina

    I like to eat in Chicago. We took a trip there once just for lunch.

  • kRiStYm

    I love all cooking/baking stores, Williams Sonoma is a favorite and I dream of going to Italy!!

  • M.E.

    My foodie bucket list are tours of Italy and France. In separate years, because I want to be able to fully focus on each country and not try to cram too much into one trip!

  • Holly C

    Oh I have wanted to visit the King Arthur Flour store for so long now. Hopefully I will be able to get there soon.

  • Marissa

    France — definitely France! I’ve been to Paris a few times, but can’t wait to take a long trip to explore other cities/regions there.

  • Vanessa

    I’d like to go anywhere that has a Trader Joe’s. Us Floridian’s aren’t lucky enough to have any in the state and I’m always hearing about the great products they carry on the many food blogs I follow.

  • Jenny

    I would love to visit Italy. I love italian food and where else could you get it any better?

  • liz

    Melt in my current home of Cleveland! It’s a restaurant specializing in over-the-top grilled cheese creations. As a good friend once told me anything can be made better with cheese or chocolate!

  • Sara

    I would love to go back to Spain to eat my Spanish mom’s (my host mom from study abroad) food. So good!!

  • Racheal

    I would have to say Mitsuwa because I love Japanese food.

  • Kimberly C

    Italy. I just know I will love the food there!

  • Marissa

    I think I’d have to say NYC. I grew up in Connecticut and went there frequently but food didn’t become a “hobby” until much later in life so I missed out on all the quintessential New York grub spots.

  • Little Italy in NYC and every restaurant they talk about on The Best _ I Ever Ate. Some of those places look amazing.

  • I’d have to say Italy! Your trip sounds like so much fun! I would have totally been the same way in KAF. Even when I just go into Sur La Table I get so excited and end up walking loops around the store because I can’t decide what I want to look at first! My husband thinks I’m a nut.

  • Kristin

    I would love to go to Vermont & the King Arthur Flour store also. It would be wonderful to be able to peruse the shelves of the store instead of just the pages of the catalogs.

  • Amy Kasten

    I’ve always wanted to visit King Arthur Flour, Annie! What a fabulous looking place! I’d love to visit Africa and sample different cuisines from a number of different countries– LOVE Ethiopian food!

  • Urban Wife

    I would love to visit France and take classes at a local cooking school – that’s my foodie dream! :)

  • Stephanie

    I’m dying to go to Paris just to try a croissant! I never eat them since they’re full of butter, but to have one there would be divine!

  • Ashley

    DEFINITELY France. I feel its easier to go anywhere in the US but france i think would truly be a new experience.. I think i would have to blindfold myself and let them feel me everything! I also have a bucket list of stops from “Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives” that i want to visit as well!

  • Monica

    A few years ago my mother-in-law went to Italy for a cooking school vacation. She still orders her olive oil from the place they went (I don’t know the name). After hearing about her trip and tasting some of her creations I would love to do that someday!

  • Christy

    There is a place in Topsham, Maine that I have been to and love/miss dearly. It is called the Kopper Kettle, if you ever make it Maine you have to go!

  • Pam

    I too would love, love, love to visit King Arthur. Looks amazing.

  • Keri

    I’m looking forward to eating my way through washingon d.c. next year.

  • Madonna

    As a huge noodle fan, I would love to visit Japan. Don’t get me wrong, as an Italian I love pasta. Japan just offers a completely unique culture and take on the noodles I adore.

  • Rebecca

    I’d love to explore the food in Europe more! Maybe start with Paris! :-)

  • Catherine

    I would absolutely love to visit the Mediterranean. I love Mediterranean food so to go to Greece, Spain, Turkey, etc. would be a dream come true.

  • I honestly can’t choose one place. I think my first foodie trip would be Italy. But that one is kind of in my dreams. If I have to choose someplace in the US, I would like to go back to Seattle. When I lived there I was too young to appreciate everything the city had to offer.

    BTW, I am so thrilled about the Vietnamese Cinnamon. I didn’t even know that existed! If I don’t win, I’m SO ordering that. Thanks for sharing!!

  • June g.

    I would love go home to the northwest and eat my way through Seattle and Portland. Then dessert in Vancouver B.C.:)

  • Sara Schineller

    Well, after reading this post I would probably have to say the King Arthur headquarters as well!

    Previously, though, my dream was to visit a Williams-Sonoma headquarters/outlet and buy everything there for hopefully slightly cheaper than one of their retail locations! It’s hard to convince myself that “No, Sara, you don’t need that adorable individual bundt cake pan right now..”

  • Ali

    My foodie must see will always be Italy – even having been there before, there’s always plenty more to see and do, and loads of places to eat delicious food and learn new recipes!

  • Stephanie

    I’m DYING to go to Italy!!!

  • Anne L.

    Next up for me is Savannah!

  • hmmm my foodie destination would be India! I’m sure they’re food is uh maze ing!

  • Rachael G

    I would die if I could eat at Le Bernardin in NY. I love seafood/fish and Eric Ripert is the fish master, so I’m sure it would be heaven!

  • Sara C.

    I’d love to go to zero-waste grocery store in Austin, TX. I’m just so curious to see how it works!

  • Amber

    I would really like to go to Oklahoma and spend time learning from Ree Drummond. A weekend cooking at the lodge sounds divine.

  • Kate

    I am dying to go to ABC Kitchen in NYC.

  • Katie

    I’m going to London next year and can’t wait to go to Ella’s Bakehouse, a bakery by a woman I watch on The Cooking Channel.

  • Samantha

    I live about an hour south of Hanover – isn’t the KA store amazing?! Anyway, currently Singapore is on my list of foodie must-sees…the noodles, the spices, the street food!

  • Lauren R

    NYC! I’ve been but never to specifically check out all the food.

  • Michelle

    My mother in law is German and both my husband and I are dying to go to Germany for real German sausages, sauerkraut, and schnitzel. We hope to be able to afford a trip next year for Oktoberfest!

  • Joni

    My two best friends and I went to Vegas this past summer just for the foodie-ness of it. We planned every meal carefully and went to a ton of restaurants run by famous chefs. We had such a great time that I think we might try to make it a yearly trip, with a new foodie destination each year. Next year, I’m thinking NYC!

  • I love the idea of doing a tour of New England. I am from New England and I haven’t visited any of these places listed above. Time to plan a trip!

  • Morgan

    The Strip District in Pittsburgh is, without a doubt, a foodie’s DREAM! There is the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, with the cheese counter that seems to go on for miles, gallons of freshly pressed olive oil, hundreds of pastas, sauces, breads, what I like to call “interesting goods”, and fresh produce! Then, across the street, we have Wholey’s–filled with fresh fish and other seafood, all sorts of meat (some that is hard to find), and always priced to please. If you want something new and fun, you can go to the Kitchen Store, filled with cookie cutters, aprons, hats, tips, sprinkles, everything! And, if you get hungry, you can always stop at Primanti or DeLuca’s! Whenever I go on vacation, I HAVE to head out to PA!

  • Andrea

    I think I’d just love to visit NYC and have a truly decadent gourmet dinner! Or sample from the wide variety of ethnic cuisine they have.

  • Christi D

    I would love to make it to the Big Easy! So much to try there…

  • Jordan

    I would love to go to San Francisco and visit the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. I’ve never been to California, but I’m sure the food will be worth the trip!

  • My Maid of Honor and I are currently planning a “mini” bachelorette party, just the two of us, to Savannah, GA. Since college, we have always been saying that we want to take a trip there just to go to Paula Dean’s restaurant! :)

  • I would love to go to France and try all the food there! Especially some of the their bread!

  • Katherine

    I really want to go to Italy just for the food. I was inspired after reading animal vegetable miracle.

  • Jen

    I really want to go to the Food Network Studios in New York – I think it would be awesome to see it all. I’m totally jealous of your trip to Vermont, I really want to take a New England road trip (although for many other reasons besides food) someday soon.

  • This looks awesome, from the store to the giveaway, just in time for Christmas baking too!

  • I would love to visit King Arthur Flour! It looks like such a great place!

  • Jen

    I would love to visit Thailand. I’m making Green Pork Curry for dinner tonight.

  • Lisa Joy

    We’re taking a trip to Napa Valley next summer to eat and drink our hearts out while riding bikes from place to place. Can’t wait!

  • I would love to go to the original Starbucks in Seattle. It seems like such a lovely, happy place! :)

  • I want to go to Japan! My family lived there for 2 years when I was a little girl and I have wanted to go back ever since. I’m really enjoying the posts about your vacation. You look like you had a blast and were a ‘kid in a candy store’…err kitchen store. ;)

  • Speaking of Vermont…did you go to Ben & Jerrys? I have been dying to go there and Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco! My sweet tooth would definitely decide where to take a food adventure!

  • I think my pick would be King Arthur Flour too, I love their website and am always drooling over the things I’d like to purchase. It may not seem like a super exciting destination to some, but I live in Montana which isn’t exactly a food mecca, we don’t have any cooking stores around here so I’d love to visit a huge nice one like KAF!

  • Hillary Valentino

    Italy….. !! :)

    every course there would be delicious

  • Bonnie

    Realistically, I am dying to go down to new Orleans. Can’t wait to try all that Cajun food!

  • Hayley

    I am dying to visit New York and just try every type of food imaginable!

  • Amanda

    I would love to go to King Arthur Flour! I just received their catalog in the mail and I there’s sooo much that I want.

  • Ashton

    I would love, love, love to visit Napa Valley just once!

  • Zingermann’s in Michigan offers cooking classes that I’m dying to try out!

  • Mary

    Mine is definitely Italy!!

  • Emily P

    I’m dying to go to France to try all their pastries!

  • Heather W.

    It’s a toss up between France or Italy for me. By the way you may want to check out bumkins.com. They sale art smocks and long bibs in a ton of colors. They would do well for baking and keeping clothes clean.

  • I’m dying to go back to New Orleans! I was 12 when my family took a vacation there, so I didn’t fully appreciate all the amazing food (and drinks, of course!).

  • Beverly Santos

    I would love to eat at the French Laundry in Napa. You are so lucky to be able to visit the King Arthur Flour store. I’m constantly buying from them. I particularly like their website/blog. Lots of good ideas and recipes. Don’t forget to pick me for the winner of the drawing. Thanks.

    Fresno, CA

  • Amanda

    I would love to go to new york! even though I live in Vermont I’ve never been to the city – I think it’s about time.

  • Wow! Your trip looks fantastic. Love the photo of the flowers with the pumpkin…it completely epitomizes the junction of Summer and Fall.
    I am DYING to visit Portland and do a foodie crawl, rolling myself from one stop to another. The coffee, the food carts…oh my. I have heard nothing but good things about Portland’s foodie culture.

  • Italy! Between the food and the desserts and the cappuccino… *drool*

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to go anywhere in Asia and devour their street food!

  • Michelle B

    I’ve always wanted to go to King Arthur Flour! I was so sad last year when I went to virginia that we were too far away to visit.

  • Linda

    Well, I can’t wait to eat my way through Italy, but right now I want to go to VOLT in LA because I so heart the Voltaggio brothers.

  • Mary Beth

    I would love to head to Vermont and see King Arthur Flour and Ben & Jerry’s, yum! :)

  • Sara

    I want to eat my way through Italy! But will settle for a trip to Boston this Spring.

  • pamela

    Haha, the King Arthur catalog is like a present every time a new one arrives in the mail – I ooooh and aaaaah over items and circle my faves. My husband gets his bike catalogs and I get the KA one, and we are both in heaven :) I am dying to get up the store sometime soon, so I suppose right now that is on my list of places to go!

  • Jenny


  • “B”

    GREECE! a top for me! Course being a native Vermonter … I also LOVE going to the little bed and breakfasts around the state … They always have the best freshest food … Course also BAR HARBOR Maine ..for the Lobster Festival! Delish!!!

  • Jodie Wilson

    i MUST go to germany for some authentic schnitzel and strudel! and beer! yum!

  • Sana

    back to the south, for some yummy tex-mex!

  • Julie

    Well, there are soooo many. But I think if I had to narrow it down, I would say San Francisco. Love love love the food there!!

  • I know it’s not food and as a food lover, I know it’s silly, but I am dying to go to Shiner, TX to the Shiner Breweries.

  • Jenna F

    You went to it! I’m so jealous… I’ve been eyeing up the classes at KAF for a long time and I will make a trip there some day. Hopefully soon now that it’s been confirmed how awesome it is!

  • Christina D.

    I really want to go up the east coast and eat tons of great seafood!

  • How nice of you! The French Laundry is the holy land of foodies. I was just in Sonoma last weekend but didn’t make it over there. One day!!

  • I want to visit Nashville and taste food from the south! I’m trying to go this upcoming summer!

  • I definitely want to go to Spain – I LOVE all of their foods so much..I need to visit someday!

  • Now the place I NEED to visit in King Arthur. I had no idea it was in Vermont. I’m talking to my husband when he gets home and scheduling a fall trip. heading to the websitemtomcheck out classes. This could be a dream come true.

    Cappucino chips=heaven.

    Loved your review.

  • Shannon

    What a great trip. I love exploring new places and checking out the stores and new cooking things. Our family went to Solvang and I learned to make a mean Ebelskiver

  • EG

    Ugh, I LOVE KAF’s catalog and recipes!

    San Francisco is a definite foodie destination.

  • Charleston, SC! At first, I wanted to go just for how historic and beautiful it’s supposed to be but now I’ve heard SUCH good things about their food. I really want to plan a trip there next year!

  • Steffie

    New Orleans. Five months pregnant, and I’m craving a taste of home that doesn’t involve standing over a hot stove myself…..

  • Katie

    New Orleans!

  • Jenn V

    I’d love to go to Seattle! Living in CA we have pretty much anything you could ever want but Seattle has always appealed to me :)

  • Ashley

    I would love to visit Greece and sample all the food! I have friends that honeymooned there, and all the stories of eating huge, fresh dinners while sitting by the ocean sounded magical!

  • Stacey

    I’d love to visit Italy to try some authentic food!

  • Kelley

    Napa Valley- I lived there for 6 months at one point, but was so busy working I didn’t explore nearly enough!

  • Katherine

    I really want to go to Greece! I love love love Greek food!

  • Inna

    Oooh, I would love to visit King Arthur store! And Hershey factory with my kids. My husband went with his parents when he was a kid and still talks about it. :)

  • Liz N

    I would love to visit Thailand. The flavors of Thai cuisine are so complex! I would love to learn how to use different spices and herbs the way they are used in Thai cuisine! There are exotic fruits and vegetables native to that region that I would love to sample! Thanks for the chance to win Annie. New England is definitely on my bucket list too.

  • Deborah

    I love visiting Harry’s Market in Atlanta, GA.

  • I also would love to visit a King Arthur Flour store. I bet you had a blast!

