Well guys, I guess you knew it was only a matter of time.  I already insist on making my own pita, pizza dough, and hamburger buns, so hot dog buns couldn’t have been too far behind.  Just as with burgers, a good hot dog bun needs to be light and tender but still able stand up to whatever you choose to put inside of it.  I am personally more of a ketchup only kind of girl, though I probably wouldn’t say no to a chili dog if someone made it for me.  Either way, these buns are sturdy enough to hold all your fixins and a tasty complement to the star of the show – the hot dog itself.  I know, I know – a package of buns from the store costs like, 59¢ or something.  People may think you are a little nuts for making your own hot dog buns but to me, it’s just another one of those things that is so much better homemade, I won’t be able to buy them from a store again.

One more small thing I happen to love about this recipe: it makes nine buns.  Most packages of hot dogs have either eight or ten.   This inevitably leads me to recall that fabulous scene from Father of the Bride where George Banks loses it.  Classic.