Inspiration for the recipes I make comes from all over the place.  Cookbooks, websites, restaurants, and sometimes just the people in my life.  This cake is an example of the latter.  My dad’s fiancée is one of the few people I know that loves chocolate on the same scale as I do – kindred spirits, I tell you.  I started dreaming up this birthday cake for her a long time ago.  All the components of the cake evolved over several months in my mind, and I was finally able to see it come together in this wonderful creation.  The perfect cake for her needed to be super chocolatey, but also a pretty layer cake.  For the cake itself I used one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes.  When deciding on a filling, I was inspired to use both dark chocolate ganache and raspberry filling between the layers to make a cake reminiscent of a dark chocolate raspberry truffle.  I was originally planning a chocolate frosting or ganache coating for the outside, but then I thought a raspberry buttercream with the chocolate drizzle effect from the tuxedo cake would make for a fun presentation.  Some swirls of ganache and fresh raspberries adorning the top of the cake completed the look and effect I was going for.

Of course, I ended up being unable to make this for the birthday girl on her actual birthday because I was busy going into labor on that very day with my sweet baby girl.  I got around to making it a couple of weeks later and I was thrilled when I finally tasted a bite of this cake I had been dreaming up for so long.  It sliced beautifully and it really did taste like a chocolate raspberry truffle.  And as for the birthday girl, well, she loved it just as much as I was hoping she would.  This really is one decadent dessert.  Make it for a chocolate lover in your life and get ready to watch them smile :)


For the cake:
1½ cups (4½ oz.) unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp. espresso powder
1½ cups boiling water
¾ cup sour cream
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
3 sticks (12 oz.) unsalted butter, at room temperature
2½ cups plus 2 tbsp. (18¼ oz.) sugar
3 large eggs
1¾ cups plus 2 tbsp. (9¼ oz.) all-purpose flour
1¼ tsp. baking soda
¾ tsp. salt

For the raspberry filling:
16 oz. frozen raspberries, thawed
1/3 cup sugar
3 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tsp. lemon juice

For the ganache filling:
8 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 cup heavy cream
3 tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature

For the raspberry frosting:
1 cup sugar
4 large egg whites
21 tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/3 cup strained raspberry puree*
½ tsp. vanilla extract
Pink gel icing color (optional)

For the chocolate glaze:
4 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
½ cup heavy whipping cream
¼ cup light corn syrup
2 tsp. vanilla extract

For garnish:
Additional fresh raspberries

*For best flavor, use fresh organic raspberries.


  • 01

    To make the cake, preheat the oven to 350˚ F.  Grease and flour the edges of three 9-inch round cake pans, and line the bottoms with rounds of parchment paper.  Combine the cocoa and espresso powder in a small bowl.  Add in the boiling water and whisk together until smooth.  Let cool slightly.  Whisk in the sour cream.

  • 02

    In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the butter and sugar.  Beat together on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.  Blend in the eggs one at a time, scraping down the bowl as needed.  Beat in the vanilla.  Combine the flour, baking soda and salt in a small bowl; stir together to combine.  With the mixer on low speed, add the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl in three additions, alternating with the cocoa-sour cream mixture, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients.  Beat each addition just until incorporated.

  • 03

    Divide the batter between the prepared baking pans.  Bake 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Let cool in the pans about 15 minutes, then transfer the cakes to a wire rack to cool completely.

  • 04

    To make the raspberry filling, drain the thawed berries, reserving the juice in a liquid measuring cup.  Add enough water so that the total liquid equals 1¼ cups.  Add the liquid to a medium saucepan with the sugar and cornstarch.  Heat over medium-high heat, whisking occasionally, until the mixture begins to bubble and thicken.  Continue whisking so no lumps form.  Once thickened, remove from the heat and whisk in the lemon juice.  Fold in the drained berries with a spatula.  Cover and chill until ready to use.  (The filling will continue to thicken as it chills.)