  • Amber


  • Sandy

    I have also wanted to tour King Arthur Flour. A friend of mine got me hooked on it and I love getting their catalog in the mail! I spend way too much and I’m sure I would lose control if I ever was able to actually set foot in their facility!! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  • I’d love to some day visit French Laundry. If only I were rich. :)

  • shawna

    I would love to go to Ireland. I enjoy Irish food and the beauty of the landscape. King Arthur Flour is an amazing website. I would also love to visit their store. Looks like you had a great time.

  • Emilie in MN

    Paris, hands down.

  • Taylor

    I would love to visit New York and go to all the awesome trendy new restaurants there!!

  • Tay Richards

    I would like to visit Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady and Son’s. I could enjoy some good ol’ Southern cooking. Yummy!

  • Savannah, GA! I’ve heard so much about how amazing the food is there, but seem to miss it every time we head south.

  • Rachel

    I would love to go to the South one day and try real bbq!

  • Kim

    We always visit New England every summer. I’m going to make “Annie’s Foodie Tour of Vermont” part of the plan next summer. Also, I was thinking Ina makes the Hamptons look like the place to get great quality fresh ingredients. I NEED TO GO!

  • Priya

    Chez Panisse is definitely on my list of places to go before graduating from Berkeley. And I’d also love to eat my way through Italy.

  • Denise

    Japan! I just Got back but already want to visit again. Not enough time to eat everything I wanted to!

  • I would love to check out that King Arthur Flour store!

  • Paris, France!

  • Ashley

    This year my husband and I are planning a trip to Spain…I can’t wait to experience all of the food they have to offer and the lifestyle that they life.

  • I want to visit Miette in San Francisco and Baked in New York. I have a thing for bakeries :)

  • Napa Valley, California. The wines, the cheeses, the olive oils, and French Laundry…heaven!!!

  • Lindsay

    In the states, I’m dying to go back to Portland Maine! Abroad, it’s definitely Spain.

  • I have two place I would love to go Atlanta Georgia and the other one King Arthur of course. My mom and I are addicted to their online shop and are always finding new things to buy! I would love to take their classes but Idaho is a little far to go very often! :)

  • JessieB

    What a fun giveaway! (and how jealous am I of your pilgrimage). I’ve eaten a lot in New York, but I’ve never been to Per Se. It’s a bucket list item for sure!

  • One of my foodie must-sees is Next in Chicago!

  • Maggie

    San Fran! I’ve never been, but I hear it’s foodie paradise. And with all the hills and walking, eating a LOT can totally be jutified!

  • Emilia

    The coast of Italy!!

  • Megan

    I’d love to visit Seattle. I keep hearing about all the great restaurants and markets there!

  • Denise

    I would love to travel through the French countryside…through villages, not big cities. My dream would be to dine in small rustic restaurants where the menus are filled with fresh local ingredients of the moment, prepared with age old recipes. My favorite travels include history, culture, and last, but certainly not least, food! I find small local restaurants (a beachside shack cooking up just delivered fresh catch or a mom & pop cozy cafe that creates a home-like atmosphere) to be much more rewarding and memorable to fancy 5 star big city restaurants.

  • JenK

    Just heard about a new french restaurant about 30 minutes away… that’s where my parents, my husband and I will be headed next.

  • Stacey

    That’s a hard one! My first thought was San Fransisco…I’ve been on a sourdough kick. But then, I thought about Austin and Greece. Mmmmm….

  • Kate

    Right now my list is a ‘pro/con’ on making Thanksgiving dinner or going to Craft for the prix fixe Thanksgiving, decisions decisions!

  • Anywhere in France. I would love to try all of their fresh fresh food. Fresh cheese, bread, fruit, and lets not forget pastries!!

  • Sara

    I would love to go to France!

  • NYC is the best- top on the list is Shake Shack!

  • Melissa

    France and Italy! [pastries and pizza – yes, please!]

  • Corrie

    I’m dying to go to Italy…pasta, pizza, and wine!

  • Ashley

    Right now I am trying to convince my mom, who just moved to Manhattan, to go to Bobby Flay’s restaurant Mesa Grill. I am dying to go with her and I really hope that I can soon!

  • Lacy

    Paris. Again. I didn’t appreciate the food and pastries as much as I should have. Especially, now that I developed such a passion for baking.

  • Looks like King Arthur Flour is now at the top of my list! If only I traveled more!

  • If I was to aim big it would definitely be Italy. I would love to wander around some old rustic town and eat my way through, enjoying the people and the comfort food. For a more realistic destination, I would love to visit Miette Bakery in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It is on my to-do-soon list.

  • Rachel

    I would love to go to Thailand adn check out all the spicy food they have over there.

  • I am DYING to visit the original Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills!!

  • Liz

    I really want to go to Kansas City, MO for some BBQ! I’ve already been to Texas (the Salt Lick in Round Rock outside of Austin is the best I’ve ever had) and Memphis. YUM!

  • Lately I’ve been thinking about Vermont a lot too! There are so many amazing cheese-making farms there. I also am dying to check out Seattle: Walrus and the Carpenter, Paseo, and Delancey are all restaurants that look amazing. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  • There are so many, but I think I would most love to visit Paris. Baguettes, pastries, cheeses… be still my heart.

  • I’ve been wanting to go to King Arthur Flour since I discovered their blog. What I’d really love is to work there, so I could get snacks from the test kitchen and have the chance to be around fun ingredients all day long.

  • Katy D.

    I would love to go to the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington! Thanks for the great giveaway, this post makes me want to visit King Arthur Flour too!

  • Audrey

    Oh, it would definitely have to be Chelsea Market!

  • Stephanie Coleman

    I would LOVE to go to New England and get a Lobster Roll!

  • Beth

    I definitely want to go to King Arthur, and would also love to go to a few of the microbreweries in VT.

  • Becca C

    I would love to visit Italy, preferably Sicily. Italian food has always been my truest love. :-)

  • michelle

    I am really hoping a trip to Spain is in my near future.

  • Victoria

    I’m dying to visity NY City!! There are sooo many great places to try there, but I would take a cupcake tour!! Oh and slice of pizza now and again.

  • Samantha

    Thank you so much for posting about your trip! can’t wait to see what you create with the fun cookie cutters! I recently just purchased a bunch of them just to try out your “how to” with royal icing! I can’t wait! and as soon as i am over this terrible cold, I will be working on it!

    i am DYING to go back to Rome, Italy, specifically to enjoy a single piece of lasagna from a specific little café! mmmmmmmmmm

  • I think New Orleans would top my list of foodie-destinations. Close behind would be anywhere in New England for the fresh seafood.

  • Mary R

    I’m sure that Thailand’s got to rate somewhere on my foodie travel list…but if I had to choose one right now, I’d prioritize Ely, Minnesota!

    Seriously. I want to attend their summer Blueberry Festival in the worst possible way.

  • jessica

    Paris is on the TOP of my foodie list :)

  • Katie Moore

    I live in Vermont and I have never been to Kind Arthur, so that is on my list! Maybe this weekend :)

  • Mel

    I love any kitchen store. We recently went to Richmond, VA and I was so excited to finally be able to go into Williams-Sonoma. It was the first place to visit on my list! We also stumbled into a Trader Joe’s store by accident. It was awesome!

  • Looks and sounds like such a fun trip! I would love to visit King Arthur Flour! That’s so cute that you found aprons for the kids. I bought my little girl a Christmas apron for when she’s a toddler/small child…and she’s not even born yet :)

    I would love to visit New York City. There are so many wonderful restaurants and bakeries!

  • Shannon G

    I’d love to go to Italy and see some traditional cooking!

  • In the U.S., definitely New York City. I’ve never been, but it seems my foodie heaven!

    Outside the U.S., it would be Thailand. I love Thai food!

  • Brea


  • Kaitlin

    Laudree in Paris to sample their famous macarons!!

  • Wine country in California! I’ve never even been to California!

    I had the exact same reaction when I visited the KAF store back in August. I almost lost my mind. We were about to take the looong drive back home to Delaware and we detoured to KAF on our way out of Vermont. Great store!

  • Lajuana

    Italy for sure, I would love to try out the real stuff.

  • I would LOVE to visit the Hershey factory just for fun but as far as eating goes, I’d love to go to Italy or Greece. Yum!!

  • Erin

    Italy so I could stuff my face with bread and pasta! Oh yeah, and see the sights too. :)

  • Jackie Gonzales

    I NEED to go to Maine one day to have fresh seafood…yummy…I’m drooling just thinking about it!

  • Mela

    I’ve been to Paris, France when I was younger and not interested in baking/cooking at all. Now that I’m older and wiser and so much interested in baking, I’d love to go back to Paris. Visit Ladure(sp)and lots of their pastry shops with beautiful display of baked goods, even just to have a bite of their wonderful creations or to take photos!

  • Hong Kong. I’ve been there before when I was younger, but I’d love to go back as an adult and indulge in everything the country has to offer!

  • JoAnna

    Paris, France–your trip to New England looks like it was so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go there in the fall as well.

  • Lindsey N

    I’d love to go to Hershey, PA and visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory!!

  • Nicole S.

    How sweet of you to do this giveaway! I really want to go to Spain, to hit up all the Michelin restaurants. I’d also love to go back to the giant culinary store in Paris that I visited on my honeymoon.

  • I finally got to go to Sur La Table (best place in town!) so as for a place I’ve never been? PARIS! Cliche, I know, but I’ve yet to go and would love to taste some non-American dishes! :)

  • Jessica

    I would love to go to Thailand to check out the food there. My mom did a year abroad in college there (I’m sure much has changed since then…) and talked about the spices! I would love to check it out (with yogurt on the side to cool my mouth…).

  • loren

    i don’t think my life will be complete until i visit the french laundry in napa. i have been dying to go for years and hope to get out to that side of the country one day soon!

  • Sarah R

    Wine country in California. Although I’ve heard lots of good things about Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • I LOVE your boots!! So cute :) Do you mind sharing where you got them?

  • Adrienne Yancey

    New York for sure. I haven’t made it there yet, but will by my 40th birthday without a doubt. I have just over five years to save and to map my culinary itinerary!

  • Charlotte Gabrielsen

    I absolutely LOVE Vermont and it looks like you had an amazing time. I’d love to go to Seattle-they’re really spearheading a great local food movement!

  • ITALY ITALY ITALY!!!! Cheese, pasta and wine-yes please!

  • Brandi

    I would visit Chicago for all their great food there. I can’t wait to try the Native Foods that opened there!

  • Av0gadro

    I would love to go back to Chicago, which was my food destination of childhood since I grew up in Indy. And I’d love to go to Paris and eat pastry five times a day. But in the interest of marital peace, my ideal food destination is Belgium. My husband is a serious home-brewer and would love to visit the Trappist Monasteries. Which would give me time to indulge in lots and lots of chocolate and the best street food I can imagine. Cones of delicious fries? Waffles served hot with chocolate from food carts? Sounds absolutely perfect.

  • Lanette

    New Orleans!! Would love to sit outside (can you sit outside?) at Cafe while eating a beignet!

  • Emilie

    Nashville is on my list!!

  • I would love to visit Italy.

  • Jackie

    Baked in NYC! I am obsessed with their cookbooks!

  • Megan M

    I would love to go down to The South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Or I’d love to
    go down to TX and eat some good BBQ!

  • Spain! There are so many wonderful tapas I would love to try.

  • Patience

    I would go to Italy!!! I would love to check out their food, coffee, breads, cheeses, wine… The list could just go on and on!!!

  • Annie

    Thanks! They are from J.Crew. I love them and they are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn!

  • Grace

    I’ve been meaning to visit Maine, originally for their legendary lobsters but now I’ve been told that it’s worth a visit due to their blueberries! Lobster and blueberry pie. YES and YES!

  • Tori

    I, too, would loooove to visit the ‘King Arthur Flour’ store. And since it is in Vermont and I equally love all things cheese I think I would be one happy girl.

  • steph

    We are going to New Orleans early next year specifically for a foodie trip for me for my birthday. We’ve been before, but it’s been eating and partying. My DH actually paid for a private cooking lesson from Sue Zemanick. You don’t even understand how excited I am. I don’t even care that it’s my whole Christmas present (that he told me about this morning because he wanted to make sure he chose “the right chef”)!!!

  • Robin

    Probably my top “foodie” destination would be Paris. Bakeries alone would keep me happy for an entire trip!

    P.S. I too love Peppercorn. Used to live in Denver and when I went to Boulder I’d find amazing Christmas gifts there.

  • JaimeB

    I’m currently plotting a trip to Napa…

  • Sarah

    France! Ever since taking French in middle school/high school, I’ve always wanted an authentic baguette from Paris!!

  • Daniela

    Definitely Amalfi Coast – I’m hoping to make it t here next fall!

  • DeDe in Guthrie

    Oh that sounds like a great place to visit. But my dream place would be to visit Rick Bayless and learn first hand how to make tamales. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I totally want to go back to Napa Valley and spend a whole week or two there. The last time I went was for a day and that was FAR too short!!

  • Ruchita

    I would love to visit Goa. My parents have been there, and they had the most incredible crabs and shrimp from a little shack right on the beach.

  • Pepi

    Italy!!!! Can’t wait. Love your Blog!

  • CarolH

    For me, it’s got to be one of the Cajun cooking schools in New Orleans.

    And, I love visiting King Arthur Flour in Vermont. It’s a few hours away from me in Massachusetts.

  • erin

    NAPA!! Wine and food. I told my husband it is my dream trip before kids :)

  • Mailyn

    I would totally love to go to San Francisco.

  • Corinne

    I would LOVE love love to visit Italy and taste all the delicious fresh italian dishes. I am a carb addict and I think I would be in heaven.

  • Ame

    Maine. I want to eat my weight in lobster.

  • Tiffani

    I live in the boonies two hours from the closest city. Any store besides Wal-Mart would be just fine with me.

  • Chatelaine

    right now New Orleans is sitting at the front of my brain, but I know I’ll enjoy France and Italy at some point in life!

  • Katy

    The next time I go to Las Vegas, I’m declaring it a foodie trip. So many good restaurants there… can’t wait to try them out!

  • I really, really want to do a food tour of the south!

  • Danae

    My ultimate foodie destination would be to do a chocolate tour of europe – just think of all the possibilities and all the amazing chocolate to try!!

  • Melissa

    What a fun trip!! My number one food place to visit was Italy and I was lucky enough to spend my honeymoon there eating way too much pasta, pizza and seafood. It was delicious and it is still on my list because now I want to go back.

  • I’m hoping to get Taza Chocolate in Somerville, MA soon as a culinary destination. I love their chocolate, process and know some of the people who work there. But more long term, I still haven’t done a San Francisco/Napa Valley tour and would love to do that!

