It’s very rare that I post a recipe I don’t love, but this is one of those times.  However, in this case it is only a matter of personal preference and the fact that I don’t like tea.  If you like green tea, you will love this ice cream.  I made this at Ben’s request because he is nuts about green tea ice cream.  He often orders it when we visit our favorite ice cream joint in our hometown (Jiffy Treet – woot!) and he has been asking me to try it ever since I started making my own ice cream.  Unfortunately matcha is not an everyday ingredient and I was unable to find it in any stores in our area.  Eventually I decided to just order some online.  (Indy peeps – do you know where to buy matcha locally?)  So, after a few years of asking and asking, Ben finally got the ice cream he was hoping for.  According to him this version puts the other to shame.  He tells me the tea flavor is much stronger and the texture is creamier.  I couldn’t eat more than a bite or two of this ice cream, but I think that worked out just perfect for Ben because he had this batch of ice cream all to himself.

Thanks to everyone who entered the ice cream related giveaways last week.  You people are pretty excited about ice cream, and I love you for it!  Without further ado…
The Crate and Barrel ice cream bowls and spoons go to:
Jodi who said, “My family wants me to try mint chocolate chip next. This peach recipe sounds good to me. Just recently I made your strawberry ice cream and it was a big hit. I’d like to be eligible for all three prizes.”
Carol who said, “Coconut chip would be the first flavor I try! Eligible for all three.”

The Perfect Scoop goes to:
Katie who said, “I’m excited about peach season, so peach! I already have an ice cream maker and have plenty of bowls, but I would love a copy of “Perfect Scoop”.
Dana who said, “I LOVE Peanut Butter and Chocolate ANYTHING, so I might take a crack at that. Butter Pecan is my husbands first choice on ice cream, so I might put my wants aside and try the pecan first. I really don’t know! I’d really love to win any of the prizes! It’s really hard to choose! Thanks for all the great recipes Annie! It is the best part of my morning trying to guess what you might post and when i can fit it into my week to make it. I really enjoy the blog!”

And the grand prize, an ice cream maker, goes to:
Ann who said, “I LOVE ICE CREAM! But I have never made in at home because I don’t have an ice cream maker! (Hint, hint.) I think that the first flavor I would make if I had a maker would have to be vanilla. I know that sounds boring, but I’m a really basic girl- and you can’t beat the taste of pure vanilla! I would love to be in the drawing for all three gifts since I am an ice cream novice.”

Stay tuned next Friday for the last recipe in honor of National Ice Cream Month.  We’re going out with a bang!