After making butterscotch pudding a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been wanting more – pudding, that is.  Not only do I enjoy it, but my little man absolutely loves it.  And I just love to make him smile.  Even if he doesn’t get to eat dessert every night, it is fun to see how excited he gets about pudding.  This is the chocolate pudding I’ve been making for years, but I haven’t shared it on the blog before.  There’s not much to it with a very short ingredient list and little time required.  The texture of this is just right to me – creamy and chocolatey but rather light tasting so you don’t feel weighed down after indulging.  The type of milk you use isn’t hugely important, but I tend to steer clear of skim as I just don’t think it yields good results in recipes like this.  I tend to use 2%, whole milk, or a combination since that is what we have around.  One serving of this is more than enough for me, so Andrew and I like to split a cup.  Pudding dates with my little guy are such fun.