  • christina warsheski

    Hi! Thanks for the offer ! I am dying to go to Italy for all the fantastic food. There is so much to offer and taste and see and smell that you just can’t get here in the states! Now only if I could win some money to go :)

  • Stacie

    I’m huge into pastry making. I’ve always wanted to visit France and learn how to make real French pastries.

  • Jeanette

    After seeing this post I am dying to visit Vermont :) In general I really want to visit New York. I have heard a lot about different places there that I really would like to visit.

  • Laduree in Paris!

  • Lesley L.

    I love Zabars in New York City! Wish I could go there every week.

  • Meg

    philly cupcake :)

  • As much as I would love to visit the KAF store in Vermont, I’m currently reading Julia Child’s “My Life in France” and am now convinced France is the place to visit. I’d start in Paris and consume a ton so butter there, but I’d love to learn French provincial cooking at the source!

  • Nicole

    I would love to go to France and possibly taking a cooking class there… that is definitely on my bucket list.

  • Shantelle

    Italy for some yummy pasta and bread!

  • I would love to visit Cadbury World someday (in either England or New Zealand – I’m not picky ;D). While that might be a far-off dream, I’m visiting VT in January, so I think a trip to KAF might just be the ticket!

  • Leslie M.

    Oh my gosh – I am so jealous, I would LOOOOVE to go to KAF someday! My other foodie destination would probably be Napa Valley. Or Italy. Hmm, maybe I need to start saving up for some major traveling…

  • I would love to go eat around NYC. I’ve never been!

    Then I would like to revisit LA, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma & Italy!

  • Dana

    Woud love to visit the Wilton headquarters near Chicago – I think I would go as gaga over their pastry tips as you did over the Ateco ones!

  • Jillian_R

    I would like to eat my way through the Mediterranean!! Tuscany, Greece *sigh*. Lovely. At home? NYC, Chicago or SF would be nice.

  • I don’t care if KAF is twice as expensive (even on sale) as store-brand. It’s still totally worth it.

    As for foodie destination/dream, I wish to sample the authentic street food of India. Every time my family visits India we are forbidden to eat the street food because the untreated water makes us ill. Just once I want to throw caution to the wind and taste some of the truly best Indian food in the world. It’s my culture, it’s my heritage, and it’s something found no where else on earth.

    Thanks for your many wonderful recipes!

  • Mechelle

    I use the King Author site for recipes a LOT. My favorite scone recipe came from them.

    oh wow only one???? Im not sure if I can manage that. I’ve been to New Orleans, its only 90 minutes away, however I did not go with the intense passion for food and preparation that I have developed over the last year. So New Orleans will probably be my next place to visit and drool. However, The New England area for the history( hey if I can manage to work food into an IT class, I can work food into the history of a place.) The West Coast would be my next choice, as I haven’t been yet and I keep seeing amazing markets on the food channel. Italy and Scotland would be next. (maybe I can make one of the two a reward for my bachelors degree in a few years.)I simply need a job that lets me travel the world exploring the different foods and their preparations.

    Now I have a question for you, how do you manage to stay so tiny and cook as many delicious treats as you do? I’ve gained two sizes in a year and really want to know the secret, just please don’t say you dont eat the yummies ):

  • Anna P

    I’ve already been to Morimoto’s and one of Garces’ resturants in Philadelphia and one of Batali’s resturants in New York so I’d like to go visit the rest of Iron Chef’s resturants across the country but I want to start in Chicago with Chef Simon and also hit up at least one of Rick Bayless’ resturants.

  • Katie R.

    Thailand! I love Thai food!

  • Ali

    I would love to visit the Headquarters of Taste of Home in Wisconsin. I get their publications occasionally. I have never been disappointed with an of the recipes I have tried. I would be in Heaven there since I just might have to stop for some of their famous cheese (after all WI is the Cheese state.)

  • Cora Martin

    I think the place I’m truly dying to visit is France. After 5 years of french in high school and a few years in a bakery and I want to taste every pastry I can get my hands on!

  • carriegel

    I have been by King Arthur’s store but not in it. It is on my list of places to visit. I also would like to spend time in a Whole Foods store. Silly I know.

  • Kelly B.

    I’d love to do a cupcake tour of New York! Mmmm….

  • I am dying to go to Paris with my husband! I would painstakingly plan each meal out in advance :)

  • Cara

    Sense I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef and a new season just started back up the first restaurant that came to my mind was Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Craft, in NYC. However this decision was even more difficult then picking just ONE cheese.

  • robin

    I would love to visit Montreal and explore the cuisine after a friend’s recent trip- it sounds perfect this time of year especially!

  • MicheleB

    Either Tuscany or Scotland!

  • alicia

    I would love to go to Italy to eat tons of pasta!

  • Kate

    i’m going to have to go with New Orleans! i LOVE soul food.

  • Rachel Feyre

    I would loveee to go to New Orleans to try different food : )

  • i’m just dying to go to new orleans some day!!

  • Erin

    I want to visit Italy and drown myself in pasta and pizza!

  • Kathleen

    Italy! Wine & pasta! A girl’s dream :-)

  • Kate

    I like visiting food markets when I travel – camden market in london, pikes place in seattle are two faves – and I just love all the local center-of-town markets in latin america. I’d love to see what these are like in southeast asia, and pick up some goodies in Laos or Vietnam.

  • Theresa Sea

    I agree with New Orleans! I would love to try cajun food from the south. :)

  • Kristen

    I really would like to visit Italy. I love Italian food and would really like to spend time eating and exploring real Italian cooking

  • ShelbyP

    Seattle! There are so many good places to eat and find things to make. I just love it up there.

  • Amanda S

    I certainly want to check out The Herb Farm north of Seattle. I’m kind of in the area, and just don’t have the funds, but I’m sooooo curious!

  • My destination would be Italy. I think I would gain 10 pounds being over there.

  • Rhi

    Definitely French Laundry in Napa. We tried and tried to get a reservation there for my husband’s 40th, but no luck at all!

  • Abby

    There are so many but NYC and Savannah are both up there but for now, Montreal will have to do his weekend.

  • Zenobia

    Holy cow! What an awesome place! It is going on my list. The top of my list is Fitz’s Root Beer in St. Louis. I’ve been a handful of times, but I would go everyday if I lived closer. Also on the list would be any of Emeril’s restaurants. We went to the one in Vegas, and my husband was in love. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie C.

    My foodie destination is the Ad Hoc restaurant located in Yountville, CA. Heard so many good things about how fresh the food is (they grow the majority, if not all, of their produce in the back!) and the amazing quality.

  • I’d love to go to New York…so many options there!

  • Karla

    After seeing your comments about the King Arthur baking center I would love to visit. I’ve never seen a store like that and am not sure where I would locate something similar a little closer to Iowa where I live but I’m going to start my research right now! It looks amazing!!

  • Hope to one day visit Monterey County, CA during the Gilroy Garlic Festival

  • Kristin T

    I would love to go to Italy!

  • Erin

    I’m lucky enough to live in Portland, OR, a very food oreiented city. With so many wonderful places to eat, we find that we can’t keep up with our constantly expanding “must go” list. But, on our trip to New York last spring, we didn’t even get to scratch the surface of wonderful places there(Per Se is on the top of my list, although I need to save for a couple of years to pay for dinner). Oh, but then there are so many international destinations on our list! It is really too hard to pinpoint just one!

  • Andrea C

    mmmm toronto for chinese food!

  • Aimee from AL

    As crazy as this is, Trader Joe’s! We don’t have one where I live or even anywhere close. However, they just opened one where my parents live and I CANNOT WAIT to go when I am home for Christmas!!!!

  • Alice

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a lot of places, but a few foodie destinations I have yet to visit are: Vancouver and New Orleans. Those two top my list for now!

    I visit the KA website all the time and love their blog, but to go in person must have been amazing! I thing I would have been just as enthusiastic as you were!

  • laura

    Definitely Eataly in Manhattan!

  • Kristie R.

    There’s a quaint little pizza shop outside of Pittsburgh called Olives&Peppers, many people I know RAVE about their white pizza. Have been dying to go there!!

  • JackieKC

    I would love to go to California and try the foods there. A few friends of mine live in San Francisco and are always talking about how great the food is and how much they love the farmers markets there. I also wouldn’t mind visiting the King Arthur headquarters someday since I spend alot of time looking at their catalog when I can get my hands on one!

  • Emily

    Definitely Paris!

  • I would love to embrace my inner Foodie in an Asian country :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ashley Bosak

    I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life, so there are a ton of places I would love to visit for the food. France and Italy would be amazing, though I’d be happy going to New Orleans too. Or California.

  • Kathy L.

    Spain & Italy!

  • Lacey Loo

    San Antonio, Love me some salsa! So excited… Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to the east coast and have sea food. Mainly lobster!

  • Leigh Ann

    It’s broad and perhaps cliche, but I’d love to go to France and eat my way through every pastry in the country :o)

  • Rebecca McCoy

    After seeing your trip – I want to visit King A!

  • I would love to visit the California wine country, as well as Arizona wine country. I think any place with an emphasis on wine most likely has an equal or greater emphasis on delicious food to accompany the wine

  • Alicia

    New York City! There are so many great restaurants.

  • Sarah T

    Um New York, need I explain? :)

  • Dani

    Like many other who have already posted, New Orleans is at the top of my list!

  • nicole

    India.. I love curry!

  • Angela

    I would love to go to Greece and experience true Greek food.

  • Michelle

    I want to visit New Mexico and get my hands on a green chile burger!

  • Rebecca

    Jacques Torres Chocolates at Chelsea Market! I could probably skip a meal but don’t take away my dessert…

  • Lindsey Schroeder

    I would love to visit Maine and eat all of the fresh lobster I can get my hands on!

  • Cara

    Definitely want to get to NYC for pizza, Jacques Torres and so much more!

  • Julia

    As a law student in my final year of school, I have spent the past two and a half years nurturing a stress-baking compulsion. My fellow classmates have surely benefitted from my obsession with crafting elaborate desserts. I would love to someday go to Paris, specifically Le Nôtre to try one of its luxurious cakes, and possibly model some of my own baking after Le Nôtre’s creations!

  • kate C.

    Rick Bayless’ restaurant “Frontera Grill” in Chicago… probably a million other places too, but that’s one that might actually happen sometime in my life that I’m looking forward to!

  • Lindsay

    Italy for sure! I’d have to go on a major diet before the trip though because I’d be likely to eat my weight in pasta while there.

  • Elaine

    I’d love to go to Bo Innovation in Hong Kong..who wouldn’t want to try some sausage ice cream?? :)

  • I’d love to visit King Arthur Flour! But, when I was doing some research on Asia before my trip to China this past summer I came across a company that does special packages all over Asia. One such package was a 10 day tour of Thailand including 2 full days of cooking classes! So that is probably my #1 foodie dream. Especially since I love Thai food and my one attempt at home was a flop.

  • I’m dying to visit Bobby Flay’s restaurant in NYC!

  • Sarah

    My study abroad trip to Geneva was absolutely my food heaven. Skiing the alps and then sitting down to cheese fondue, and not just any cheese–cheese and wine! Not to mention the wonderful crusty bread. Oh I’m so thankful for that trip (thanks Mom and Dad!)

  • Maura

    My husband and I have been dreaming of taking a day trip (for years, I tell you) to Philly to do a cheesesteak-taste-test. We have lived all over the northeast and still have not made it. One of these days…

  • Sarah

    I also forgot to mention Traders Point Creamery–it’s always an amazing feeling to eat the food from the farm from which it came! I love that place!

  • I would really love to visit France someday, and spend waaay too much time in the little markets and holes-in-the-wall that exist, hmm, EVERYWHERE! Also, there is a store called “Eataly” in New York devoted to all things Italian. I would love to sip some real Italian espresso sometime.

  • SO jealous! I’d love to go to KAF to look and shop. I’d love to go to Chicago or New York to eat, and of course ultimately, I’d love to go to Paris to eat.

  • Kat

    Ooh, good question! I’d have to be unoriginal and say Paris. Ina makes it look so good!!

  • Becky M.

    New Orleans would be the place I’d love to go! I’ve been there (several years ago in high school), but would love to go back with my husband and experience a lot more of the food!

  • Lori P.

    If I could go anywhere for the local cuisine, I’d have to say Paris. What’s better than baguettes and wine??

  • bethany

    Oh, there are so many, and it changes so often. Today I’d have to say Italy.

  • Elainen

    Always wanted to visit Charleston and enjoy some of the resturants there.

  • Kristen

    A few years ago my husband and I did a Top Chef restaurant crawl in Atlanta that was so much fun! We visited all the eateries of past contestants that we could. Next, we’re dyign to do a foodie’s dream of NYC and go to all the mega-chef places!

  • Sherrie

    I would LOVE to visit the King Arthur plant/shop, but also Bob’s Red Mill. I just found out my son is allergic to wheat and I’ve been navigating my way from King Arthur to Bob’s. I just love the philosphies of both these companies.

  • amy

    TEXAS!!! There is nothing better than a Texas brisket and some Pecan Pie with Bluebell Icecream.

  • Kami

    I think eating my way through Italy might cover it.

  • Susie Mellen

    I would love to go to the King Arthur’s store also.

  • Hilary

    I’ve been there but it’s been a while- NYC!

  • Megan

    New Orleans, maybe take a cajun cooking class!

  • My husband has never been to Europe. I’d love to take a trip with him to Italy (oh, heaven!) and France (the bread!) and to Germany (our heritage and the sausage and beer!). Someday when we aren’t having a baby every year and a half that would be bliss :)


  • Wendi

    I dream of eating my way thru ITALY!!!

  • Katricia

    You are just adorable! I have cousins that live in Poland and would love to visit them to try some AUTHENTIC Polish sausage! =)

  • Tracy

    We live so close but have never been to Volt – I want to go for a special occasion in the near future.

  • I would love to try France’s cuisine. I’ve been to Paris but it was such a short visit that we didn’t get to try very much. What little bit I had, though, was heavenly. Except French onion soup…don’t get that in France! I would love to go back on my whole European trip, but especially France, to see what their food is really all about.

  • Emily H

    Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse to start but the list is pretty endless…

  • Jasmine

    Japan is on my list. I love it so much! And I want to see what sushi is really like there. :)

  • KCatGU

    Italy, you don’t grow up Italian without longing to eat the real deal.

  • What a tough question. Being a very adventurist eater and cook, I would love to go any and everywhere but to answer your question: I have had a long-time yearning to eat my way through Spain. I love tapas and I love the Spanish culture. That would be an amazing experience, I’m sure! Thanks for offering the giveway (looks wonderful).

  • I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans and have some beignets! (And lots of jambalaya too!)

  • Lynne Beattie

    Would love to go back to Italy – love all the street markets with amazing veg., fruit and flowers!

