When I was a kid, I mostly thought of cauliflower as a vegetable I liked only if it was drenched in some kind of cheese sauce.  If you had told me when I was a child that someday, there would be not one but two cauliflower soups that I ate on a regular basis and actually craved, I probably would have laughed.  But well, that’s where we are.  The first is this chunkier version, which is also creamy because of actual sour cream.  In this smooth version, a potato contributes a creamy consistency without actually using cream.  Comfort food on the healthy side?  I like it.  With recipes like this I’m often tempted to skip the croutons, garnish, whatever, but as usual, I’m glad I didn’t.  The crisp croutons flavored with a hint of mustard provide just the contrast needed to the soup.  This is a nice answer to chilly, dreary days.  Not that I mind them, of course, but with food like this to keep us cozy, this weather can stick around for a while.