I don’t know about you, but snowy days give me a major urge to bake, particularly cookies.  They also make me crave soup but since soup doesn’t really agree with my pregnancy-induced heartburn these days, I’ll have to just stick with cookies.  Darn, so sad.  I made these chocolate toffee shortbread bars on our most recent snowy day and the house smelled amazing while they baked.  The base is a caramel-y shortbread with chocolate chunks mixed in.  This is topped with a thin layer of melted chocolate and lots of yummy toffee bits.  Simple yet irresistible.

I’ve said it before, but I’m really starting to see the merit in bar cookies.  You get all the enjoyment of a cookie, but without having to do any scooping, shaping or dropping.  Another plus is that these contain only ingredients that I consider fridge and pantry staples (toffee bits are a staple, right?)  So, even if you aren’t one of those who runs out and buys bread, milk and eggs at the first mention of a snowstorm, you may still have what you need to make these cookies.  These were a breeze for me to whip up in time for a movie night with a girlfriend.  We thoroughly enjoyed these while we watched our chick flick.  I can’t think of many better ways to spend a snowed in evening after the kiddos are asleep :)