It may still be technically summer but my mind has started to turn to the fall.  I’m dreaming of jeans and sweatshirts, football and Halloween.  (I’ve definitely already picked out the kids’ costumes.)  This is at least in part due to the unbearable heat we’ve been experiencing.  Let’s just say, I’m over it.  However, we’ve still got at least a month until the unofficial end of summer and even longer according to the calendar.  So in the spirit of embracing the present and continuing with my summer goal of trying a wide variety of flavored margaritas, I give you these frozen mango margaritas.  My love of Mexican food knows no season, and neither does my urge to pair it with a festive beverage.  The texture of these margaritas is smooth and almost creamy thanks to the mango.  Even though I often find mango to be a fairly subtle flavor, it is well balanced here and not overpowered by the tequila.  A few more of these can help carry me through to fall.