Cherries.  Brownies.  Cherries + brownies.  Need I really say more?  Reading those two words was pretty much all it took to convince me to make these.  Cherry and chocolate are a perfect pairing, in my opinion.  The dark chocolate is complimented by the deep, subtle sweetness of the cherries.  My original plan was to make these for dessert one night while we were on vacation, but the darned grocery store had other plans.  They had practically every other fruit you could imagine but they were all out of cherries.

Once I get an idea in my head, I’m not one to give it up, so I continued to think about these brownies throughout our vacation.  The day we got back I made sure to buy the ingredients and the next night I made them.  These are really not much more involved than regular brownies.  Just pit and halve some cherries, toss with a bit of sugar, and roast them for 10 minutes.  Then mix into the brownie batter and bake as you normally would.  I tried the brownie batter in the original recipe and it was okay, but it doesn’t come close to my favorite recipe.  The version below is adapted with my preferred brownie base and extra cherries.  Hurry up and take advantage of cherry season while you still can!