I know I’ve been on kind of a mac and cheese kick lately but really, can you blame me?  It’s total comfort food and the chilly weather and fading daylight make me yearn for it.  Not to mention the fact that I brought home a bunch of amazing varieties of cheddar from our Vermont trip.  I have different things in mind to do with each of them but this recipe needed to be made immediately.  It was taking shape in my head throughout the trip and within 48 hours of arriving home, we had this for dinner.

This recipe was inspired by the garlic cheddar that I bought in Grafton, and it was a great way to make use of it.  I actually had grand plans for a dish similar to this last fall, but unfortunately my attempts never really turned out quite as I was hoping.  This time I was just playing around and ended up with exactly what I had hoped for last year.  Better late then never!  Of course I realize that garlic cheddar may not be available to everyone depending on where you live and the grocery selection near you.  Never fear though, even with regular ol’ white cheddar, this will turn out just fine.  If you’re unfamiliar with roasted garlic, a whole head of roasted garlic may seem like a lot but it’s actually not.  Roasting really mellows out the flavor of the garlic and it takes on a smooth quality.  I happen to consider roasted garlic to be a sort of magical ingredient.  Most dishes are only made better by the addition of some roasted garlic.  In this case another favorite cheese of mine, boursin, is included to pull the whole thing together and well, I really think you should just go make this now so I’ll shush :)