I kind of can’t believe it but this is the first time I’ve ever made egg rolls.  (I have made a baked southwestern version before, but I’m talking something a bit more classic.)  This surprises me because I absolutely love egg rolls, and I consider them an essential on the rare occasions when we order Chinese food.  I suppose this is precisely the reason I haven’t made them before – it’s because I love them so much.  I really don’t need to be making such irresistible fried food around my house.  In any case I’m glad to have finally tried them.  The filling is fantastic and the fried shells are crispy and just plain delicious.   This is the kind of thing I’ll only make a couple of times a year, and I’m already looking forward to next time.

Though this particular version calls for chicken, I’m quite sure you could use pork with wonderful results as well.  The recipe makes a large number of egg rolls – far more than we would ever need at once for just our family.  I ended up using all of the egg roll wrappers in the package (I think 24) and had enough filling left over for a few more.  I froze about half of the assembled rolls before frying and I may try baking them and see how they turn out that way.  Andrew really liked these because, like most favorite toddler foods, they are dip-able.  These were a big win, even if they are only going to be an occasional splurge for us.