  • 05

    To make the ganache, place the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl.  Heat the cream in a saucepan and bring to a simmer.  Immediately remove from the heat and pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate.  Let stand 1-2 minutes, then whisk together until a smooth, thick ganache is formed.  Whisk in the butter 1 tablespoon at a time until completely incorporated.  Let the ganache sit to thicken a bit so that it is suitable for spreading and piping.  (To speed thickening, place the bowl in the fridge or freezer and whisk every 10 minutes to ensure even cooling until the desired consistency is reached.)  Transfer about ½ cup of the thickened ganache to a pastry bag fitted with a plain round tip about ½-inch in diameter.  Reserve another ½ cup of ganache in a small bowl or container.  (This can be used later for decorative detailing, if desired.)

  • 06

    To assemble the cake, place one of the cooled cake layers on a cake board or serving platter.  Spread ½ cup of the ganache in an even layer over the cake.  Using the reserved ganache in the pastry bag, pipe a border around the perimeter of the cake layer.  This will act as a well to help hold in the raspberry filling.  Spoon some of the raspberry filling inside the ganache border in an even layer.  Top with another layer of cake and repeat this process, layering with another ½ cup of ganache and additional raspberry filling.  Top with the remaining cake layer.

  • 07

    To make the raspberry frosting, combine the sugar and egg whites in a heatproof bowl set over a pot of simmering water. (I use my mixer bowl here to dirty one less dish.) Heat, whisking frequently, until the mixture reaches 160° F and the sugar has dissolved.  Transfer the mixture to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment.  Beat on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form and the mixture has cooled to room temperature, about 8 minutes.  (The bowl should be cool to the touch.)  Reduce the speed to medium and add the butter, 2 tablespoons at a time, adding more once each addition has been incorporated.  If the frosting looks soupy or curdled, continue to beat on medium-high speed until thick and smooth again, about 3-5 minutes more (or longer – don’t worry, it will come together!)  Blend in the raspberry puree and vanilla until smooth and completely incorporated, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.  If desired, tint with pink icing gel to achieve your desired shade.

  • 08

    Frost the top and sides of the assembled cake with the raspberry buttercream, smoothing the surface as much as possible.  Chill for at least 30 minutes.

  • 09

    To make the chocolate glaze, place the chocolate in a medium bowl.  Heat the cream in a small saucepan over medium heat until simmering.  Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let sit 1-2 minutes.  Whisk until the mixture is smooth and homogenous.  Blend in the corn syrup and vanilla.  Pour the glaze into a pitcher or measuring cup and let cool for 10 minutes.  (Do not let the glaze cool longer or it may become difficult to pour over the cake.)  Slowly pour the glaze over the cake, ensuring that the top is covered and the glaze drips over the sides.  Let the glaze set about 5-10 minutes.  Meanwhile, bring the remaining reserved ganache to a consistency for piping.  (You can microwave in 5 second intervals on low power – it won’t take long to rewarm.  If you overshoot and the ganache becomes too thin, simply chill again in the fridge or freezer until it is thick enough to pipe.)  Transfer the ganache to a pastry bag fitted with a decorative tip.  Pipe swirls of ganache around the edge of the top of the cake and top each swirl with a fresh raspberry.  Chill the cake until ready to serve.


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    absolutely beautiful. i can see my dad wanting me to attempt this cake for him! i agree with kristin – i would have loved to see a shot of the inside!

  • Annie

    I can’t very well cut into someone’s birthday cake before serving it to them, and when cake time comes, it’s more about celebrating and less about taking pics :)

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    If you have time to answer this question, great and if you don’t no worries. I know your hands, like mine, are full. I was hoping that you had a go to vanilla butter cake recipe. All the ones I’ve found and made are just not quite right.

    Thank you,
    Jackie Hale

  • Annie

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by vanilla butter cake, but the vanilla bean cupcakes are my favorite vanilla cake recipe.

  • Allison C

    Wow…this cake looks amazing! Where did you get the cake stand?

  • Annie

    It was a gift from my aunt. I am not sure where it came from. Sorry!

  • What an amazing cake. It’s always fun to see what you come up with based on your inspirations. Way to go on this one!! And, I love that it has a simple yet elegant look. Although I’m not the best at cake decorating, this one might be do-able in my book. Thanks, Annie!

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    I used to check a lot of blogs to get an inspiration when I’m baking a cake. But since I found your blog, I got so smitten by it. Your cakes look absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  • Hi Annie,
    I always look forward to seeing the new recipes you share with us.
    This looks amazing and seems like the perfect cake for my husband. He’s a huge raspberry and dark chocolate fan!