  • Ahhh such a great giveaway! King Arthur is actually at the top of my list of foodie destinations, it’s only a few hours from where I live but I’ve still never been! After reading this post, I want to go even more.

  • Kelly

    I would love to visit Hungary and sample some dishes and baked goods from my childhood.

  • Jennifer N.

    Definitely Italy. I could live on pasta alone, I’m convinced!

  • Kristin

    I haven’t really thought about this before…I’m not sure I’m really a foodie, though I do love cooking, reading about food…and eating. :) I guess Maine. I love lobster, so the thought of eating one just pulled from the ocean sounds wonderful.

  • chelsea

    I really am dying to visit Sicily for all of the delicious Sicilian-inspired italian food!

  • Veronica

    I would love to return to Toro Bravo in Portland, Oregon!

  • I’ve heard there is fabulous food in San Fran. My husband and I would love to take a trip out there together sometime. We have four little ones, it may be a couple more years :). Thanks for the giveaway! I love looking around a great kitchen store.

  • chelsea


  • Ana

    I would love to visit Italy and take a food tour of the country… Maybe for our 25th anniversary. Or 50th!

  • The only city in Italy that I have been to is Rome so I am going to say the whole rest of Italy!

  • Vanessa F.

    I’d love to go to Napa Valley someday …. Wineries, food, CIA —

    But meanwhile, I’d settle for a restaurant close to my home in VA: Inn at Little Washington
    All my foodie friends rave :)

  • Sally

    Definitely New Orleans. I hear their food is uh-mazing!

  • I’m obsessed with sweets, so I would have to say Washington D.C. to visit Georgetown cupcakes! I’ve never been to D.C., and I hear this cupcake spot is the place to go. My cousin has them flown in all the way to Chicago and she swears it’s totally worth it. I’ll have to see it for myself!

  • Erin L.

    One major destination on my foodie must-see wish list would be NYC, a major melting pot for all different kinds of cuisine!

  • Julie

    I would love to travel to New York and go to all the places I see on Food Finds. It just seems like the BEST places to go for a foodie!!

  • Chelsea

    As a New Yorker, I’m itching to go to Santa Rosa, California. I’ve only ever eaten in Southern California, and I’ve heard the food up North is to-die-for. My #1 place on the list in Santa Rosa is Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Tex Wasabi; a Southern BBQ and Sushi restaurant!

  • Jamie

    Texas, I’ve never been and I’m dying to try some authentic BBQ!

  • Jenn Lee

    I must go to New Orleans. I must have beignets and chicory coffee and po boys and a muffaletta and all kinds of deliciousness.

  • Ironically, King Arthur flower is def. on my must visit list!!!

  • Lori B.

    You are SO lucky- I would absolutely love to visit King Arthur!

  • Jane L


  • Kim

    I am dying to go to Carlos Bakery in NJ, or going back to Cabot cheese in Vermont. Thank you.

  • Kim L

    I would have to say I would love to go visit New Orleans for the food, I have never been and love a good gumbo!

  • Cindy

    I would love to visit the Napa Valley and try out all the fun restaurants and winerys……a trip to the east coast has also been on my list…..fall would be the perfect time, and I would certainly have King Arthur’s on my to-do list. Used to get their catalog and LOVED it!!!

    Thanks for a great blog….I check it daily!

  • Two destinations right off hand:
    Alinea in Chicago
    New Orleans in general

  • Last time I went to New Orleans I wasn’t at all interested in the food…I’m dying to go back and fix that!

  • Lindsey W.B

    Oooo, your face is just the same as mine would have been. Only cuter, I’m sure :3

    I’m a SoCal girl, born and raised, so really the only place I’ve ever truly been dying to visit is a place where I can see snow for the first time. Real snow, falling from the sky in puffy flakes! It’s been my dream for years :)

  • Carly

    So hard… but I think Vietnam and India.

  • Kim L


  • Kristan Heyman

    I would love to go to San Francisco and Seattle.

  • Hello again, Annie! I have to say, you are SO CUTE in those pictures in the King Arthur store! I totally identify–that’s how I feel whenever I walk into a Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table, and I bet they don’t have half as much of the stuff that King Arthur has! It sounds like you had an amazing trip, I’m so glad you got to go and share your findings with us :D

    If I had to choose one place to travel for food… it would probably be Paris! I’ve been to Paris before, but I didn’t have the chance to taste as many things as I wanted, and if I went I could re-taste all the awesome things I ate there the first time. :) but this is SO HARD to choose at the same time.

  • Cornelia

    Spain! There could be nothing better!

  • Ashley

    The east coast (although I don’t know exactly where in particular) for some fresh Seafood. I also want to go to Northern Spain for wine and more fresh seafood!

  • Italy!!!

  • Jen

    Just got back from New York but I would love to go back already!

  • Jennifer

    I would love to go to New Orleans!

  • Brittany

    NOLA for sure! I want to try all of the big easy, cajun goodness!

  • Sarah

    Having the chance to live in Chicago, NYC and San Fran, I really love Austin with their crazy food trucks. Torchy’s Tacos, odd duck and GoRDough’s are delish!

  • I’d like to visit the Celestial Seasonings Factory next time I’m out in Boulder CO. I was there about a year and a half ago, but no one else would go and I had no way to get there!

  • Oh my gosh, I am just dying to go on a food tour of Italy. Every person I’ve ever known who has been to Italy has come back raving about what they ate–some claiming that their Italian dinners were the best food they’ve ever had. I look forward to experiencing that kind of greatness myself!

  • Brittany K

    I would love to go to Lola, Michael Symon’s restaurant in Cleavland, OH! :)

  • MickeyB

    I would *love* to visit the King Arthur Flour store! I went to a traveling demo that they put on, and everyone from KAF was so lovely. I already love their products, so I know that their store, bakery, and classes must be amazing!

  • Erin

    Italy is my dream visit place. Love Italian food!

  • Id love to visit any city that has a King Arthur store! Seriously. And also, Italy.

  • Stephanie

    Italy, it must be Italy!

  • Irene

    Seattle! My friends and I have been wanting to go forever – a couple of the blogs I follow just rave about the food scene there! For an international destination – Thailand!

  • Rachel Lynch

    I would love to go to Eataly in NYC! I think I would have to spend a few days in there!

  • Lindsay

    I soo want to visit New Orleans. I’m from the south, but I haven’t had much legit creole food. I need some jambalaya and gumbo in my life!

  • Ashleigh

    I grew up in Europe and can verify that they have some amazing food! :) I’d LOVE to go back to Italy and have some fresh, authentic Italian dishes!

  • Oregon!!! Portland, specifically. It’s a magical place, at least I hear. Amazing food, everything from food trucks to fine dining. Some great craft beer, and Willamette Valley (not Portland, obviously). I think my head would explode trying to decide what all to do there. :)

  • Either somewhere down south, like New Oreleans, or somewhere up in the the Northeast, like Maine, Vermont, or even NYC.

  • Lauren Fraley

    I would love, love, love to eat my way through Italy. Milanese style in Venice and Milan, wine in Tuscany, olive and lemon dishes from Sicily, pizza in Napoli… I’m drooling just thinking about it.

  • Shauna

    If I win, that towel will be the inspiration behind my kitchen re-decoration (wish I could say remodel but…in my dreams!)

    I’d like to eat my way through Europe Eat,Pray,Love style :)

  • Theresa

    I cannot wait to go back to England. I want to eat a pasty and drink a cuppa for my grandmother, who hasn’t gotten to go back to Yorkshire. A pasty is like the original hot pocket: a half-moon shaped pastry filled with meats and veggies. There is a thick crimped crust around the circular edge. Miners’ hands were so dirty, they needed a throw-away part. England’s beautiful countryside has so many great cheeses, fresh milk, and rich butter. There’s also nothing like washing down a bag of chips (french fries) with a cool pint in the local pub!

  • I’d love to go back to Italy and spend more time visiting the little towns and such. ESP rome where we had some of the best pizza ever. I’d love to move to Italy. I loved it
    Another I’m dying to visit. Lol a food street vendor in new York. I’d love to try dorm good street vendor food. Everyone gushes about it. lol odd I know

  • allison

    I’m dying to visit new york city in general. there are SO many restaurants/stores/places there that i’d die to see. i’m planning a trip up there this winter so hopefully i can knock a few things off my bucket list! :)

  • France would be awesome, but Italy tops my list! I’ve already been there, but man oh man did I eat well when I was there. I had 10 extra pounds to prove it!

  • Kelli

    I’d love to go back to NYC for pizza, pancakes, peanut butter goodies & desserts – all of my favorites!!!

  • Meghan

    I love your blog Annie! I’m from Vermont originally (although I live in the South now and miss my Green Mountains) so it was really fun to see your posts about King Arthur and Grafton. My foodie dream is to visit Les Halles, the incredible food markets in Paris – the cheese and pastries would be life-altering I’m sure! Hopefully someday. Thanks for posting all of your wonderful recipes.

  • Natalie

    Bottega by Michael Chiarello in Nappa California. I also want to go to Chicago and try all the deep dish pizzas!

  • I still need to go to Wisconsin, just so I can get me some CHEESE!!!

  • Italy! I loved the food experience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland….I can only imagine Italy would be amazing!

  • Cecily

    SCHARFFEN BERGER Chocolate in SF King Authur and Penzeys Spices!

  • Lanea E.

    I would love to visit Japan and eat sushi :-)

  • This is going to sound so silly but…I just want to get to a farm! I would love to go to a farm that is open to the public and has fresh produce for sale and really KNOW where food comes from :)

  • Must see….probably San Fransisco Farmers Market or Kansas City Farmers Market. AMAZING! I could literally live there.

  • Kirsten T

    Ok So is it cheating to say that I totally want to visit the King Arthur store? As for a more attainable destination I actually live minutes from a Penzey’s Spice store and totally need to visit and to also go back and explore more thoroughly the Bob’s Red Mill store also minutes away from me.

    For a food destination I am dying to go back to Italy. I went in college and still dream about the amazing food I ate and totally didn’t appreciate!

  • I’d LOVE to visit The Black Dog in Martha’s Vineyard someday!!

  • I was hoping you’d go to KAF – I’d love to get there some day! My ultimate food destination is probably Italy. So, KAF domestic & Italy international. :)

  • Italy and France for sure. Italy is on the books for Spring and I cannot wait to eat my way through the country :)

  • It’s not even that far from me but I really want to go to Jennie’s ice cream in Columbus, Ohio.

  • I think French Laundry out near Napa is the one place I really really want to go!

  • Mrs. Smith

    I think Louisiana is at the top of my list because I LOVE cajun food, and would love the opportunity to learn how to cook it properly.

  • Mary Kate

    I would absolutely love to go to France and Italy but much more realistic would be the Carolina’s or Georgia for some serious Southern cooking, being from New England that would be very exciting!!

  • Sandy

    Although somewhere like Italy, Spain, or France would I’m sure be amazing and at the top of my list, for here in the States, I would love to go to Chicago for all the fabulous restaurants and amazing chefs I’ve heard about.

  • Regina

    I will see Italy before i die! My fav food is Italian and i’m sure it’s to die for there!!

  • I’m thinking of a family vacation that includes Hershey PA and then on to NYC!

  • Lara

    I know it’s a cliche, but Paris is my foodie dream destination. I went about seven years ago, but there were so many things I didn’t eat! The macarons alone! And I would love to revisit Berthillon ice cream. It is still the best I have ever tasted.

  • Kathy Stokes

    I would like to visit Sweet and Saucy Bake shop in California!

  • Beth

    In Vancouver, Washington there is a flour store that for the life of me I can’t remember the name. My sister told me about it and they sell all kinds of flour and baking items. I need to go soon. I have thought about it alot since my sister told me about it.

  • i really really really want to visit chez panisse at some point in life. soooo badly.

  • I would love, love, love to go to the wine country in California. I posted on my blog yesterday about how my husband and I enjoy having special “wine and cheese” nights. It would be so awesome to take a “wine and cheese” vacation!
    By the way, I love your pictures. The expressions on your face are priceless!

  • Stateside, Seattle tops my list. Internationally, I’d love to go to Spain!

  • I would love to visit Copia in the Napa Valley. So cool that you visited King Arthur Flour – another place on my foodie wish list but since it is across the continent from me, I am less likely to get there. :)

  • Courtney H

    I’d love to go to Chicago and hit up a Grant Achatz restaurant! Of course, Italy is always good for food, as is Vietnam!!

  • Beth C.

    King Arthur Flour would be AWESOME. I’ve long wished I lived closer to see it all and take classes! But I’d also love Greece…and India…Paris would be nice…how do you narrow it down to just one?!

  • I have always wanted to visit Italy for their food and wine. I love wine, and Italian food is one of my favorites! I also wouldn’t mind going to Korea. My step mother is Korean and I love her traditional Korean foods.

  • Susan Wharton

    My dream destination is also King Arthur Flour. For years now i have ordered from them online and i also get their catalog so that i have real pages to turn. It would be absolutely great to visit their store in person someday.

  • Fran

    3rd and Fairfax in LA —-I was there this summer but there was so much more to see

  • Just came across your blog through pinterest! On my foodie hit-list is a restaurant called Applewood in Brooklyn because I just finished reading Eating for Beginners, in which this restaurant stars.:)

  • Chris E

    King Arthur is on my list of get to destinations as well! I really love their products.

  • Haley W

    Easy! Aspen, Colorado. For their annual food and wine festival!

  • Jenn

    I would love to visit Italy! Not only does Italy have amazing food, but the architecture would be a dream to see. I would love to sit street side with a glass of Moscato and a bowl of lasagna. Yum!!

  • Amy

    I would love to go to NYC someday:)

  • Julia

    I would go to Italy to taste the real gelato! I had no idea that cappuccino chips existed! YUM!!

  • Vaishali

    Rome, Italy!

  • Ally Morrison

    Paris! The croissants, macarons, chocolate.. oh my. I’m traveling there next February and I can’t wait to taste everything they have to offer!

  • Sandie

    to visit carlos’ bakery in hoboken, nj! and serendipity in nyc.

  • Jennifer

    My husband and I have always wanted to go to Memphis during their BBQ festival. yum!

  • Emily

    Charleston, SC! What a fantastic and delicious foodie destination! YUM!!!!

  • Kristen

    I would love to go to Maine. I am not a big lobster fan, but I have been told by so many people that I would change my mind if I had a real Maine lobster :)

  • Joan C

    Ina Garten’s kitchen in East Hampton, NY! Love, love, love the Barefoot Contessa!

  • Sarah

    I would love to go to Portland, OR! I’ve heard amazing things–especially that it’s a great place for foodies :)

  • Meghan

    I have too many to count, but top on my list right now is Paris. David Lebovitz’s blog has inspired me!

