I firmly believe age is only a number and some people will always be young at heart.  If my unwavering love of candy is any indication, I’m still hanging out around age 8.  You can imagine, then, my extreme excitement at the idea of a cookie incorporating Pop Rocks.  I am easily amused and have been fascinated with Pop Rocks since I was a child.  The crazy snap-crackle-pop feeling of them in your mouth is weird and fun at the same time.  The idea of using them in a dessert to represent some of the firecracker fun of the Fourth of July is inspired – I love it!

The one drawback to the use of Pop Rocks is that they are time sensitive.  As soon as you open the package you can hear them quietly crackling, and they begin to stick together a bit (or at least they did in my humid kitchen).  The moisture of the frosting also melts them down slightly on contact.  To be sure that they have maximum popping activity, I recommend adding the Pop Rocks just before serving.  This would be a fun activity with kids, letting them add the Pop Rocks themselves before eating and enjoying.  Or, if you would rather do something that can be made in advance, you could just use a mixture of red, white and blue sprinkles and call it a day.

Side note – You know the urban myth that eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coke at the same time will make you explode (or something)?  I won’t lie, as a kid I was 99% sure it wasn’t true…but not sure enough to try it myself.  Now I know better but still find the proposition intriguing, so I went ahead and tried it while I was making these cookies.  Obviously I lived to tell the tale so it is apparently not as lethal as kids might believe, but man, it was a crazy party in my mouth!