The night I made this soup for dinner, I was completely exhausted.  I’m not exactly sure why, but if I had to guess I’d say maybe it has something to do with the combination of full time job plus toddler son plus the third trimester of pregnancy.  I was thisclose to scrapping it and going for something like a grilled cheese or a bowl of cereal.  But, I’d already bought the ingredients and I knew this was more nutritious than anything else I might throw together.  I didn’t want to waste the ingredients, and I really try to stick to my meal plans, so I rallied and made the soup.  Not only did it taste far better than I expected, it was so quick and easy it really didn’t require much more effort than grilled cheese.  We were both nuts about this soup and it will be making many reappearances on our future weekly menus, especially during weeks when I know I will be busy and tired.  Win!