    I have one question (I normally look on the FAQs section but couldn’t find an answer this time). For the espresso powder, is there a reason to use it other than flavor? It is not available where I live and I can’t see see myself buying some online for for such a small amount. Is it possible to omit it completely from the recipe? Or do you think it would end up messing with the consistency/texture of the cake?


  • Beth

    Wow, what a beautiful cake! I’m making the dessert for a friend’s baby shower, and some of her favorite flavors are chocolate and raspberry. I may have found my cake! :)

  • Annie

    It just enhances the flavor. You can easily omit it. But, if you did order some, I think you would find yourself using it more often than you think. It is frequently used in chocolate desserts to enhance the flavor.

  • Wowza – that is some cake! It’s absolutely gorgeous, Annie. Truly a work of art! Your dad’s fiancée must have been absolutely floored when she saw it! :) Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

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  • Annie

    Hooray! Enjoy the cake and have a wonderful birthday :)

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  • Betsy Sajdak

    Would have loved to see a cut view of this cake! Looks yummy!

  • Annie

    Puree some raspberries and then strain them through a sieve to remove the seeds.

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    Annie, you’re amazing!!

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    hey, i just stumbled upon this beautiful website and this recipe and i am amazed. you don’t have bye any chance any cut-in picture of this/or the tuxedo cake?

    greetings from germany!

  • Your cake looks amazing!

  • Annie

    No, I don’t cut into cakes before giving them to the people I am serving them to.

  • elli

    that makes sense…i just thought maybe you took a photo at the “eating event”. however, thank you for your quick response and sharing this beautiful cake with the rest of the world ;-)

  • Wow! What a looker that cake is! How fun to make something so beautiful and delicious. And how wonderful to share your love for chocolate with someone!

  • Annie

    Yes, occasionally I will try to but if the lighting is bad or there just isn’t time, I don’t worry about it :) This cake was cut after dark and there were a LOT of people waiting to eat it you know :)

  • What a stunning cake! Nicely done. Congrats on the Top 9 today!!

  • Congrats on the Foodbuzz Top 9 today. What a great dessert!

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    The cake is beautiful and it looks perfect on the L. E. Smith hobnail cake stand. I have several in different sizes. It is one of my favorite cake stands.

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  • Annie, this is one of the most gorgeous cakes I’ve ever seen – chocolate raspberry is one of my favorite flavor combos too. And I LOVE the cake stand!!

  • marci

    Will it be fine to use fresh raspberries from my garden for all parts of this recipe?

  • Annie

    Not for the frozen raspberries.

  • Absolutely stunning cake!

  • Kristy

    Quick question about the raspberry frosting ingredients. It calls for 21 tbsp of unsalted butter…is that right? Sounds like a lot but I LOVE butter!

  • Annie

    Yes, it’s correct.

  • This looks absolutely delicious.

  • Bebe

    Annie, the cake was (is I still have a hunk left) marvelous! Thank you. I must have been light handed with the raspberry filling because I have a lot leftover. Any suggestions on what to do with it? I was thinking cheesecake or maybe the raspberry crumb bars on your site.

  • Annie

    Other than eating it straight? ;) I use it for filling cupcakes and cakes – haven’t tried baking it in anything. It would also be good swirled into plain yogurt or frozen yogurt/ice cream. And I have used it for filling macarons, but if you do that be sure not to fill until just before you serve them.

  • Sorry to butt in, but it looks like a Juliska brand cake stand. I used to work at a kitchen store and we sold a brand that had little dots all over it and I was in love with the line.

  • Michelle

    To anyone admiring the beautiful cake stand, like I did, here is a site I found, thanks to Bakerella, that sells gorgeous cake stands, platters, bowls, etc.

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  • This cake looks fabulous. As many others have posted, I would love to take a gander at the inside of this cake. I understand the trouble with taking a picture though. People don’t want to wait around while you fuss with a picture before they eat their cake. Do you have a good estimate on how many this will serve?

  • Annie

    That depends on how thickly you slice it. Maybe 16?

