It’s March 14 and I have one thing to say – I remembered!  I remembered Pi Day!  Every year I completely forget about Pi Day until suddenly, I open up my feed reader and see pies, pies everywhere because everyone else remembered.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that the reason I remembered this year is because last year on March 14 after seeing everyone else’s lovely pies, I marked it on my calendar for this year.  Yep, I’m weird like that.

For those who still have no idea what I’m talking about, pi (Π) is a Greek letter that stands for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  It starts with 3.14 (hence the connection to March 14) and then continues infinitely without repeating.  For me, pi always reminds me of my high school calculus teacher and one of the most wonderful teachers in the whole world, Mr. Strawn.  He has a passion for math and an incredible gift for teaching that made me actually understand calculus!  (I am ashamed to think how much of it I have since forgotten but hey – all that material from med school had to go somewhere!)  I know he is also a fan of the blog so Mr. Strawn, if you’re reading this, this pi is for you!  ;)

Now, let’s talk for a moment about this chocolate silk pie.  Chocolate pie has been a matter of much debate in our household since Ben and I were first married.  You see, I had an old cookbook that had a version of chocolate pie I would make occasionally.  It had a classic pie crust (as opposed to graham cracker or cookie crust) and the filling of that version was baked.  Ben loved it.  I thought it was just okay, and I didn’t hold on to recipe or the cookbook.  I’ve since been searching for a chocolate pie that would satisfy both of us.  Who knows how many I’ve tried?  Some have pudding filling, some had raw eggs, and none have been “the one”.  When my latest issue of Entertaining arrived in the mail, I saw this pie on the cover and it looked very promising.  It’s official – this pie gets the win.  The filling has a custard base that makes it soft and silky.  It is more rich and dense than a pudding filling, but still incredibly light in texture from all the whipping.  Another plus is that it uses staple ingredients so you could whip one up if you needed a dessert and didn’t feel like running to the store (as long as you have 3 hours to let it chill).  Happy Pi Day!