I love when a meal totally surpasses my expectations.  I had this recipe saved for quite a long time but unlike the majority of the recipes I save, where I am certain we will love it and just need to find the right time to make it, this one was more of a question mark.  It looked intriguing and different but…I just wasn’t sure.  I can’t even tell you how many times I scrolled past it only to almost remove it from the list and then decide at the last second to keep it just in case.  Finally I ended up deciding it was now or never.  It turned out to be perfect timing with Indiana sweet corn coming into season.

This meal was a major win.  We loved both the corn cakes themselves as well as the relish on top.  That’s saying something for me, considering I normally go to great lengths to avoid avocado.  The combination of flavors just works.  I made this as a main dish and it was great that way, but I can also imagine these being a very well received first course or plated appetizer for a summer get together.  They still tasted delicious as leftovers too, though of course a bit of the texture is lost over time.  Summer may not be around much longer but while corn is fresh, sweet, and cheap, take advantage of it and enjoy this awesome dish.