  • I’d love to go to Italy and eat all the pasta and pizza and tiramisu and gelato, etc. I can handle. :-)

  • San Fran, and more importantly with one of my foodie friends instead of the hubs. I love him dearly, but a foodie trip with a non-foodie just wouldn’t be the same :)

  • Gina

    I feel like I have to go to Paris just to stop into some old classic Parisian bakeries!

  • Bekah

    I think it would be amazing to do a tour of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives stops!

  • Crystal

    My foodie must-sees are New Orleans and the food truck scene in California!

  • What a nice giveaway! Paris…for the pastries of course! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  • Jenny

    Definitely Napa!

  • Kelly R.

    Italy! or maybe some Memphis BBQ!

  • I would love to visit Chicago because… well… have you checked out where all the new Top Chef hopefuls are from? That has got to have so weight to it!

  • I would LOVE to have a tour of America’s Test Kitchen!

  • I want to go to Alaska for the King Crab Festival. I know I could go there anytime for the crab, but a festival filled with crab seems wonderful beyond belief.

  • Carina

    I would love to go to the King Arthur shop.

  • I think it would be really cool to go to Hell’s Kitchen, especially when they’re filming the show.

  • Caroline

    King Arthur Flour! I drool every time I get one of their catalogs in the mail and I’ve always wanted to go there!

  • Caroline

    King Arthur Flour! I’ve always wanted to go there.

  • Brooke

    I would like to eat my way through New York someday :)

  • lisabella

    My boyfriend and I want to do a Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives road trip so our destination is everywhere!

    I am dying to go to the KAF store. It looks amazing.

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite foodie place is where I grew up– good ol’ San Fran– for all that yummy sourdough and dim sum!

  • Melissa

    Last time I went to San Francisco, I didn’t try nearly enough places to eat. I would go back!

  • Elizabeth Jenkins

    I have been to the King Arthur store also…every bakers fantasy! I love New Orleans.

  • I understand this might not count since it wouldn’t be my first visit.. but my forever #1 foodie destination is my host mother’s kitchen in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Carolyn

    Sounds like a great trip! I looooove New England in the fall!

  • Lorraine

    I would love to go to Italy.

  • Marcie

    I’ve been lucky enough to go to Italy twice, though I focused on the art and architecture and the rich history of that magnificent country. I would love to go back and just focus on the food. So yummy!

  • Alison K.

    I would love to eat my way through France, all the different regions….. yum yum!

  • Amy

    Actually, I have always wanted to go to Vermont!

  • Erin G.

    There are so many places I would love to visit…for the atmosphere and the food, but if I could go anywhere, it would absolutely be Italy! YUM!

  • Laura R

    I want to go back to Germany! Now that I know more about food I appreciate it more and want to try new things and old favorites from when I was in Germany

  • I would love to visit Molly’s in Santa Barbara! Perfect food, perfect location.

  • Aliiiiii

    INDIA!! oh my goodness, not only is the culture absolutely amazing. But the food always has soooooo much flavor, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

  • I’d like to go back to Scotland – the food was fantastic!!!

  • Kim


  • Angel Shadoff

    Italy – I love Italian food – all of it. I know each region cooks differently – I don’t care – a tour of Italy would be amazing!

  • Sharlene

    My husband and I went to a resort in phoenix called the sanctuary and they had a restaurant called elements that we ate at for dinner and it was the BEST, most well prepared food I have ever had in my life. I would love to get in that kitchen and learn the secrets!

  • Paula B.

    I’m dreaming of a return trip to Paris: croissants, boulangeries et patisseries, the Eiffel Tower, and so many quaint cafes, never mind the history and architecture, sigh.

  • Kristen

    I want to go to Seattle and go to the Fish Markets there!

  • I would love love love to visit San Francisco again! I have been there before, but my love for cooking wasn’t what it is now! And I am obsessed with fresh bread, my newest obsession; sourdough! I want to go back and have sourdough bread and clam chowder. I have to say Annie, that I have tried several sourdough recipes lately, and the one you have posted tastes the best so far!! Thanks!

  • Maria C.

    Europe definitely! :D

  • Teandra

    I want to go to Maria’s taco express in Austin! Hopefully we will be able to in December!

  • Becky

    Napa valley


    My husband and I would love to eat our way around Spain! And/or Italy :)

  • Meghan C.

    I would love to go to the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen. I have been dying to go to Colorado as why not enjoy them both!

  • Ingrid M

    My dream destinations would definitely be France, Italy and Latin America@!!

  • Courtney

    I had this amazing sandwich a few years ago at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. I would love to find this sandwich again. It is no longer on the menu at this specific location. Yum!

  • Julie

    My next food destination is Chicago for some deep dish pizza!

  • Melissa

    Denmark… for the pastries of course!

  • Ohhh just France… I remember Pioneer Woman (I think) had a poll of countries people had as their first choice of food destination and Italy KILLED France!! Very surprising to me, I would TOTALLY go France and think most people would too!

  • RLR

    I’d love to go back to England! I went there for a semester of college, and have such fond memories of fish ‘n chips, jacket potatoes from the sidewalk vendors, and (I know this sounds crazy) the best Chinese food I’d ever eaten. However, since we are hoping to adopt from China, I might actually get to try real Chinese sometime in 2012!

  • Yasmine

    I have been so luck to have lived in 2 major foodie cities: L.A. & NY! there are still so many restaurants I need to check off my list here in NYC…but I would love to take a trip to India to soak in all the deliciousness :)

  • lynnie

    Gosh i LOVE hanover. I had the pleasure of going to college there, and boy do I miss the place. Aside from King Arthur Flour, Hanover has lots of amazing food options, and for a small town, is actually one of my favorite food destinations.

    did your friend take you to any of the COOP food stores? did you go to Dan and Whits in Norwich? How about Molly’s Balloon? For a tiny town, Hanover knows how to do food! Although Canoe Club wasnt there when i was a student, a place called Skunk Hollow (not far away in Wilder) is probably my favourite restaurant of all time.

    I cannot wait to get back there are an so excited that you enjoyed your visit. I actually have a job interview there in January, and I am counting down the days!

  • After reading Eat, Pray, Love, I definitely need to go to Italy!

  • Angie R.

    Hi Annie! Wow, there are so many places I would love to visit, it’s so hard to pick. We live in Texas and our next trip will be a road trip to try out some great food places around the Austin area and Hill Country. I was really laughing at your description of being in the King Arthur store, that is SO how I would be. I love food/kitchen stores! I could spend hours and hours in those places. Thanks for thinking of us!

  • Tish

    I would love to eat my way through the west cost:). San Fran, Portland, etc!

  • Coleen

    My husband and I go to San Francisco a couple of times a year. I have been dying to go to the Ferry Building for the farmer’s market. I will make sure we hit it the next time we are there.

  • Liz D.

    I would LOVE love loveeee to do a culinary tour of Italy! All the fresh produce and seafood–pastas and pastries! I would come back in a food coma, but it would be so worth it!

  • There are so many great places!

    I think I’d have to say the East Coast for seafood is a definite must!

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure I would have been as overwhelmed/excited as you. That store looks awesome!

  • Ruthi


  • Liz D.

    I would LOVE to do a culinary tour or Italy! All the fresh produce and seafood—along with the pasta and pastries! YUMMY! I would come back in a food coma, but it would definitely be worth it!

  • Jean

    wow, KAF looks awesome! I dream about going back to Paris and Laduree for hot chocolate and macarons!

  • Liz D.

    Oops! I didn’t realize I posted it twice–it gave me an error the first time.

  • Ashley

    I have multiple destinations I’d love to visit but for silly reasons… I’d love to go to Mackinac Island for some salt water taffy and to South Carolina for some good country bbq! I’d pretty much like to go anywhere right now though just for a family vacation!!

  • Christy Rose

    New York City!

  • chelsea

    I would love to go back to Thailand! I was too close-minded about food last time I was there and didn’t appreciate it.

  • sarawit


  • I would love to visit America’s Test Kitchen and see the chefs in action…and meet Chris Kimbell (swoon!)

  • Michelle

    Oh, that store looks like such fun!! I could have done some damage in there myself! I think my top two foodie destinations are New Orleans and Chicago. Fun and YUM!

  • I too want to go to Vermont so badly! I want to visit King Arthur Flour, Cabot Cheese, and Ben and Jerry’s.

  • Autumn

    France! I love French food and would love to be able to enjoy it in France. Maybe in a little outdoor bistro.

  • Jennifer Harvey

    I would love to spend an evening at The French Laundry in Napa. What an amazing experience in such a quaint setting it would be!

  • Erin

    Italy, for sure!

  • Amy

    Anywhere in Italy! =)

  • Allison C

    I would love to go to San Francisco to visit the Meitte Bakery and many other places…
    And I’m jealous you went to King Arthur! I’m in MA, but I still haven’t been. I need to get my rear in gear!

  • allie young

    I want to go to the South! Anywhere in the south where I could get some real BBQ. It makes my mouth water just thinking of it! mmm

  • Bec


  • Patti T.

    I crossed one off my list this week, I got to go to Trader Joe’s. I have always wanted to go to a Penzey’s spice store. I will get there someday!

  • Stacy

    I’d love to go back to Paris because my first trip there was way too short and I missed a bunch of places on my list.

  • Kara

    From a foodie standpoint – Alinea or Next in Chicago would be awesome. But I really would love to try some authentic Thai food (as in go to Thailand)!

  • I would love to visit King Arthur’s store. Too bad we can’t convince them to open a Canadian outlet!

  • I’d love to visit Chicago (NOT during the winter!) to check out some of the incredible restaurants out there!

  • Betsie

    I’d love to go to Paris and eat my way through the city of lights!

  • Dana

    NYC or Japan. Would love a food tour just about anywhere though!

  • What a fun trip- I just returned from the store with a bag of king Arthur unbleached Bread flour… to make pizza dough with! I would love to fly myself to Texas and see the giant Whole Foods Market headquarters… 80,000 square feet!

  • I would love to go to Italy and taste some REAL Italian dishes!

  • Amy

    I would love to go to Italy!

  • Italy!

  • Kristen W

    At the ripe old age of 26, I still have yet to visit NYC and all it has to offer. It is for sure at the very top of my list!

  • Johanna

    Napa Valley!

  • Allie

    I am going to Chicago this February and my roommate and I are going to map out a way to visit as many cupcake shops as possible in one day!

  • Barbara

    Actually, I would LOVE to take a cooking tour of Italy. I think that I could accomplish that in about 6 months!

  • Leah T

    I visited Europe over 10 years ago, before my love of good food and baking began. I would LOVE to go back to Italy and really enjoy Italian dishes again.

  • Debbie

    This past August I was able to take the foodie trip of my dreams–a weeklong stay at a villa in Tuscany, Italy where I was a participant in a Mediterranean cooking school. Heaven on Earth pretty much sums up my experience and I want to go back! I would also love to visit the KA headquarters too. Looks like you had a ton of fun!

  • kimbly

    I have always wanted to visit Marbella, Spain – family members have visited and raved about each and every meal they had there.

    Would have loved to have visited El Bulli also…but alas, they are no more.

  • Andrea

    I am so glad that you had the chance to visit the King Arthur kingdom! I really would love to visit and take one of their week-long courses on artisan baking. Next in line would be Miette in San Francisco. I think it’s so fabulous that she started her pastry shop with no formal training – she just loves to bake! I would also go to Chicago and see the French Pastry school. After watching the “Kings of Pastry” it would be hard to pass up seeing those guys in person!

  • Michelle

    I want to go back to San Francisco!

  • Lan Griffith

    Vietnam, China and Italy

  • Megan

    Napa for sure. A little food… a lot of wine!!

  • I would love to visit Maine for some fresh seafood!

  • Nancy

    Japan! Love Japanese food and I hope someday to go there!

  • Wow! I’d love to go through King Arthur Flour! I’d probably be exactly like you!! I buy way too much stuff from them…and there’s such a large variety! I very seldom ever win anything, but this is one giveaway that I’d love to win!! (Pick me!! Pick me!!)

  • Caitin Redmond

    mmm I love Spanish food…so a trip to Spain would be wonderful someday!

  • Elisa

    I would like to go to food network!

  • My must see foodie place would have to be Puerto Rico! I LOVE Puerto Rican food and where can you get the best? PUERTO RICO, of course!

  • Kim A.

    I actually really want to visit King Arthur flour as well! I am so jealous of those with incredibly baking stores within driving distance. There are few stores in my town that even sell small amounts of baking supplies and I always wish for a store near me completely devoted to baking.

  • Deborah h.

    Germany….want some real cheesecake

  • Lisa

    I would love to visit Italy… LOVE Italian food!

  • Hillari

    I am dying to go to Paris. I blame my adorable French professor.

  • Tough question, but I loved eating my way in Italy, SF/Napa, and LA. I know what’s good, but there is still so much to eat and enjoy!!

  • Lori McClintick

    I would love to visit King Arthur as well. Great post. I want to eat at some of the most highly rated restaurants in New York City. I read about them would love to eat at one someday. I would also like to return to New Mexico to enjoy the wonderful food there as well as the beauty and history.

  • Amy

    Napa Valley. Nothing tastes better after a long day than a good glass of wine. I’ve been to a few wineries in Texas, but I know they are nothing like California and their wines! The weather, the vineyards, the wine… love. It’s on my foodie bucket list for sure.

  • katie

    Awesome giveaway!

    Definitely Vegas for me. I love all the variety and options for food. You can literally eat any food you would ever want somewhere on the strip. Cannot wait to go back.

  • Boston’s North-end , the Italian district! Strega to be more exact!

  • Angela

    Frontera Grill. Rick Bayless is amazing.

  • Elisabeth

    I would love to go to NYC! So many places to visit and eat!!!

  • Katie

    I don’t live too far from NYC. I have mapped out a cupcake tour that I would like to take- stopping at all the really great cupcake bakeries.

  • Nicci

    My husband and I have been having a debate since reading your post this evening, how do you narrow down all of the places you would like to visit – especially when you live in Kansas? However, I think we’ve settled on (northern) Italy. We would like to learn to make prosciutto, and the source seems like a good place to start. Thanks and Have a great day!

  • kimt

    Beth Howard, eldon Iowa makes pies and writes a blog. She lost her husband…found Iowa…started making pie. I want to go to this small town in Iowa and eat her pie.

  • Debbie

    Seattle! It is on my radar because we are going for our 10 year anniversary vacation. I have been there before – but before I developed the foodie that is inside me :)

  • I would love to visit France for all the fresh baked pastries. Not a healthy thing would be on my menu

  • Jason

    Italy, I love so many of their foods, cheeses, and wines.

  • MJ

    I would love to try French food in Paris!

  • Rachael

    My foodie dream destination would be a road trip tour of southern California’s farmer markets.

  • I’m green with envy! King Arthur has been one on the top of my list for a long time. I order what I can from them when I can budget it. I’m an early retiree due to fibromyalgia so my budget is small. Even with my health limitations I love to bake and this is my splurge of funds and energy!

