I have a foodie confession to make.  You know those super soft, frosted sugar cookies in the plastic container at the grocery store?  The kind that come in different color schemes depending on the season or upcoming holiday?  I have never bought them myself but if someone else ever offered me one, I was all over it.  I’ll admit it…I love them.  Well, I used to love them.  That was until I found a homemade version of soft frosted sugar cookies that blows those out of the water.  Where those tasted slightly artificial, these taste buttery and delicious.

I’ve seen quite a few knock-off recipes for the store bought version but most of them involve a boxed cake mix.  I don’t really see the point in making your own if they still contain the laundry list of preservatives and flavorings included in the commercial sort.  This recipe doesn’t call for a box mix and uses just the basic ingredients you are likely to find in most sugar cookies.  Topping them with various colors of frosting and sprinkles makes them easily customized for any party or holiday.  I made them in red, yellow, green and blue for Andrew’s birthday party and they were a hit.  My only problem now?  These taste so much better than the kind from the store and I know how to make them and when I do, I end up with a whole batch at home.  That’s kind of a problem, but at least it’s a good problem to have :)