  • Loved the idea of this cake but I had problems making the frosting, it took a long time to come together but when I
    went to frost the cake it almost turned to water. Put it
    in the fridge to harden, it has a great taste and it’s
    creamy but I don’t think it would hold up more than 15
    minutes out of the fridge. My question is do you keep it
    refrigerated when it’s not being served?
    Thanks for any help you can give me. :) Bren

  • Annie

    It sounds like your frosting broke, or it did not come together correctly the first time around. See my FAQ page for info on Swiss meringue buttercream.

  • marci

    Could I make each ingredient the night before and assemble it the day I need it? Or what would be the best way to do it if I didn’t have much time the day of my event I’m making this for?

  • Annie

    No, but you could assemble the whole thing the day before you need it.

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  • Tania

    What I love in a cookbook are simple ingredients. I like to make tasty food without breaking the bank. Pretty pictures are a definite plus as well. Thanks for the chance!

  • Paula

    The inital thing I notice about a cookbook is the photo layouts–if they are enticing, then I am hooked. If the author adds comments about the process used in the recipe as well, I have to buy the book! A great example is Pam Anderson’s line of cookbooks.

  • Judy

    I made this cake on Sunday, Annie. It is so delicious and I had such a good time making it!!

  • Goldie Weiser

    Annie, i made this cake for my husband’s birthday and it was a HUGE success, it looked and tasted out of this world! I have made a number of your recipes now and each one has turned out fabulous , my mother in law introduced me to your Blog and i continue passing it on to all my family and friends, who thanks to you, are now very impressed with my baking abilities:)Thank you!

  • Abbie

    I’m new to your blog and my husband is gasping a sigh of relief… I was def. stuck in a rut. :) My sister and I made this cake last night…. and then started eating it very very late. Major giggle inducer. It was great then, but tasted even better today after sitting in the fridge overnight. We failed the butter cream big time so the cake looked UGLY, but it tasted fantastic! The actual chocolate cake part was the best I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to taking that component other places. Thanks Annie!

  • JenK

    Hi Annie! Thanks for the recipe… I made it yesterday for my birthday and it turned out great. The icing looked a little intimidating, but it came together easily. I’m looking forward to enjoying it today. Thanks again!

  • Cari

    My friend and I love your blog. She made this cake for my birthday a few weeks ago and everyone agreed that it was the best chocolate cake we’ve ever had!

  • Golly day you make some BEAUTIFUL food! :)

  • Payal

    What a beautiful cake! I’m inspired to make it for a baby shower at work on wednesday…but I am really apprehensive about the frosting, since I don’t have a stand mixer yet. Do you think the frosting from your rasberry truffle cupcakes would work just as well? Or do you have any other frosting suggestions?

  • Annie

    I would think you could probably fold in fresh raspberry puree to a vanilla buttercream recipe (not SMBC). I would prefer that to the one with jam – it just has a better, fresher flavor. Enjoy!

  • Payal

    Thanks! Just made it yesterday! It was certainly labor intensive…but well worth the effort :) It was SO good and got rave reviews! Even the frosting came out pretty good!
    I don’t have much time after the kids go to bed, so I split it up over two nights, made the cake and rasberry filling one night and then all the frosting and ganache the next day and assembled it.
    Since I don’t have a stand mixer yet..For the frosting i used a buttercream recipe and just substituted fresh rasberry puree for the milk ( 2 sticks butter, 4-5 cups powdered sugar, 1tsp vanilla, and 1/2 cup rasberry puree) A little too sweet for me.. but everyone else loved it!
    Also, as a shortcut I instead of having to chop up the chocolate, I just used ghiradelli bitersweet chocolate chips for both the ganache and topping and it worked great, with no problem melting! And since I had ganache left over…I filled the fresh rasberries with ganache as an added suprise on top of the cake (like your rasberry truffles)!!
    It’s one of my new favorite cakes…I wish I had a piece left over! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  • Jessica P.

    Just made this yesterday for a retirement party for a long-time nurse, and it was a great hit! Thanks for the inspiration. I was dubious about the SMBC frosting but it was delicious on the cake. Wow, wow, wow. A fabulous special occasion cake!

  • martata

    i envy your even frosting abilities

  • I saved this recipe for my birthday today and switch the raspberries with strawberries and it turned out WONDERFULLY. (Except for the fact that my third layer crumbled since I didn’t grease the pan well enough, but it works well as a two-layer cake, too!)