  • Laurie

    There are so many places I would want to visit…I think Paris is high on my list!

  • Morgan


  • Joni Owada

    I would love to visit the Amish communities in Iowa. (or anywhere else for that matter) I remember going to eat there as a child, and still remember the yummy food and the great atmosphere!

  • Cami

    As a Vermonter and a king Arthur flour lover, I had to enter this giveaway! and i’m dying to go to Italy!

  • Edwina Brown

    I want to go to England and have a real English afternnon tea. I love going to tearooms here, but I want to experience a real tea. Edwina Brown edwinabrown@comcast.net

  • Amanda Thompson

    My husband and I would love to check out New York City!

  • Amy S

    I would love to go to Italy one day and try their amazing food!

  • First of all … I am sooo jealous … Vermont & King Arthur Flour! It is a difficult decision … but Savannah is at the top of the list.

  • melissa jackson

    rubios fish tacos at one of their first locations on san diego state university’s campus. xo

  • MKR

    Pike Place Market in Seattle! Luckily I don’t live too far and can make it there 3-4 times a year. Also, the entire country of Thailand. I’ve been once, but only for 4 days; I can’t wait to go back at some point.

  • Adrienne

    If I had to choose one place….I think I’d love to visit Savannah, GA and hang out with Miss Paula Deen. I love her…

    2nd on my list is Gatlinburg, TN…just because, it sounds absolutely wonderful. I think I am a true Easterner, stuck in the Midwest :)

  • Paula Burgess

    Being an avid “King Arthur” shopper I have been trying to convince my husband to take a trip to Vermont and join me for their wonderful bread baking lessons. It has became a healthy and rewarding task, in making fresh breads and pastas using the KA 00 flour and artisan flours that are absolutely wonderful additions to my well stocked pantries. But my all time dream trip is to visit Messina, Sicily where my Dad was born. As for a trip to the Bread baking classes..I’m still working on my husband to try something new,and get his hands into flour and yeast for a weekend in Vermont..The way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach…and bribing him with fresh homemade breads and pastas..could be my best weapon!!

  • Laura


  • Meridith

    I enjoyed reading all the great posts! I really think going to Italy and staying at a agritourismo would be so wonderful. I have to say that when I travel, whatever I eat always tastes good! I also follow a blog called Orangette and would love to go to her restaurant in Seattle and take a class at The Pantry by Delancey.

  • Alexandra

    I just want to go to Paris and eat fresh croissants each morning!

  • Pam

    Eataly in NYC for sure. Love, love, love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing such great tips and recipes. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Sarah L.


  • Annie

    I think a trip to Pike’s Market in Seattle would be great! Fresh fish and lovely flowers for the table –that’s what I want! :)

  • chelsea

    chelsea market :) i went to nyc a few years ago but never got around to going there…

  • Karen

    New York for some crack pie, cheesecake, and the throwdown waffle! yum!

  • Sara

    Italy! I love pasta :)

  • Kari Elena

    I have always wanted to travel to Tuscany, Italy or Vietnam and eat my way into oblivion! However, since reading your posts, I can without a doubt say a trip to Vermont is in the future for my husband & myself. I had no idea was a beautiful, and delicious, place is was! Thanks!

  • delia

    San Francisco

  • Wendy

    Miami. I’d love to have some coastal and Cuban food experiences!

  • There’s a place in Costa Rica that I clipped out of a magazine and would love to go – they serve all fresh food grown right in their little resort!

  • Carley

    I would love to visit King Arthur Flour and take a class, I bet they have a lot of great goodies!!

  • Bev

    I am drooling over your trip to King Arthur! I would love to tour some of the bakeries in NYC!

  • Everything I’ve ever heard about, read, saw on tv about New Orleans makes me want to try out everything they have to offer… ESPECIALLY their beignets!!!

  • Terri

    Italy!!! I would love to go back for the sole purpose of wallowing in the food. To take a few cooking classes there would be a dream come true!

  • Ashley

    Charleston, SC is my favorite food destination in the States, and the Puglia region in Italy is my favorite overseas – along with all of Vietnam, but I would love to go and eat my way through Chicago!

  • What FUN FUN FUN photos of you in the King Arthur store!!! What a treat it would be for me to visit there or America’s Test Kitchen. Most any place actually where I can find more unusual baking supplies.
    Your blog candy is so enticing!!!! FUN for any recipient!
    Autumn blessings……~Sandie

  • Nancy Doctor

    Delancy – a restaurant in Seattle owned by one of my favoriite authors and bloggers, Molly Wizenburg and her husband. Molly writes the food blog, Orangette.

  • Steve2inLA

    The food court in Shanghai for Crab and Chicken Rice

  • Aida

    My dream is to visit Italy! The pastas, the cheeses, the olive oils, the history!

  • Nancy Doctor

    Delancy, a restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

  • maritez

    I love Thai food and took 2 months of Thai cooking when I was first married, but I’d still love to visit Thailand and sample the “real” stuff! Also, now after seeing your pictures, I think I’m adding this store to my list of places to visit!

  • Jamie

    I would love to go to North Carolina not only to take in the beautiful scenery and shops but I always wanted to go to the BakeitPretty in Asheville. Of course I just looked at their website and saw their retail store is closed. This makes me truly sad but at least I can still shop online with them I guess. I have always wanted to try King Arthur’s baking products besides the flour. Those look like some very good finds!

  • Kate A.

    My foodie destination is probably Greece. I havent ever been there before and I adore Greek food!

  • I have always thought New Orleans would be a great place to visit but after seeing the king arthur store I long to be there!! I could spend a LONG time in that store.

  • My husband and i would love to take a trip starting here in California and taste our way across the country! Mmmmmmm!

  • Gosh, so many places to choose! I think I would go back to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Ohio because I had so much fun tasting the flavors there this past summer. And since some of the flavors are seasonal, I want to try the latest flavors.

  • Carla

    I actually just stumbled onto your blog for the first time while researching filled cupcakes (looks so much easier than I thought, yay!), and ended up reading several posts and planning dinner menus for upcoming days…but I digress…I would love to go to Greece. I love Mediterranean food and it can be difficult to find done properly in my area. New York would also be fabulous for the variety.


  • Karen

    Siem Reap , Cambodia for fish amok……mmmmmm…….

  • Taylor Thomson

    I want to go everywhere. But, if I had to choose somewhere to completely submerge myself into the culture of it would be Italy.

  • Emma

    Spain! Or Chicago, I’ve been but never left O’Hare! I’d die to eat at Frontera Grill-the in terminal version was so great!!

  • I would love to go to Napa and especially visit the French Laundry just to see what all the fuss is about :)

  • TK

    First, Chicago’s best eateries and then I would love to go on a month long tour of Italy.

  • Jennifer

    Last year we visited Virginia, and we had to make a side trip to Penzeys spices, as I’ve been dying to see what a spice store would be like. It was great!

  • Sarah Z.

    I would like to go to England as I have family there I would love see. I have never been there before so it would be fun to experience the culture there.

  • We would be good friends, because I would have way too much fun in that store. One day i’m going to eat my way through Italy. Atleast I hope to :)

  • Amy

    Sushi Sasabune! I first went there on my honeymoon in Honolulu, then tried the tiny restaurant in NYC. Both served the freshest and most amazing sushi I ever enjoyed…even better than Japan! I now live in a landlocked place with a pretty poor selection of seafood in general…first on my list when I return to NYC is Sasabune!!

  • Amanda

    New Orleans! I’ve never been, and I would love to visit the restaurants there and taste the cuisine.

  • Christine

    I would love to go back to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in SF. I visited briefly while I attended a meeting there with my boss, but I want to go back and enjoy it with my family. Now that I’ve seen your adventures in NH, I want to visit the NE too!

  • Sandra

    We just moved to Connecticut a few months ago and I am dying to get up to Boston for a weekend of eating and exploring!

  • LOL sticking close to home and saying Philadelphia…grew up near the area until age 10 had so many delicious pastries and sweets (my favorite) in Little Italy, Chinatown and right down the street from my Grandma’s house..some of the best childhood memories <3

  • Claire

    Awesome! King Arthur Flour is also on my must-visit lists. :-) I have ordered frequently from them and am such a fan. Their customer service is incredible!

  • Michelle

    I reallly want to go to King Arthur, not just for the shopping but I am dying to take the course on how to bake using a firebrick oven!

  • Rhonda Darbro

    New Orleans has always been on my list of must-sees. However, since I have been reading about your adventures in Vermont, I would really like to go there. King Arthur sounds like an amazing place to visit! I’d love it!!!

  • SuzyQ

    Think I would choose NYC, since I haven’t been there and the restaurant scene is amazing!

  • Stefani

    Dying to get to Italy to try authentic Italian food! But, I’ll settle for NYC/Chicago..I’ve heard of so many great restaurants there!

  • Ruth

    Wow! I’m throughly jealous that you got to go to King Arthur’s place! I love their flours and buy them whenever possible, and other stuff. I’m almost ashamed to say where I would go, but it’s any Sonic drive-in I can get too. I love their food, it’s consistent, and the service is usually great. I’ve eaten there a big portion of my life and miss having one closer than a two hour drive right now. I admit it, I’m a Southern girl!

  • Kelly

    We are going to new Orleans in the spring and I am so looking forward to sami g the food. As a chocoholic, Hershey, PA would be a pretty fun place too.

  • Jen

    I have a ridiculously long list of food related travel destinations, but one of the top places is India…

  • Betty Pierson

    Venice with my husband!

  • Julia

    Paris. No question about it.

  • Christina

    I would love to get up to Maine…the seafood restaurants are supposed to be out of this world! Umm, Hello Lobster Rolls!

  • Sarah Shep

    I’m dying to go to San Francisco and try out a new restaurant for every single meal until I have tried them all! A girl can dream, right?

  • may

    Love french anything but most of all the rustic yet tres chic food. Anywhere in Paris. Any bistro, any restaurant, or boulagerie. Paris j’taime!

  • Sarah

    I would love to go to France for the food and the language with my husband!

  • jenn B

    I always imagined visiting an old Italian grandmother’s home and learning her recipes and techniques for breads and pastas!

  • Carolyn McCambridge

    Have you ever seen Voodoo Doughnut in Oregon features on Food Network? They make donuts even more sinful then they already are? This is on the list should I ever make it that way!

  • Victoria


  • Patti

    My husband and I visited Norwich, VT in August and had a wonderful time. I fell in love with VT. Vermonters are such friendly people and it is a beautiful state. We stayed at the Norwich Inn, which was very nice. Visited Quechee, the gorge, Simon Pearce, which was absolutely beautiful and bought some beautiful, locally, made items. My favorite purchase is a beautiful maple bread bowl made by a local artisian. Unfortunately, all the classes at KAF were full, but I enjoyed shopping there and their vietnamese cinnamon is outstanding!!!

  • My foodie dream location is Torino, the birthplace of gianduia (and nutella) and also famous for bicerin, a hot chocolate/coffee drink. :)

  • Sophia DeLonghi

    I have been a fan and user of King Arthur flour and products for years and would love to see the store but also to go to Vermont and enjoy real maple syrup on pancakes! France would also be on top of list for the bread, cheese and wine! Love food and love your blog!

  • Lisa

    Italy!! No doubt. Homemade pasta….gelato…and so on!!

  • Carolyn Hayes

    On my wish list is another visit to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Breakfast is a “grand” buffet, followed by golf overlooking the Straits of Mackinac, and then formal “tea” and all the fixins mid-afternoon. Dinner is full service and dress-up accompanied by a jazz combo. When the dinner salon closes at 9 pm, guests are invited to dance to an orchestra in the ballroom. Charming (and delicious)!

  • Debbie

    I want to go to Cabot Creamery and Ben and Jerrys in Vermont.

    One day I will.

  • Italy!!! I want to travel, photograph and eat my across and up and down!

  • Candy S

    So jealous! I’d be a loo loo there too! Thanks for a chance at the gifties!

  • Andrea

    I would love to visit New York to visit all the great places to eat.

  • I live about an hour away from Stonewall Kitchens and I have STILL not been there to visit.

  • Denise P.

    I want to eat sushi in Japan.

  • Valerie Gardner

    King Arthur Flour has been on my list for years.

  • Annie, what an amazing day! I would love to go to New England in the fall sometime. I have so many food cities to hit up, but Venice has just hit the top of the list…mostly because Michael and I just bought tickets to go for our anniversary. Yay! I hope I win this giveaway. I’m already dreaming up cinnamony, cappuccino chippy baked goods!

  • Kam

    I often joke our trips are centered on food first and other things second. I dream of cooking at a fabulous villa in Italy after gathering the ingredients at the town center, visiting the Viking Cooking School in Greenwood, Mississippi, having BBQ in Kansas City, Cream Puffs in France and visiting King Arthur Flour Company. I’ve been a customer for ages.

  • Melanie

    Oh my, I would love to go back to Paris and hit the delicious patisserie where my husband and I would buy pastries and quiche for breakfast during our honeymooon! I adore that place.

  • Misty Lynn

    I’m in love with a local Lebanese restaurant and would love to explore the food more by visiting more Lebanese restaurants all over the USA. I doubt I’ll ever make it to Lebanon.

  • Lydia B

    I would love to go to the Mediterranean–fresh seafood and olives! I’m pretty sure I can turn any trip into a foodie vacation, though.

  • Molly

    Vienna and Salzburg, Austria, because The Sound of Music is my favorite movie, and I’d love to sample the fabulous tortes and pastries that Austria is known for. I shop King Arthur via their website, and I would love to go to their store too. I’d need to allocate hours for that field trip. Thanks for the chance to win such a terrific prize!

  • SarahD

    Well after reading your posts about Vermont I think I’ll have to go! However I’ve always wanted to visit the pacific northwest.

  • Joscelyn E

    Most definitely NYC! Living there as a kid I had no idea what phenomenal food surrounded me. I want to take a 2 week tour of the 5 boroughs and experience all the international flavors.

  • Genny

    Oh, Annie, would love to go to all the same places you just went to. In fact, we are in the process of planning our trip for next Fall to the East Coast — just as soon as our youngest of 3 daughters heads off to college! Yay! I hope that doesn’t sound terrible — we love them all to the moon and back — but finally some alone time for us!

  • Definitely Greece. I absolutely love Mediterranean food, but I haven’t quite mastered the warm and flavorful spice combinations! I would love to go and learn their secrets! Not to mention, it’s GORGEOUS!

  • I would love to go back to the giant spice store in Geneva, IL…I’m already running low and I just went a few months ago!

  • Definitely Greece. I absolutely love Mediterranean food, but I haven’t mastered their warm and flavorful combination of spices. I would love to go and learn their secrets! Not to mention, it’s GORGEOUS there!

