Shanon and I were back in the virtual kitchen together again last month, and you can thank her for choosing these little bars of awesomeness.  I’ve been all about sweet-salty dessert combos lately.  There’s just something about that peculiar flavor balance that keeps people wanting just one more bite.  If you haven’t tried it yet because you think salt on a dessert is weird, don’t worry I totally get it.  I felt that way too.  For a long time, I’d see desserts that looked gorgeous but for the generous sprinkle of salt on top.  I gave them the side-eye.  Last fall, I tried these cookies on a whim and everything changed.  Now I’m a convert and I have learned to appreciate the role of salt in giving a dessert that extra something.

Chocolate and caramel are made for each other, and even skeptics know that salted caramel is the bomb so it stands to reason that a salted caramel chocolate shortbread bar would be awesome…and it is.  I’ve seen recipes such as this likened to Twix bars before but we didn’t really think they tasted like Twix at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I looove Twix, but these are maybe a more sophisticated version of the same flavor palette.  The caramel layer is a bit soft and gooey, and we found we liked them best from the freezer.  You will definitely want to freeze some because the recipe makes enough to feed a small army.  But you wouldn’t really want to halve it, because that would just be silly, right?  If you enjoy the sweet-salty dessert combo, be sure to stay tuned because I have several more planned in the next month or so and I can’t wait to share them with you!