    Thank you for such a great recipe!

  • Sue

    This cake looks beautiful! Any suggestions on what to do with the leftover egg yolks from the frosting?

  • Annie

    Pastry cream, ice cream, custards, etc. You can search “egg yolk” in the search bar and see what comes up :)

  • I made this for a friend’s birthday party, and I must thank you, Annie, because you made everyone think I have mad baking skills. It was the hit of the party, and everyone kept saying it was the best cake they ever had! It was incredibly fun to make too!

  • Amy

    Good point. Didn’t even think about that!

  • Katie S

    I made this cake yesterday for a friend’s birthday and brought it to work today. Everyone LOVED it! This took me about 5 hours to put together, start to finish, but I’ve never tasted anything that was more worth my time. It was complicated for me, but I followed directions exactly and everything came out perfectly.

    My one mistake was not letting the final satin glaze set. I guess I got a little rushed, so when I made my ganache swirls, they slid off the sides of the cake! I almost cried, I was so upset. But I let it harden a little and stuck them back on the top. It wasn’t perfect looking, but it tasted like a dream!

  • Ryanne

    What size pan do you use for this cake?

  • Ryanne

    After reading this for third time I answered my own question. Sorry, I guess I should wait to scope out recipe’s when I am fully awake!

  • Sarah

    When I saw this picture, I was amazed at the color contrast and the sheer beauty! I had asked you about making your double chocolate raspberry cucakes as a cake and you referenced this! After reading the recipe and comments and reviews, I am making this tomorrow! I have only made a SMBC once before so, wish me luck! It is for a friends 50th birthday, so I want it to be perfect! You SO inspire me!

    Thank you!

  • Ashlee

    When you made this did you use any food coloring? I know you said it was optional, but I love the color you got and it looks natural. Thanks !

  • Annie

    I did use a tiny bit of food coloring.

  • Tara

    I had that problem too, but I was rushing to make it! Despite that, the cake was fantastic. Thanks Annie!

  • Tara

    I have made this cake twice and both times they have come out delicious, thank you Annie! My question seems silly to me, regarding the raspberry puree that is strained – I must be using the wrong type of sieve because my filling is very thick and then when I try to strain it, nothing comes through the sieve except a small amount of liquid! My filling must be too thick. Any tips?

  • Annie

    Are you actually pushing it through the sieve or just trying to let gravity do the work? I stir it vigorously to push as much of the filling through as possible. It really can’t be too thick, you want it thick otherwise it would ooze out of the cake.

  • Aimee

    When I saw this beautiful cake, I knew that it would be the perfect birthday cake for my Mom. I made it this weekend and she went crazy over it. It is not only stunning but so rich and yummy. Thank you for another great recipe!

  • Jill Capello

    Well, I just made the cake layers and must have done something wrong because the layers looked like they were doing fine in the oven – but when I went to take them out, they had fallen. Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong?

  • Jill Capello

    Well, I just made the cake layers and must have done something wrong because the layers looked like they were doing fine in the oven – but when I went to take them out, they had fallen. Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Most cakes do fall a bit as they cool but if they are actually sunken, sounds like they needed to bake a bit longer.

  • annieseats

    Most cakes do fall a bit as they cool but if they are actually sunken, sounds like they needed to bake a bit longer.

  • Jill

    Thanks Annie – maybe that’s it. I just got a new stove and this is the first cake I’ve baked in it, so maybe I need to adjust the time. We tried a little piece of the cake and it tasted good – just a little denser than normal, so we decided to use it. The ganache, raspberry filling and frosting is so good – I don’t think anyone will notice.

  • I made this cake for my sisters birthday today. My 4 year old saw the picture of the cake and told me that was the one we needed to make for the party. I mean a pink chocolate cake what else does a 4 year old girl want. It was amazing and everyone loved it. Thanks for the great recipe.

  • True

    Annie thankyou for giving us such a wonderful recipe, I made this for my missions team dessert auction and it sold for $ 475!

    You are such a blessing
    True :)

  • strawberriess

    is heavy whipping cream whipped cream or heavy cream?