  • Betsy

    Well, honestly, I would have said Paris right up until I read your post. Now I think the King Arthur Flour Company might do instead… Well, okay, I’d still choose Paris; but I’m definitely going to find a way to stop by their store sometime!

  • Lisa

    Living in the country I do not have access to many of the gourmet retail food stores, however, I would LOVE to visit Penzey’s Spices. I know there are many locations but here in Maryland we have no Penzey’s. I know we can order online but i would really enjoy walking in the store, smelling the spices strolling through the ailes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Frances

    In the US – the French Laundry in CA. Anywhere in the world – Italy!

  • Cathy

    My place I would love to go to is New York and Philly! I would love to have a street vendor hotdog and a cheese-steak sandwich, along with every bakery stop in between!!

  • I’m dying to go to San francisco for some fresh seafood!

  • Anne Hagen

    My favorite foodie destination is the one we visit most often- Jungle Jims. I would love to go to Vermont too!

  • Paris – I’ll eat pastries all day long!

  • Judy

    There are SO many places I would like to visit – KAF would be wonderful – but I actually enjoy repeated visits to nearby places. Enjoy Penzeys Spices, Trader Joe’s, World Market – only short distances away but always fun to visit. And Atlanta has great restaurants so there is always somewhere good to eat.

  • KAPP

    one day i will make it to KAF for a bread making class! i love their products and recipes. another ultimate foodie destination for me would be Maine to eat a lobster roll…i would love to try one of those!! this giveaway is loaded with fabulous goodies..thank you!

  • it’s not a gourmet destination but chicago is on my list to try chicago style pizza and the famous chicago style dogs.

  • My foodie list of must sees is the restaurant Next in Chicago. They change their menu and whole restaurant theme a couple times a year. I hear it’s out of this world!!

    And I’m also dying to go to King Arthur Flour…I have an online ordering addiction right now:)

  • Stacey

    I would someday love to attend the Texas State Fair and
    eat fried food to my heart’s content!

  • Liss Vasquez

    New Orleans! I would love some beignets and chicory coffee followed by some creole cooking.

  • Molly

    Mexico! With all of the fresh cheeses and fresh ingredients!

  • Ellen

    One? Just one? Well…Rome, Italy. Yep, I dream big. What better place for a foodie?

  • Sarah Thompson

    I would love to go to Maine and eat fresh lobster–as many ways as possible. I also wouldn’t mid trying the whoopie pies they are so famous for!!

  • Michelle

    Anywhere in Italy – mangia!

  • Anne

    Italy! We’re going there in the spring, and I can’t wait!

  • Kathy Ketter

    If I could go anywhere it would be a trip to Tuscany for some wonderful wine, cheese and pasta.

  • Liz

    My favorite foods are Italian & Mexican, so Id have to say Italy (since Im going to Mexico next week!) I could eat pasta every.single.day!

  • Katie

    I would love to go to Hershey, PA. My husband went for a wedding and told me all about the chocolate-inspired menu. BRING IT ON! Your Vermont recap has me longing for a good foodie trip.

  • Lara Miller

    There are so many different countries I would love to visit just for the pleasure of trying their authentic foods not to mention the sites. Paris, Japan, China, Vietnam and probably many more if I sit and think about it! Thanks, Annie, for all you do with food to make it so enticing!

  • Lisa B

    I would love to go to Spain or France. If I had to pick somewhere in the United States it would be New Orleans or Maine.

  • Brittany

    My mom says Singapore, and I think she’s convinced me too!

  • Heather

    I was thinking Savannah, GA would be top on my list…or Charleston, SC…can’t decide…but either would be awesome…and I am all about awesome!!!

  • Luann

    I guess I would have to go back to Rome and after eating my way through countless gallons of Gelato visit all the local bakeries and espresso shops.

  • Allyson cheaney

    Alba Italy, I hear it has some of the best resteraunts in northern Italy.

  • Chana M.

    I’m dying to go to Thailand!

  • Kelly Stevens

    Italy for sure!!! I could eat my weight and then some in pasta!!

  • Liz

    I would love to spend a few weeks in Italy. I’d love not just to eat, but to take some classes on cooking there.

  • Phyllis G Davis

    Would love to go to Seattle!

  • Eileen

    I’d love to visit Italy and spend a few weeks eating pizza and pasta and drinking awesome red wines at every meal!

  • Crystal Power

    Italy! I know it’s kind of cliche, but I would love to experience the food, drinks, and architecture there.

  • Deb

    Some day i would love to go to Europe n do a food tour…..someday:)

  • I’ve always wanted to eat my way around New Orleans! First stop: Cafe du Monde for some coffee and beignets!

  • Lindsay

    Your trip sounds so wonderful! And all of that looks delicious. I would love to go back to Italy and France. I was there when I was 18 but I was so picky back then and I didn’t eat anything besides bread, pasta, and pizza; so, now that I’m much more open to new foods, I’d love to explore what else they have to offer!

  • SueZ

    I am dieing to go back to Thailand for their delicious food…wonderful mangos, sold in a bag on the street. And how in the world do they make such delicious tea? And the seafood and even the durian!

  • Linda

    I would love to visit the Williams Sonoma Outlet in Vegas!

  • Karrie. L

    Tuscany is on the top but I would love to visit some of the places on diners drive in s and dives

  • Kristen

    My husband spent a year abroad in France, so my ultimate dream is to just let him take me on a food tour around the country :) With lots of authentic champagne, of course!

    p.s. We just moved to the northeast, so thanks for the tip about King Arthur headquarters!

  • Stephanie

    San Fransisco. There are so many amazing restaurants, and the Ferry Building with all of its gourmet food shops and restaurants. Delish!

  • Suzie

    NEW ORLEANS – po’boys, gumbo, etouffe, jumbalaya, beignets, bananas Foster….

  • Elisabeth

    I would love to go to Belize or Puerto Rico or almost anywhere in the Caribbean, Central/South America area. I love Cuban food, and the food I had in Venezuela was amazing. I love the spices, the types of things they cook, everything!

  • Christina

    NYC! I have been once but I was too picky of an eater to enjoy it. I want to eat my way through the city now!

  • Alicia B

    I would love to go to Yellowstone again, my husband has never been there and I know he would enjoy it. Also Asheville North Carolina!!

  • Heather

    What fun and exciting trips you take! My new favorite mini vacation is Fort Bragg. On top of being at the ocean and all the trails (including a small waterfall), tide pools, light house, hikes, kayaking, biking, etc. the food at MENDO BISTRO is fantastic. Every thing is made in-house, seasonal local fruits and veggies, organic meats and dairy, and a wonderful selection of vegetarian and gluten free options -not just salads. and the Basil -mint gelato was DEVINE! So different and soooooo Good, so fresh!

  • Hmm… so many choices. I think I have to say I’d go back to Singapore. So many cuisines, so beautiful. But I would like to visit King Arthurs!

  • Marina

    I would love to go to Paris!!

  • Liz

    After your recaps, definitely the King Arthur Flour store. Looks amazing!

  • Ali

    Spain is on my foodie destination list right now. Especially the Northern Coast. I love seafood and wine, so it seems like the perfect spot..not to mention the amazing sights and relaxed way of life!

  • Melisa

    I really want to visit the KAF store! This post just makes me want to visit it all the more.

  • Ali

    There is a great Penzey’s in Pittsburgh, PA if you are ever near there. I know it’s only around 4 hours from most spots in Maryland!

  • Being as I am from southern California I would love to visit Maine for the sea food. Would love to see the differences in how things are done there. Wouldn’t hut to take a side trip to King Arthur since I would already be on that side of the continent :)

  • Aggie

    I have a long list for this one….internationally – Italy, in the US – Napa Valley. But honestly, I would LOVE to go to a King Arthur Flour store! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Betsy

    Not so original, but that King Arthur store looks awesome. I just put in my annual holiday order (during their 20% off sale) and eyed all 3 of the food items in your giveaway, but ordered none of them. My list was just way too long :(.

  • Kelly

    Bar Harbor, Maine is a foodie MUST! My boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to vacation there over the summer and fell in love. Of course the highlight of the trip was the seafood – lobster bakes, lobster rolls, clam chowder, and so much more. But Bar Harbor also has its own unique food culture outside of the seafood world. Right downtown there is an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room. Yes. A tasting room for oils and vinegars. And it is awesome. The oils were infused with fruit and herbs and the vinegars were so good that my boyfriend was practically taking shots of them. We ended up buying several cases and having them shipped home. We use them for salad dressings all of the time.
    In addition to the WONDERFUL seafood, the town is also FULL of bed and breakfasts that have rockin’ meals to start your day. Where we stayed allowed us to choose our breakfast the evening before, and we also could pick between some sort of savory egg dish and a sweet bread of some sort, which always involved local Maine blueberries. It was so hard to choose! And don’t even get me started on the local breweries and wineries…
    In short, Bar Harbor is a destination that every foodie should put on their short list of destinations.

  • My foodie place of travel has to be NYC right now. It’s a great place to experience different types of food from all over the world. In NY, if you can crave it, it’s probably there! :)

  • Ginny S

    BEsides King Authur Flour, I would love to go back to San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf for another bowl of Clam Chowder!!

  • Christa

    Having left New England for California ( and my husband), it’s this time of year when I long for the fall leaves, crisp air, and cozy cider I cherish. I love you website and your post from Vermont made me smile!

  • Kira

    I’ve always wanted to go back to San Francisco to do a food tour of the city… didn’t have time during my first visit and I regret it!

  • I read this post, solely because it is my dream destination to visit Vermont. I’m a loyal customer of King Arthur Flour. I would be just as smitten as you were in that store. I’d have to buy a suitcase to fill it up with all their goods. How lucky for you. Your opening shot really caught my breath. I loved the way you caught the light, and my eyes went to the flowers. Terrific shot! I’ve been a lurker on your blog for quite some time. Just thought I’d say hi. I had no idea you were having a givewaway. If I win, cool. If not, it’s a great post anyway.

  • I am actually going to Vegas next month and my entire trip revolves around places I want to eat. But…I would really like to get out to Chicago and check out their food.

  • When I saw the title of your post, I knew it was destiny! I have been dying to visit Vermont and go to King Arthur’s Flour myself. One of the other places in Vermont I want to visit is H.F. Gillinghams General Store in Woodstock, Vermont. Gesine Bullock-Prado, who wrote Sugar Baby, sells some of her things there and it looks and sound like an amazing store!

  • Janet

    My foodie trip would be to Boulder, Colorado. I’ve never been to Colorado and I’ve heard great things about Boulder as a foodie town, so I am dying to check it out. :)

    If you’re looking for future recs as well, I used to live in San Francisco and that was definitely a foodie mecca, for sure! I think you would love all the amazing restaurants and food-related stores there, especially the Ferry Building. :)

  • susan

    Would love to experience the Spanish coast and try all the foods and wine of the areas.

  • dean

    Would love to do food and wine tastings in Florence, Italy.

  • EnajCosta

    It’s my dream to do a foodie walking tour through Italy. With places like Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Siena, Bologna, and Palermo (the list is virtually endless), Italy seems like a foodie’s paradise :)

  • Suzers45

    I would love to go to New Orleans and eat my way from one end of the city to the other. ;op

  • Leora

    I love King Arthur products! I wish I likeved closer to there store….I like to make homemade pizzas with their flours! So I would love to go to Italy one day!

  • Shanda

    Anywhere coastal in Greece, the more gesturing involved to order, the better! My fiance and I hope we get to visit on our honeymoon in a couple years, lots of seafood for me, olives for him, and olive oil and wine for the both of us!

  • Kristy

    I’ll be NYC bound for T’giving this year, can’t wait to hit up a Greenmarket– any market– for all our Thanksgiving fare!

  • Lynn

    KAF is the place I want to go. I’m so envious! I drool over their catalog every time I get one.

  • Reading through the comments has made me realize how lucky I am to have been to so many of these places! Right now I’d say the West Coast would be my top destination, especially Seattle and San Francisco and Napa Valley. I am such an East Coast girl- there would be so many new things to see and try! :)

  • melissa

    i’d actually really, really love to get back to chicago soon. rick bayless’ frontera grill is amazing. and aria bar as the most amazing flatbread pizzas….

    i’d also like to go to quichee gorge, vermont to the simon pearce glass blowing factory – they have an amazing restaurant! and i could just drive around vermont and new hampshire for a week visiting farms to sample cheeses, maple syrups, ice creams…. *sigh*

  • I am dying to visit New Orleans! Especially during Mardi Gras, and more specifically the french quarter!

    I also dream of visiting the Mediterranean. Marseille, Santorini, Sicily, Cyprus, Beirut! Love.

  • Monica

    I have always wanted to try culinary school, but nursing was also a passion and I had to choose between the two. Happily, nursing was the right choice and I still get to cook for my family all the
    Time, which satisfies the chef in me. Food blogs like yours have transformed the experience in such a wonderful and exciting way- I would have to say to go to Italy would be a dream come true. Italian food is a love of both mine and my husband :) Now that I’ve read about this king arthur’s Mecca, that is another must too!!!

  • Teela C

    I would either go to the Maine Lobster Festival or go back to southern Italy!!! Both sound divine right now!!

  • EnajCosta

    Okay, I know I’ve already posted, but I had to come back to say this: I hope you’re happy. I just spent the better part of this morning browsing the King Arthur Flour website (your excitement in those pictures was just infectious) and am now faced with a $97 shopping cart (filled with nothing but extracts, mind you). So, for the sake of my sanity and pride, I choose to blame you for this :)

  • Kristin

    I would LOVE to explore Seattle foodie sites. I’ve heard such amazing things about that city and can’t wait to visit!

  • LeAnne

    I would love to go to King Arthur Flour, too! It would be fun to shop and take some classes.

  • Alycia

    I saw Rino’s Place of East Boston on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. The food looks awesome.

  • Kelly

    I would love to do a foodie world tour and spend time with a cook (not a chef — just someone who spends their time making good food for the ones they love) in Thailand, India, and Kenya.

  • LeAnne

    I would like to eat my way through Boston!!

  • T

    i’m going go stateside and say either chicago or seattle.

    or philly for an authentic cheesesteak!

  • Eva

    Northern California is at the top of my foodie travel list!

  • Kara

    I would love to visit Portland, Oregon because I hear that it has tons of fresh farm markets,and restaurants that focus on fresh and seasonal items.

  • Krissy

    I think I would choose Napa Valley, California. I love wine and I have heard that they have wonderful restaurants with great food and wine pairings! That would be fun!

  • I would LOVE to go to Tuscany, Italy…scenery, food, romance. It has it all!!

  • micaela

    I would LOVE to get back to The Old Post Office on Edisto Island SC. I spent summers there growing up but the kids were never allowed to go to dinner there with my parents because it was their “date” night place to go and a very nice restaurant. I have since eaten there with my husband but only once..then it closed for awhile. It’s back open and I’m dying for some Shrimp and Grits! I have their cookbook and have tried to re-create but it’s just not the same!

