Tomato cobbler with gruyere biscuits.  Does that not sound like one of the greatest food ideas ever?  Because it is.  The concept of a savory cobbler had never really occurred to me before, but the moment I saw this one, I had two instantaneous thoughts.  First, why had I never thought of a savory cobbler?  And second, I absolutely had to rearrange our menu so we could try it immediately.  It does require a bit more time than most people have on a weeknight, but it makes an excellent weekend meal.  It also makes quite a lot of food.  I was tempted to halve it but in the end I was very glad I made a full batch because the leftovers were great.  I think this is an ideal dish to help bridge the time between summer and fall with the late garden tomato harvests and slightly cooler temperatures leaving us yearning for comfort food.

I was a bit wary that all the juices from the tomatoes would result in soggy biscuits floating in a sea of liquid.  That was not the case.  For one thing, the use of cherry or grape tomatoes is ideal because the skins help keep all the yummy juices inside.  Also, flour is included as a thickener and ends up almost making something akin to a roux when mixed with the caramelized onions.  Oh, did I not mention those yet?  Yeah, as if it weren’t already good enough, caramelized onions are involved.  I’ll just stop talking now so you can go rearrange your menu, gather the ingredients, and make this at the earliest opportunity.