  • I’m making this for a Valentine’s get together that we’re going to tonight… it took all my willpower not to eat the entire bowl of frosting with a spoon!! SO good!

  • Anonymous

    It’s heavy cream. But, you can whip it and then you will have whipped cream :)

  • San

    annie i want to do this for my sons birthday … would like to do with blueberries
    so which color should be added to enhance the color
    if i want to use 9×13 pan how many it would require to fill this recipe ..

    looking forward to hear from you soon

  • annieseats

    Blueberries are very different than raspberries and won’t function the same in this recipe. I would probably look for another recipe if you need to use blueberries. Good luck.

  • Amitha

    Hi Annie,
    I am wondering, how do you frost your cakes so well? Any tips would be appreciated…thanks!

  • annieseats

    I’d recommend looking up some online cake frosting tutorials.

  • san

    thanks for ur response .Annie…
    in case for boys themed cake which of ur cakes would go best for the birthday boy can u pls let me know …

  • annieseats

    I don’t really know why a cake has to be a “boy” cake. Boys and girls all like most cake, in my experience.

  • San

    i agree with u Annie but these days boys r also expecting that pink for girls even if we do it they say it girl y stuff …thanks again annie…..
    a small doubt annie :regarding the below one

    To assemble the cake, place one of the cooled cake layers on a cake board or serving platter. Spread ½ cup of the ganache in an even layer over the cake. Using the reserved ganache in the pastry bag, pipe a border around the perimeter of the cake layer. This will act as a well to help hold in the raspberry filling. Spoon some of the raspberry filling inside the ganache border in an even layer. Top with another layer of cake and repeat this process, layering with another ½ cup of ganache and additional raspberry filling. Top with the remaining cake layer

    can we do it like choc ganache as one layer and then raspberry filling as one layer and repeat the same choc ganache and raspberry filling will it look good n taste good when we slice the cakes because i sincerely follow u so thought of asking u sorry if its sounds silly question …

  • annieseats

    Well, there are lots of cakes out there besides pink and blue. Chocolate, vanilla, etc. You can layer things however you like.

  • kim

    I am going to make this cake for my boyfriends birthday, but he likes white cake better than chocolate cake would this recipe still be good with a white cake instead of chocolate?
    Thank you!

  • Katie S

    Call me crazy, but I made this cake last July and I swear there were instructions on how to make the raspberry puree. I’ve looked all over this page and now I can’t find it! For the frosting, it just says “add raspberry puree”. Is that just a thawed bag of raspberries, pushed through a sieve? That’s what I seem to recall doing but I can’t quite remember if I’m missing anything.

  • annieseats

    No, just puree raspberries any way you like – fresh or frozen, and strain if you want to. Hope that helps!

  • Ps5642

    is the 21 tbsp. of butter for the ganache a typo? i don’t have quite that much butter…

  • annieseats

    There are 21 tbsp. of butter in the frosting, not the ganache. No, not a typo.

  • Lindsay

    Does this cake stay pretty well? I want to make it for a birthday but I have the most time on Friday and the birthday isn’t until Sunday… Or would you suggest making it in pieces, having everything prepared and then putting it together on Sunday? Thanks! I can’t wait for this one!

  • annieseats

    I would just make and assemble it in advance. Enjoy!

  • Alex

    would i be able to substitute the flourless chocolate cake recipe in for this chocolate cake recipe?

  • annieseats

    I’m not sure that would work well but you can experiment if you like.

  • Sweettooth

    SO DELICIOUS!! I do a ton of baking and have many favorite chocolate cake recipes that I use. This cake recipe was fantastic and a true keeper! It was ultra moist and just the right density. I only have 3- 8″ pans so I used them and put a bit of the extra in a small 6 in. pan for sampling :). Filling and frosting were absolutely delightful. I was afraid the frosting would taste like butter, given the quantity, but it didn’t. I froze the layers before frosting which helped keep them from breaking, etc. It also make it much easier to frost. The last layer of glaze took much longer than 10 minutes to get to a good pouring consistency. That was my one mistake. It ended up pouring off the cake. I think next time I will freeze the cake once the frosting is on it. I think it will help keep the glaze from pouring over too much and contain it. I don’t like to add food dye so my cake was a very pale pink but still beautiful. I used defrosted frozen raspberries for the puree. My trick for amazing puree is to put them in the food processor and process forever- somehow it breaks down the seeds and creates the most wonderful puree when you strain it- not watery at all. (It is how I make sauces for cakes all the time). Fresh raspberries are so expensive!! I cannot tell you how much I loved this cake. Raspberries are my FAVORITE fruit! Thanks!!