  • Corisa

    I would love to visit the Ben and Jerrys ice cream factory ! I love ice cream and think it’s amazing watching them make it

  • Mary Kate Sershen

    I would really like to take an eating tour of Italy, in particular, Florence.

  • Xuan

    I would love to go to San Fransisco, Italy, and France!

  • Mary Kate Sershen

    I would really like visit Florence, Italy.

  • Jolene

    I would love to go to Paris to eat croissants, pastries, and drink some delicious coffee!!!

  • Barb Olt

    Now I want to go to King Arthur flour! I love to bake! Forget cooking, just show me the dessert recipes! LOL
    Not to mention I’ve never been to the East Coast and would love to visit there in the fall sometime!

  • susan

    Definitely Mexico. I looove Mexican food but have only had American crossovers and a few authentic dishes from local transplants. Love your blog!!

  • Molly F.

    New Orleans! I would love to experience the city and the food, of course!

  • Renae

    New York City cuz I see so many fun places to eat on Food Network, etc. I love to try food from different nationalities.

  • ellie

    Totally elk river MN!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Thailand for sure!!!!!

  • Cass

    its a tie between martha stewarts house and your house–its okay that in my book you are equal to martha…or better, right!

  • I been to NY once and I have to go back because I didn’t get to eat all things I wanted to eat there. Plus I didn’t get to see all that I wanted to see either. NY is an amazing place to eat great food!

  • Roberta

    I would love to try the cuisine in the San Francisco area. all the different regions as well as ethnic foods would be quite different from the foods of West Virginia.

  • Dianekay

    I would love to visit King Arthur stores – I have used the products for years – however, whenever I am in Las Vegas NV I go to the outlet stores in Primm,, NV and shop at Williams Sonoma outlet store. I’m thrifty and love the prices there.

  • Katrina

    King Arthur!! I just got their catalog last week and drooled for days! I would love to visit the store and take classes there!

  • erin

    Paris… I always wanted to try a macaron from Paris!

  • Katrina

    King Arthur!! I just got their catalog last week and drooled for days! I would love to visit the store and take classes!

  • erin

    Definitely Paris… I always wanted to eat a macaron from Paris!

  • linda

    My fantasy food destination would be a real Irish pub with the locals for a pint and pie

  • Amanda B

    Of a place in the states, I would choose NYC. I would love to visit Chelsea Markets and some of the chef owned eateries there. Outside of the U.S.A, Italy has always been top on my list!

  • I would love to go to Chicago or NY. I’ve never been to either one, but they both sound like amazing cities for food-lovers like myself!

  • Seattle. I’m in love with coffee shop food and pastries (not to mention the coffee.) It would be pretty awesome to visit the market there too.

  • Betsy

    I would love to go to paris to eat pastries! yummy!

  • Dawn

    Italy for sure! I would love to sample all the pasta, fresh sauces, wine and desserts! Mmmm!

  • Two places on my list. I was born in Vermont, but moved out of the state when I was 6 months old, so when visiting I would typically visit family not places. King Arthur Flour is a place I would love to visit. I’d love to see all the gorgeous Polish pottery. I regularly order the cinnamon chips and the cappucino chips. They are wonderful in my scones! Vermont also has the best maple syrup and the best cheddar cheese (IMHO).

    Now, New York is my state for apples, especially up in the Plattsburgh area. My second place I’d like to go to is CIA downstate NY. I brought a student there to visit as he wanted to apply. I didn’t get a chance to try any of the restaurants while we were there. I’d like to go back and eat at any of the restaurants that have an opening on their waiting list.

    Love this blog!

  • Diane

    I want to go to Prince Edward Island to try all the great seafood!

  • Barb Pershe

    If Annie ever had a class on cake decorating, I’d love to go to that!

  • Atour Shehadeh

    I have always wanted to visit Vermont. Now I will just have to copy what you did. It sounds fabulous.

  • Cheryl R

    Tuscany for me.

  • Carolyn Soderberg

    Having visited both Grafton Village and King Arthur Flour Co., I can fully appreciate your excitement and overstimulation by all that you saw there. Reliving the experience through you was like being there again myself. One place in the world I would love to visit is Italy because of it’s reputation for wonderful food. As an amateur chef, I would love to vacation and take classes on classic Italian cooking, eat to my heart’s content, and soak up all that the region has to offer.

  • Nic

    Does Ben & Jerry’s count?? :)

  • Lisa

    When i was in high school my dad took me to Paris and I loved the food there. Now that I appreciate food more, I’d love to go back and really enjoy the food!

  • Sugar Doctor

    I loved your story about visiting King Authur! It reminded me of my own excitement this week when I found a new baking supply store opening in my small town and they let me in to shop before they officially opened.

    I would love to go back to Napa Valley, which is a foodie’s paradise :)

    P. S. I have sent you a message through your site but keep getting an error message. Do you know if it went through?

  • Rebecca W

    I totally would like to visit NY NY, my best friends husband went to cooking school at the CIA, she said NY NY is the food capital of the world, she has never has such a variety and completely delish experience.

  • I would like to visit Hershey, PA to explore and sample all the WONDERFUL chocolate!!

  • Ryan


  • I’m studying abroad next semester in Madrid so I’m excited to try new Spanish cuisine. Can’t wait to visit Italy either!

  • Haejin

    I’d say Italy. My hubby was stationed in Italy when he was single and still talks about the food he had there!

  • Kate Riera

    LOVE your blog! First time I am posting, thanks to your contest :). I would love to visit Hawaii as a food destination. My mom has talked about eating macadamia nut and coconut pancakes there ever since I was a little girl :).

  • Natalie C

    Italy for sure! Pizza, pasta, gelato, and wine…sounds like heaven to me!!

  • Rhonda

    I would like to go to Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah.

  • Mindy

    My dream is to eat my way around Italy!

  • Jillian

    I would love to visit Chicago for some authentic deep dish pizza!

  • Emily

    I would like to visit Los Angeles California…so many amazing restaurants I wouldn’t know where to start!

  • Rachael

    My ultimately foodie destination would be Italy, specifically Naples. Not only is my family from the area, Naples is the birthplace of the inspiration behind my favorite New Haven-style pizza :-)

  • Carol

    I have that expression just looking through the King Arthur catalogs! I’m checking out J. Crew for boots PDQ.
    On my list of foodie destinations…. Belgium, Napa, Portland are top of the dream list.

  • Shirley S

    I love southern cooking and have always wanted to go to Savannah, GA.

  • Hands down Italy. Totally predictable I know but I would spend every ounce of my senses on food!!

  • Maudie the Maid

    I have always dreamed of eating my way through Italy.

  • Thia

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory, but unfortunately they closed it a few years ago. Other “foodie” places I’d like to go are New Orleans and Tuscany – I’ve never been to either.

  • Sophie

    Italy, the source of all of my fav foods.

  • I think I need to visit Berlin to have sausage and sauerkraut….

  • Honestly, I’d like to go anywhere, with my sister as a guide. She’s the foodie (and baker) of the two of us and always gets me out of my comfort zone when we’re eating together. (This prize would go to her for Christmas, if I won it!)

  • Becky

    Cool, I thought KAF was only an online store! I would love to go to Thailand since I’m obsessed with making and eating Thai food.

  • Stephanie

    Oh. My. Goodness. I now have to go to King Arthur Flour! Maybe move there!

  • Christie

    Visiting King Arthur would definitely do it for me (and New England in the Fall has been on my list of must-sees). Only recently started receiving the KA catalog and now I look forward to it as much as my favorite magazine.

  • tonda

    I would love to visit New York again and have enough time (cs there is never enough) to go to the markets and eat at Bobby Flays, and Mario Baltas place, and Magnolias bakery

  • So many foodie destinations on my must visit list! San Francisco and New Orleans are just two.

  • Grace

    I want to go to Toronto for dim sum… and I’ve also always wanted to see Pike Place Market in Seattle :)

  • Jannett

    Moonstruck! Dreaming of chocolate truffles!

  • Jessie

    Jane in Montreal! I cannot wait to try their pizzas

  • Pat

    I think New Orleans would be a great place to visit and enjoy the original food and jazz!

  • Katy

    I was lucky enough to visit Paris earlier this year, but I am dying to go back to France and visit some of the other regions. The food there really is incredible.

    So glad that you enjoyed your visit to Vermont – it is one of my favorite places.

  • I NEED to get back to Italy. I love Italian food but when I got the chance to go, it was with my favorite traveling buddy (awesome!) who doesn’t like Italian food (WHAT??!!!). So the week we wandered around I only had one sit-down nice Italian meal.

  • Amanda

    My husband and I often talk about traveling the US and going to all the featured restaurants in Steve Raichlen’s BBQ USA. :) We’ve been toying with starting small and doing some of the Texas ones first.

  • Janelle

    So many places in other countries that would be fun to see what their food is like. I will admit though that my mom’s kitchen (Mexico or IL) is where I would love to eat.

  • Tempa

    Thanks to Julia Child, Paris is at the top of my list for a dream foodie vacay! Oui!

  • Heather Myers

    Bobs Red Mill in Portland, OR. A must see anytime I am anywhere near the area. Bags of flours, including coconut flour, garbanzo bean, and pastry flours galore. The huge flaked unsweetened coconut gets me every time. Good, good stuff.

  • Neesha

    Growing up out West, I only really made it over to Washington DC for history. I would LOVE to go to Vermont and hit up KAF and Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about co-ops and various farms/dairies in that neck of the woods that I’d love to tour.

  • Danita

    Seattle, which works out well since I’m getting ready to move there.

  • Well the King Aurthur Flour headquarters just made my list (I didn’t even realize they had a store!!). I’m also dying to visit Sprinkles in CA (or any of their other locations) or any of the other top bakeries in the nation. I’m looking forward to checking out the Washington D.C. bakeries when I come home to VA for Christmas!

  • Jessica

    I am itching to get out to California, more specifically, Napa Valley. Lately my interest in wine has had me trying all different kinds, and your latest post about cheeses makes me interested in pairing wines with cheeses and fruits!

  • Michelle W

    Honestly? King Arthur is so on the list. I get their catalog, and usually spend a good hour drooling over it. Seeing it all in person and hopefully taking a class? EVEN BETTER.

    So glad (and jealous!) you got to go!

  • Avilene Cueto

    I would love to go to Italy and visit different wineries and eat like an Italian! I am hoping to study abroad there!

  • Cheryl S.

    I would love to visit Carlos Bakery of the Cake Boss and spend a day or a week decorating cakes with Buddy and his staff. I would then travel into NYC and visit lots of little shops and restaurants. So hard to choose, but I would definitely make a plan if the opportunity arose. I recently went to Chicago and went on a food tour. It was delightful!! We are planning a return visit to do another tour in another area of town. Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor is a must-see as is Stonewall Kitchen in Maine.

  • Allison Severns

    I’m interested in checking out the Harvest Moon Grille in Uptown Charlotte, NC. It’s a farm to table restaurant and they specialize in pork, but get all other ingredients locally. They’re real nice people too.

  • Ella

    I’m dying to go restaurant-hopping in Chicago. Fancy food, pizza, hot dogs, everything!

  • Jo

    I would love to explore San Francisco’s Wharf and Farmer’s Markets.

  • Mandy

    I want to do a New England food tour!!

  • Josephine

    I live in the middle of nowhere, so I always love visiting NYC for great food.

  • Susanne

    My favorite culinary adventure was San Francisco….I would love to go back!

  • Derrick

    New Orleans!

  • Kate

    We recently moved to Portland, Maine. I never would have guessed it, but it turned out to be my ideal foodie location! There are great kitchen stores, loads of small farms and farmer’s markets, and more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US.

  • Jennifer

    The Italian in me would have to say Mario Batali’s Eataly for sure!

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the giveaway chance Annie! My ultimate food destination is, without a doubt, Italy! Pasta, pizza, gelato, wine, more gelato :)

  • Niki

    Dying to go to San Francisco and gorge myself on everything fish and chocolate and bread!

  • Cheryl Smith

    My daughter and I were so excited to read about your trip to the home of King Arthur Flour! Our post was inspired by our favorite chef….Alex Guarnaschelli. Of course we would love to meet Chef Alex, but we would settle for a spectacular meal from Butter restaurant in NYC! She is currently the Executive Chef at Butter and maybe a future Iron Chef! We love Chef Alex because she believes it is important to treat ingredients with respect. We share this same love with food each time we walk into the kitchen…thanks!

  • Patricia Welch

    Annie, I wish I could have been with You & Shanon, on the visit to King Arthur Flour Company. THAT is my most-wanted Foodie Destination! I LOVE King Arthur products. Quarterly I receive huge shipments from them. Their Flours are the best, so is their vietnamese cinnamon. I’m an avid Baker. Been at the trade for 50 years. People say I need to go into Business. I’ve sent King Arthur letters, telling those Kind-People that for me, the dream job, would be working for them. My favorite sites for recipes are Yours and King Arthur’s. The pictures, instructions, and fail-proof recipes, make Me look like I know my stuff. Thank You. I appreciate that You included pictures of Your trip, they’re beautiful. The fantasy of being there seemed kind of real. You are my Hero.

  • Patricia Welch

    Oh my! I might have missed the deadline. I’m in Michigan…last wkend we went back to daylight savings time. I’m so sorry. I was busy making a shopping list. Today I’m doing 6 different kinds of cheesecakes, for a benefit dinner. A woman at work, her Granddaughter is dying from cancer. I’m baking for the dinner. Another Woman and I, are trying to raise money to help with the medical bills. I lost track of time.

  • I would love to spend some quality time in Portland, Oregon. I have heard so much about the variety of restaurants and the great atmosphere of that city. Fortunately, my brother and his fiance will be moving there next year and I can’t wait for them to show me around!

  • Austyn

    I want to visit BAKED NYC!

  • Lately I’ve been wanting to go to New Orleans to check out their food scene!

  • Ginnette

    Hi! MY husband is Italian, so evereytime i go there i eat all the good cheese, wine, pizza, pasta hhmmm is like heaven for me.

  • Jackie

    My fave so far is Vietnam because my family is from there.

  • Andrea Fogt

    When I think of Holland, I often think of the incredible stroopwaffles (spelling?) I had there when I was five. I’m twenty, and I can still remember how they tasted. I’ve had some since then, but never any as good. Holland for me!

  • Allison@KingArthurFlour

    Sorry I didn’t catch your post sooner – glad you had a chance to visit us! Next time, let me know you’re coming and I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peek! We love working with bloggers, so feel free to send me an email if you want to explore opportunities.

    My husband is a waiter at the Canoe Club – I’ll pass your review along to him! Thanks for the great post.