Yield: about 8 quarts of coffee base


For the coffee base:
16 oz. ground dark roast coffee
8 quarts cold water

For a basic iced mocha:
1½ tbsp. simple syrup (flavored or plain)
1½ tbsp. chocolate syrup (to make an iced mocha)
Ice cubes (approximately 1-1½ cups)
Chilled coffee base (above)
Milk, half-and-half, or cream (I use 2% milk)

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    To make the coffee base, combine the ground coffee and cold water in a very large container.  Stir well so that all of the coffee grounds are moistened.  Cover and let the mixture sit at room temperature for 8 hours or overnight.  Line a fine mesh strainer with cheesecloth.  Pour the coffee-water mixture through the sieve into pitchers or other storage containers to remove the grounds.  Store the coffee base in the refrigerator to keep chilled.

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    To make an iced mocha, pour the syrups into the bottom of a 16-ounce cup.  Fill the cup with ice.  Pour the chilled coffee base over the ice, filling the cup about three quarters full.  Stir the mixture well to blend in the syrups.  Fill the cup the rest of the way with milk and stir once more to blend.  Sip and enjoy!