  • sweettoothduo

    How about blackberries?

  • annieseats

    They would probably be fine.

  • I just finished this cake and the bake time was WAY off. I checked my cakes, due to smelling like they were done, with 10 minutes left and they were already over cooked. Has anyone else had this issue? My oven is very even and I checked the temp and it is spot on.

  • annieseats

    I don’t think anyone else has had this issue. I have seen many readers make it and many other blog entries about it with positive reviews. Sorry to hear you had trouble.

  • Melanie Eymann

    I made this cake for Easter this year and it turned out beautifully! Thanks!

  • mon medina

    Did I read that correct… 21 tbsp of butter for the raspberry frosting???

  • annieseats


  • amypinkos

    Pretty friggin awesome:) I don’t normally like chocolate cake so much but I made this for my husband for his 4yr Not Smoking Anniversary. I LOVED it soooo much! My husband said, “this could not be better”. And he is the pickiest eater I have ever met…. Hands down. Couple of things: icing=incredibly easy (and not crazy sweet). The glaze takes longer than 10 minutes to harden. I put it in the freezer and whisked it every five minutes till hard enough to hold shape but still drizzle. I was concerned about all the seeds but they are completely undetectable in the finished product. And lastly, my cakes were done 10 min early. This is big cake and stays good for days in the fridge. Thank you soooooo much:)))))

  • Amanda

    Made this for my birthday this past weekend. Everyone thought I was nuts for making my own cake, but a few uninterrupted hours in the kitchen was a fabulous gift from my husband! It was amazing and everyone was impressed. Gave you all the credit, of course!

  • Katie Sechrist

    Thanks Annie, to this day I still make this one as my go-to chocolate cake for my other cake recipes, too! I made this with a coconut pecan frosting for a german chocolate cake and it was divine! I enjoy the flavor of this chocolate better than other types.

  • Victoria R.

    Would semi-sweet chocolate work for the chocolate glaze?

  • annieseats

    Sure. Enjoy!

  • Victoria R.

    Fabulous! Thank you for answering so quickly.

  • kerryn

    You need a skewer test for this cake. It feels undercooked when touched until it cools it’s very spongy

  • Megan Derrick

    this was the best cake i’ve ever made AND tasted. I made it for a bake-off contest for a holiday party at work– I won, of course! SO GOOD. I can’t stop dreaming about it..

  • Katie Anderson

    i made this today!! it turned out not NEARLY as pretty as yours, but thank you so much for the recipe and the idea :) i posted my experience on my blog and linked it here, of course ;) excited to eat it tomorrow!!

  • Katie Marie Belles

    So I made this cake today. And first of all, it is delicious. Everything turned out great except for my chocolate glaze! I didn’t let it cool enough and it just ruined my cakes appearance. Trying again tomorrow. It tasted amazing though! It’s beautifully presented, I just hope I can get the chocolate glaze part right.

  • Victoria S

    I made it for my mother’s birthday and she loved it. The raspberry filling was very good. I put about 5 less tablespoons in the frosting because it was a little to “buttery” for her taste. I also used Special Dark Chocolate for the cocoa instead unsweetened, it added a nice taste. Over all 5 stars!!!!

  • Jenn

    its 1 1/4 cups

  • Brie

    So this cake looks amazing! I am making it this weekend and I just wanted to make sure the sugar called for in the raspberry frosting is regular granulated sugar and not powdered

  • Annie

    Yes, that is correct. Enjoy!

  • S Widdis

    Made this cake over the past two days and it turned out beautifully!! thanks for a great recipe!

  • Olga

    Hi, I want to make this for my daughters 4th birthday in two weeks. So 2 questions I have is, you dont cut the slices in half right? And the other question is, There is no cream in between the layers of the cake?, Just ganache and raspberry filing but no cream. The cream is only on the outside, Correct?

  • Annie

    You are correct on both counts. Enjoy!